Connecticut slaughter

The tears are still not dry from the Connecticut school slaughter, and on cue, a charge is made against God for the killing of the innocents. ‘Where was He?’ ‘Why did He not intervene?’ ‘why, why, why did He allow this?’ Fair questions, but you can be sure; it was not God’s fault that a young man executed so many people, especially six and seven year old children.

To understand God’s perspective on so much evil, we must learn of God’s ways in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. Yes, here’s the rub:  we live in a world of miscreants, so what is God’s opinion on THAT? There is a long trail of human decadence beginning from a good place named Eden, where ALL was once good. But that little devil of an intruder ‘sin,’ caused a death spiral which is still falling today.

Blame, pride, lying, boasting, stealing, dishonor, killing, and you pick your own addition of offences by the human race that clearly make man the culprit, and God remains omnipotent before all. True, He on occasion required man to execute his purposes, and that meant to slaughter entire villages, including children and beasts, but His ways have made a complete about face, and really, He requires so little today.

Sadly, man must make himself more important than he is, and plays God’s so called hit man. The trouble is, man has no such marching order today and runs unsent. The shooter inConnecticut designed a plan of destruction, and God did not authorize the blueprints. Killing his own mother? Killing children without a cause? Killing anybody who was within range?

Today, God is no respecter of persons, and all mankind has come up short on the ‘glory of God‘ requirement that proves man is a sinner. This puts the onus on man to behave in such a fashion that is exempt from God’s deserving wrath.

Since man cannot plead ‘innocent’ when charged, God must render either justice or judgment. Personally, I prefer judgment for I have someone who has already pled my case. Justice, I care not for, for what I (and you) deserve is not a good ending.

The killer of Connecticut thus made himself judge, jury, and hangman; gee he even rendered the killer null and void. Time will prove the variables that influenced the young man’s diabolical deeds such as: online associations and contacts, drugs, Hollywood, homelife, work, school, friends, physicians’ logs, gaming, and these influences will make man guilty, and God remains ever God. Man has usurped God’s creation, and replaced flowers with weeds.

God is within His rights to smite all mankind, but he is displaying something far greater and harder than the vindication of his hard hand for such vile behavior on his earth; and that is his grace and patience. If Adam the killer had manifested either or both of these godly qualities, children would be alive, his mother would be alive, teachers would be alive, and the lousy cover-up story (gun control) would have been put on hold.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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