The fourth grader

English: This protester was on his own and let...

English: This protester was on his own and letting Minnesota state Senators know his position on gay marriage. This is freedom of speech in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allegedly, there is a story regarding a fourth grader who wrote a short essay on his approval of gay marriage. His teacher is said to have posted it on-line, and he is thought to be a junior genius.

Wow, I was having trouble deciding how to think on this matter; all it took was a fourth grader to enlighten me?

Hey kid: Happiness is kind of like the weather, it comes and goes, cold warm, snow, rain. Happiness is fleeting, but truth remains and rides out ALL the weather of life. Truth is like the gold that will not tarnish nor rust. Truth is absolute and cares not as to public opinion. What was true 4,000 years ago is equally true today. What was true in the city of Sodom is still true today.

Your happiness is subject to change, but the truth regarding marriage is unchangeable. It takes a man and a woman, so for you to be ebullient because two men or two women can be enmeshed, your joy will no doubt be short lived when you put a few years and more thought into your life and mind.

People may think you are clever, but sorry kid, I did not buy your line. I wonder though who convinced you of this alleged logic, for most 4th graders would naturally run from such an idea.

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