Atheist billboard

A gathering of atheists for the Global Atheist...

A gathering of atheists for the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The latest advertising gimmick has been utilized by a CA outfit to promote atheism. In nice big letters, it reads:  ‘Personal relationship w/ reality…’  Really? A ‘relationship’ supposes there is reciprocation from the other, kind of odd don’t you think, that the reality being promoted is ‘there is no God,’ for this is the most illogical of arguments. Who are you going to call as a witness for the defense, nature? science? arithmetic? the human mind? laughter? tears? a dewdrop?

Certainly not, for these will prove you mad, all pointing to a Creator. Ms Allen is correct however when she says there is a stereotype of atheists being ‘bad’ people, or morally inferior. I will cede this point,
for I know many, (some good friends) who are morally better than most christians. There is a caveat here, and that is: morality is not spiritually. Christ did not come to make a bad person better……..He came to make a dead person alive , and this misunderstanding is the argument of the ages.

Atheism is a religion, much to the chagrin of its adherents, for it demands allegiance to keep the appetite and the ‘relationship’ with this so called unknown god of atheism alive and well, for it demands so much and gives so little. The ‘wisdom’ part of a God given brain is left out of reasoning and makes a man his own god, and this is quite convenient. The billboard will get attention, but no minds will be changed. Sad truth? When the atheist draws his last breath and escapes into eternity, he will then believe his so called wisdom was only the food for fools.

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2 Responses to Atheist billboard

  1. “Really? A ‘relationship’ supposes there is reciprocation from the other, kind of odd don’t you think,”

    Not at all odd when you realize that it’s only meant to be a parody of ‘a personal relationship with god’.


  2. colorstorm98 says:

    Little ‘g?’
    Purposeful dismissal? Perhaps you do not know souls who actually know with a certainty this
    alleged ‘parody.’


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