Israeli prisoner swap

(A few years back)

1000 prisoners swapped for 1

Image result for israeli prisoner swap

Surely you have heard of the trade of over 1000 Palestinian prisoners for one  Israeli. What a masterstroke of tact and diplomacy by a nation and government who  values life.

The palestinians got a real good deal –the Israeli govt. could have asked for TWO prisoners in exchange!  I am talking about quality here, as opposed to quantity. Regardless of the dastardly deeds and intentional bloodshedding by they who fight for nonsense and without understanding, with no regard to innocent life, give me David over a thousand Goliaths 100% of the time.

Way to go Mr. Netanyahu, but keep a close eye on the freed Palestinians. No promise was made that these people cannot be recaptured or ? May God keep them as the apple of his eye.

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