Dear Mr Camping

Harold Camping in 2008

Harold Camping in 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family Radio July 19,04

Harold Camping

An open letter; (feel free to read this on air, but only in its entirety)


I decided not to call you, live, for there was a chance you would have been embarrassed, and this is not the nature of grace. As a christian however, I find you extremely narrow-minded, gullible, and unteachable. Harsh words? Hardly. ’We only use the bible,’ is your watchword, and this is the cloak for all the cults as you surely know.

A poor boy calls you, says he has been a christian for 4 months, and it appeared you tried to destroy his faith by your indifferent approach in telling him he was deceived. He showed more character in his new life than experienced believers.

A woman calls pouring out her heart about the death of a loved one and you had no word for her from the scripture, no comfort, no support; it was distressing to hear. After these people feel they have wasted your time,  you uttered that callous  ‘thank you for calling and sharing…’ and they went away empty.

You use the scriptures selectively to promote your agenda, that namely, you are the last prophet, but sir, date setting is cultic, surely you know this.

You said it is evil for people to attend a wedding where there may be improper music. What do you expect in the world sir?? A man dead in tresspasses and sins has no life toward God, so do you expect a choir of angels? If a person is disposed to go, just tell them to go and be quiet, and be ready to give answer IF somebody asks them………….

Your reading of a letter about so-called missionary activity in France was both revealing and sad.  Passing out leaflets entitled ‘does God love you?’ is at the very least repulsive to God and common sense. You are promoting your doctrine of election to the unsaved, and the very suggestion can only cause consternation. The gospel does not come to people as a favoured class, but it comes to sinners, and ALL are equally sinful. God commands ALL men everywhere to repent and believe the gospel.

A true teacher of God understands this, and does not present election to the lost as a stumbling-block. It is quite odd, that you flatter yourself by saying the church age is over,  SO according to your own words the church is over, then you sir, are found to be no teacher, for there are ‘teachers’ in the church..

The epistles are replete with how to behave in the church of the God, which is the pillar and ground of the truth. You will note, it is not that the church IS the truth, but that it is the PILLAR and ground OF the truth. I know you do not believe this, but the context is plain.

You interpret the scriptures by the unbelief of congregations, instead of understanding the churches according to the word of God. Thus a true teacher of God does not fear election nor any other doctrine, but does not misplace it either.

Corinthians was written not only to those in Corinth, but to ALL, that’s ALL sir, who call upon the name of the Lord, and this suggests no lack of time or space, thus the word is for christians TODAY. And in these words are found the order and the gifts for the people of God. True, the gift of tongues had a limited purpose, but that is also explained in other places as well.

Your deceptive use of the prophets is frightening. You said that Ezekiel ch. 40-48 is mere poetry, and of course you must arrive at this conclusion since you shamefully mutter that the 144, 000 is a figment of completeness. Your misunderstanding is due to the lack of knowing the intention of the spirit of God, for in Matthew 24, the church is nowhere even hinted at.

Your reference to Judea being the church is appalling.   Judea is Judea, remember, King Herod of Judea?? How you make that a connection with the church is alarming. By what rule of interpretation do you use when reading such things? 12,000 from each tribe of Israel, why is this so difficult to comprehend?

Proof that the church age is not over, is that God allows such pernicious words from your mouth to go unchecked, like so many other voices in the air And why? Because he is manifesting his patience and long-suffering in this age of grace.

Grace is reigning. Today, it is the hallmark of the church age.  Sorry sir, the church age is not over, and I think I have the spirit of God.

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