Hillary Clinton and gay marriage

Mrs Clinton says ‘ the building blocks of a society have always been marriage,’ then makes a quantum leap to include ‘gay’ marriage as one of those blocks. Madonna has also recently opined that ‘gay scouts’ should be the new societal norm.

While these two women are welcome to vent their opinions, they should not expect that EVERYBODY should welcome their islandic views. They are that really; solitary and isolated, meant to inspire the decadent, for they have the loudest voices. ‘Evolution of thought’ is the new green word, expecting all to get on board or be left behind with cultural depression.

An advanced intellect ‘changes’ with the times, says both these women defending gay marriage, as well as rearing ‘gay’ children. Ms Clinton, you may be able to fool your constituents with your long sentences, but the ‘building blocks’ of marriage were laid by male and female as designed by God, for male and female created he them.

This argument is not about rights as Clinton would pretend, for ‘gays’ have always had rights; most however had better sense to keep their business a secret; now ma’am you want to make it a societal norm. Lo and behold, you may try, and to some degree you will find success,  but your fight ultimately is with the Creator.

It is certainly expedient for Ms. Clinton to wage her war of ‘acceptability’ under the guise of ‘new thought,’ but good things that are time tested can withstand ‘change,’ have no need to change, nor want to be changed. The same leopard centuries ago is perfectly fine with the spots that it has. Madonna as well as Clinton simply want to redefine relationships to broaden the appeal of the prurient.

Certain things ladies, do not need amended. While I value a change of opinions on secondary or tertiary issues, I see no need to change that which is primary, and marriage as defined by God and executed by man, is fine and dandy. And please do not mention ‘church and state,’ as  there is no church represented when we say ‘in the beginning God…….’ This is simply a statement which speaks to a creator:  no church, no state is mentioned nor implied.

Marriage between man and woman has long been the anvil which has withstood all hammers of change against it. Its not enough that Ms Clinton  and Madonna  have thrown away the hammer as useless, but now seek to send the anvil to the scrapyard. They want to send it to the smith and fashion  their own likeness. Go ahead ladies and try, but good people know your game.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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