Muslims and hope

Cave Hira, Mecca

Cave Hira, Mecca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Only a fool would say there are no decent Muslims,  as morality has many friends, but for the most part, Muslims follow a different god.

If you are Muslim, you are asked for everything, and offers so little or nothing in return.

If death is so honourable, if it is considered the highest act to give your life for a cause, why do not your leaders set the example?

Why do they ask of you what they would not even dare to do themselves? It is the height of hypocrisy is to ask that which you would not do.

In contrast, the true God of the earth, the one Lord on high, He who created all that is; He has done all. He has sent a substitute to die for you, so you may live. The false religion of Muslimhood says you must die for your cause.

The true Most High only asks that you surrender your sins, for His wings can cover your great and secret sin. Mohammed has done nothing; the LORD has done it all. You are called to hate your enemies. The true God asks you to love your enemies. Allow your heart to speak to you. Read more of these truths in the following blogs.


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