Meteorite in Russia

Murnpeowie meteorite, a thumbprinted iron mete...

Murnpeowie meteorite, a thumbprinted iron meteorite. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now you have seen a partial video of that spectacular fireball streaking across the  Russian skies faster than the speed of sound. 30,000 mph, over 500 miles a minute, and an astounding 9 miles per second. A 300 mile train of fire was witnessed by the entire earth, and it was s sight to behold.

Everybody wants a piece of trying to prove where it came from, why it came, when it came, and to whom it was sent, what caused it, in addition to a  thousand religious reasons as to its appearance on earth.

900+ people were injured, before long, some will be found dead because of this raging fireball. But should we  not consider reasons why at least  this generation was privileged, or cursed to witness such phenomenal activity?

Why Russia? Why not Russia? Why not China, or South America, North America, or Australia? From a mere spiritual point of view, what was seen in Russia could have been seen anywhere, and with equal deserts. No nation on earth is ‘good’ in the purest sense, just look at the miscreants who make up the country.

Was this a grand accident, a fluke of nature as it were? Some would say yes, and explain it as a necessary step in evolutionary thought. ‘The cosmos needed room to breathe’ will be the thought for a day, and many disciples will believe. ‘Global warming’ will be cried in the streets, and another grand wizard will engineer one more way to rape the simple of their wallets.

An uncomm0n thing in an uncommon world that fiery rock was. Children throw things when angry, a tantrum is the result of an unprincipled mind, yet the Creator hurls a rock, and is mocked as if He must answer to man. We live in a world away from God, people daily refuse to bless God, much less acknowledge, yet he is cursed when He shows the least of His power.

Does not this flaming stone demand your attention? It is but one, imagine ten thousand fiery spitballs, yet man scoffs, and explains the spiritual with the natural. God says ‘the whole creation groans,’ and even now there are pangs from all fronts.  Earthquakes beneath,  floods on, and fire from above, yet another opportunity to ‘consider the Creator,’ but so few will.

Is a large rock falling from the heavens any different than massive hailstones? Again, the mocker explains it away, as if He who created gravity has no part in what falls from his own heaven. The Russian red rock, with a long hot tail is certainly worthy of serious pondering. So I ask you: is there really a place on earth that is not deserving of a rock like this to fall on our very rooftops? Unvarnished honesty requires the proper answer.

Are some better than others, while others are better than most? Certainly, but morality is not spirituality, and even the spiritual would humbly agree. There is a God in heaven  who answers not to the writers of the daily news, nor punches a clock, nor confers with man for approval, and yes this God is patient. Media gives instant access to such wonderful, may I say fearful and wonderful sights as a Russian sky lit by a missile of rock; giving ample time to taste and see that the Lord is good.


Meteorite in Russia pt 2

How can one consider the ‘happenings’ in the heavens without addressing God in the conversation? Then again, I suppose it would be easy if you believe not…but know this: it takes no more effort for the Creator to suspend a rock from space as it does a rain drop, snow flake or hail stone.

There have been comets, meteors, etc. for centuries, and man has continued to ‘scientifically’ explain away the Creator’s hand, as if He is aloof, unknowing, or even absent from his own world- the scoffer will scoff, the doubter will doubt, and the believer needs no further proof to see the divine.
The atheist may ask for ‘proof,’ and God can give no more than that which is evident and final, yet, he in his mercy gives the one thing man cannot control, and that is – t i m e – time to consider still, that yes, there is a God in heaven who is longsuffering at they who are destroying his creation, at the same time giving man hope. Meteors? A sign from heaven? Perhaps, but remember, an evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign……………………

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