The hospital and the pink hat

This true account speaks of the integrity of God’s word, for it speaks of the inherent disdain of man towards any truth of God.

Two men were in a surgical waiting room of a hospital having a discussion. Nothing odd here at all, for talk in times of stress helps alleviate the pain, and is it not normal for human beings to speak to another?

Now then, what topic can truly give the balm of refreshment but the word of God, and the ways of God. The men spoke plainly, and without embarrassment, of the grace of God, and the strength that only he can give in times of great distress.

One man mentioned that God cannot give to his own that which cannot be endured, and how He allows suffering to perfect himself in his children. They agreed that he giveth grace to help in time of need.

They spoke of God’s eternal purpose of the church of the living God, built only of living stones who are simply indwelt by the spirit of God himself. The two men, while never having met, became brothers in the Lord, for God alone initiated the fellowship. And each, with their particular history of trials and grief, were able to comfort one another in the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, for he is full of grace and truth.

Yes, there were other people in the room, and conversations were shared by all. It just seemed like another day in a waiting area of a hospital. Two men amidst the sea of humanity, were able to find repose in the ways of the Lord. True they sorrowed, but theirs was not like others who have no hope, and in the midst of their communion and ministry of the word of God, they would find unexpected and hostile opposition.

Apparently, somebody overheard the speech of our two friends, and registered a complaint with the unit receptionist, who then summoned a security guard.

The guard approached the men, and with hands on hips stated, ‘you must cease your discussion of your religious beliefs, or you will have to leave. There are many religious beliefs in the world, and you are upsetting other people.’

The men looked at one another and with quiet dignity one spoke: ‘we make no apology for the content of our discussion, but perhaps you wish us to speak softer so as not to offend the people you are representing.’

The guard appeared taken aback, for he had hoped there would be a confrontation, thus showing his authority. Ah, but where God is, there is no authority beyond his, and the power of ‘a soft answer turneth away wrath,’ proved correct. The guard crept away, and one of the men got out of his seat and moved closer to his friend, thus they continued their good conversation, being oblivious to the wicked sneers of those around.

Do you see the absolute disrespect for the truth of the word of God? If these man were Hindus, and spoke of Allah, or others who spoke of Buddha, do you honestly think that others would have filed a complaint? To ask the question is to answer it, for it is the truth that offends.

Have you ever heard a person blaspheme the name of Buddha when smashing their finger with a hammer? It is the name of the true God who is blasphemed, and people hate the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There were bibles on the waiting area shelves, but it is simply a courtesy, for the two men were simply unfolding the contents, and other peoples consciences were accusing themselves.

The spirit of God convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and while the men were not preaching, truly the word of God was like a bee sting to some. One of the men had to leave to speak with a doctor, and our other friend sat quietly observing the conversations of others:

‘I just love that pink hat.’and ‘my car needs brakes,’ you can see the point. Our two friends had no problem with the speech of others, for it was none of their business, but it surely was the business of others to try to silence the word of God. What disdain for what is holy and true.

How accurate is God’s diagnosis of man. Oh, by the way, one of our friends was a black man, and the other a white European who happened to be a Christian as well. Such is the wisdom of God, that ever silences the arrogance and foolishness of man.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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