The mark of the beast

The word of God tells us that a remarkable man will arrive on the page of history. He will be a man of unequaled diplomacy and tact. He will appear as head and shoulders above all others, so much so, that he will be given to command the nations of the world.

In short, he will be a true man of the world, with a resume of the brightest distinctions. His superior capture of an audience will rocket him to easy acceptance by the masses. He will be truly wise on many fronts, with answers to civil unrest, boundary disputes, taxes, but most importantly, he will magically bring together all the religions of the world. The world hungers for such a man, for only 100 years ago, Europe had planted the seed for this mans germination: ‘give us a leader!’

You will understand, the invitation has been made, but only one person will be qualified to take the reins of the kingdoms of the world, and that man is antichrist. We live in a world that does not want the true prince of peace, so man will be granted the desires of his dark heart, thus the antichrist will seize the moment, and the sad reality of men wanting their own God will come to pass.

But of the many tricks this leader will parade to a superstitious world, the aim of the antichrist is singular. His desire is to finally rid the world of the Jews, those ‘enemies of the earth.’  Pharaoh tried it, but he came to an end at the Red sea. Haman tried it, and came to an end on the gallows. King Herod tried it, and the slaughter of infants left the son of God without a scar. Recently, Hitler tried it. Yet once more, there will indeed be another ‘solution.’

So the antichrist will have learned much over time, and will devise a plan to once more rid the earth of the ‘enemies of all peace.’ He will institute a clever identification system, whereby all men must choose as to how they buy and sell. Enter the  mark.

You will recall  when Daniels three friends refused to bow down to the image when the music was played, it was only then did the Jewish brethren become conspicuous. So the antichrist will have a much more subtle and attractive means of finding out who and where his enemies are, for these men are marked in their foreheads by the living God, and God will protect them.

What a wonderful idea many will think, for buying and selling was never easier and surely not half as safe! The craft of antichrist will be seen for what it is: pure and undiluted hatred of the Jews. He is much more cunning, and the kingdoms of the world will not see his aim, but true people of God do not pay homage to idols, for the root of receiving such a mark, is to be identified with the god of this world.

Image result for 666 bar code

Thus, men happily choose to be so marked out, for they are not excercised unto godliness, but the people of the remnant will understand. While the antichrist gains in power,   the Lord’s  brethren according to the flesh, will be pushed to their limit, and in spite of obvious opposition, will carry the gospel throughout the world.

Oh how the devil will hate this audacity, and he will storm the earth killing any who does not have his mark. Certainly many will come to life’s end at his diabolical hand, but we also remember the burial of John by disciples who took up a headless corpse. How the Lord is longsuffering, yet with the advent of antichrist, we see the kingdom and patience of the Lord Jesus, for soon  heaven will  intervene.

Men will receive the antichrist, because they receive not the love of the truth. They receive the king of darkness, for they want not the true light. And the same resource that believers have today, will be the same compass for the Jews at that time, (the word of God) for the Lord Jesus said to flee Judea, and we learn elsewhere that he has his sights on the apple of his eye. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of God.

These words are true, because God is true. The day of grace is coming to a close, God’s goodness must one day expire, and God will unleash his own fury at his own time, and antichrist will simply be a swatted fly. Why do you continue to reject the son of God’s love? Can you not see that the death of the Lamb of God was for sinners? Turn today, for he is the true God. Look to he who is mighty to save, lest you be deceived by the antichrist.

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5 Responses to The mark of the beast

  1. Kamil Levi Pyka says:

    Reblogged this on Jewish and Christian News.


  2. Mike Trapp says:

    You are wrong, he doesn’t want to rid the world of Jews, he wants to rid the world of Christians. There is a difference, you know.


    • ColorStorm says:


      God has a people in any age to serve his purpose. Apparently the fulness of the Gentiles will come to a close, and once more God will reckon with the earth where all will be done, according to what is written.

      And as the post alludes, the Jews will be antagonized, and like Daniel and his three friends, will become conspicuous when ‘they do not bow down to the music.’ Their mark of God will be obvious.


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