Se. Feinstein- ugh

Senator Feinstein, that illustrious blend of intellect and incredibly good looks….has stated that ‘ten’ rounds of ammo is plenty to ward off any attacker, in any situation, at any time. She adds that ‘guns’ are no problem for citizens to behold. Really, ma’am? That is mighty kind of you, your generosity is highly appreciated. Surely, you will go down in the annals of history as being the most benevolent and thoughtful senator who has graced our shores.

Then, as if insult to injury was not enough, she exempted ‘government officials,’ from being so ‘adequately’ armed. How in God’s good name do these people get elected?  Let’s understand her correctly, lest we slander her good name. Citizens are ‘allowed’ to have arms, but no more than ten rounds, and her and her friends can have whatever they want? Do we not see a clear picture of her admitted ‘we against them?

Well Ms Feinstein, a few days ago a home invasion was annulled because a ‘citizen’ was armed, not with a handgun, but with a rifle with plenty of ammo. In this case, the handgun, your alleged ‘canon,’ would have been a hindrance. Instances like this are manifold, but that’s not the point. You ma’am are trying to do away with that which was written so we may be protected from usurpers like you!

The home intruder is much easier to defend, but you by stealth and with a pen of poison have crept into the innocent lives of law abiding citizens, and have re-written that which needs no editing. The Connecticut shooter was no member of the NRA, and you are using him and all criminals, to slander law abiding Americans.   ‘It’s the guns!’ says you, and you have gone on record  declaring war on tenets which for hundreds of years have allowed the United States to still speak the English language.

The Constitution ma’am, much to your dismay, is not about squirrel hunting. While many of us know it is beneficial to be armed so our life and property cannot be taken in our homes from looters, it is the professional thieves who startle us, it is they who would take the spoils of freedom from us, it is you ma’am and your ilk, who attempt to deny us that which is lawfully ours. Ever heard of God given rights? Not California, New York rights, but God given?

You are an embarrassment to thinking people, for the threat you are advocating, is no different than what Americans have  faced for hundreds of years. You are implementing the castration of the heart of good people, and guess what?  That hurts, and it is painful to watch a U.S. representative spout venom, and equally egregious is the voice of silence among your colleagues who by now should have asked for your resignation.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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