Benghazi hearings

Mr Hicks stood as a David against several Goliaths of opposition and hostility, but he prevailed. Elijah Cummings lectured Hicks, as well as the entire Republican field, and it was quite embarrassing, or should I say, it was obvious there was a witch hunt for the three men’s testimonies.

Hicks recalled times, dates, and events, with pause, candor, accuracy, and an unflappable presence that reeked  sobriety of mind. He knew what he was talking about, and he would not be derailed. When questioned further about his possible misunderstanding of facts as well as what he was said and heard, he calmly reasoned: ‘I am trained to recognize subtle nuances of speech,’ ie, Mr Hicks perfectly knew how to read between the lines regarding what his superiors told him, and in the tone of how it was spoken to him.

To be fair, there were a few lectures by the Repubs, but this was only to draw attention to facts already known, while the Dems played kickball with the three witnesses. But Hicks reputation preceded him, here was a tour- de- force of experience, credibility, logic, and patriotism.

Hicks was pestered by Cummings continually, but Mr Hicks would not take the bait. When asked about Ms. Rice and what she may have said to another, Hicks answered,’ you would be better served asking her.’ Hicks would not go on record giving his opinion on something he could no nothing of, and he refused to show partiality. Brilliant.

THe Benghazi incident will

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