C S. Pearce- same sex marriage

C. S. Pearce has done a fine job of noticing the difference between  ‘churchgoers,’ and ‘conservative Christians,’ in their opinion of  same  sex marriage,  but she rides the pony of ‘culture change ‘ to argue that it’s about time for all to get on board with this new and improved theology. She also cleverly states that ‘Jesus’ agrees with her.

The common Sunday visitor, she opines, has changed time old views on marriage, and now holds the truth that yes, two men can in fact be married, the same way a man and woman  could be entwined, and have the blessing of God.

She asks her readers to agree with the majority, she takes a poll as it were, and herein lies the weakness of her premise. God does not care about public opinion.  She states that three scriptures, while not necessarily saying so, leave room for the cultural advancement of thought that is necessary to any enlightened society.

‘Jesus‘ never addressed homosexuality says Pearce, noting that Mark 10.2-12 speaks to marriage, but there is room to include the same sex group. She then mentions that in the ‘old’ times, adulterers were to be killed, therefore the same relief needs to be given when the times ‘they are a  changin.’

Ms. Pearce gets a ‘ten’ for her springboard vault around 1 Timothy 1.9-10 saying with a straight face that ‘this applied to temple prostitutes,’ and with equal finesse says again that Romans 1.23-27 spoke only to specific time and culture, and THAT is certainly not this advanced 20th century, which is light years behind the apostle Paul AND the scriptures of truth.

‘The fact that many churchgoers have changed their views about gay civil rights in recent years is one of the major under reported reasons why same sex marriage is now legal in nine states.’  C.S. Pearce.  Here she shows her hand, and a weak one at that.

God’s word was never written to be interpreted in light of cultural change; culture is to be interpreted in light of scripture which defines morality, right from wrong, and mostly, spirituality. Dare her come along and say ‘lying’ is antiquated, or ‘stealing’ is natural? Even an unspiritual but moral person would say both are right, for the conscience is a strong friend.

Granted, she is right to a degree as far as churchgoers changing minds regarding previously held views, but this merely shows a shallow mind, subject to the shifting sands of compromise and convenience.

On the other hand, her notice of conservative Christians as they who oppose because they are slow of thought, or not willing to change, is not without merit. Not ALL Christians who voice an opinion against same sex marriage are conservative, yet there are many who agree with the legal right for same sex marriage, while at the same time find fault spiritually.

Ms Pearce has taken on quite a challenge, stating that the Creator never mentioned his voice of disapproval against same sex marriage.  Let me point you to Lot.

When the men of Sodom asked for the angels, a rather distraught Lot uttered ‘take my daughters!’ knowing I believe the offer would be refused, but the displeasure of God is told to us thousands of years later: ‘men with men working that which is unseemly,’ and now in 2012, thousands of years further, has the heart of man improved, or is not man proud, still a fornicator, lying with ease, boasting, coveting, whisperering, and gay?

Is God’s displeasure at a wane, or is it simply he chooses to react differently?

Ms Pearce claims that gay marriage is neither against God nor the bible, and I wonder how she reads. Granted she is taking advantage of a spineless church going crowd who sees equal benefit to time spent in the pew, or at a football game, and it appears she is in this bunch of professors, but her narrative is not to honour God, but to elevate man.

I would suggest if the bible is not clear on marriage between a man and a woman, than it is equally ambiguous on salvation. Thankfully, to the glory of God, both are clear. What Pearce fails to negotiate, is the fact the words of Paul ARE the words of the Lord Jesus.

Too strong? I think not, for the Master said, ‘I have MANY things to say unto you, and you cannot bear them now, but when the Spirit of God comes, He will guide you into ALL truth.’ So yes, the first of Romans and the first of Timothy are the words of the Lord; this is why it’s called the word of God.

Pearce writes: ‘History has shown that harmful beliefs will continue until people begin to question them in the pew.’ Translation: people with small and backward views will always perceive same sex marriage as abnormal, and it is only when church people come of age and agree with the masses will there be progress and unity. If you think same sex marriage is wrong or anti-God, THAT is a harmful position.

She also says that same sex marriage did not exist in the days of slavery. It appears she is supplying ammunition for her enemies, because homosexuality did exist, but the idea of ‘marriage’ was even anathema to the decadent.

Can two men or two women be married? Not in the biblical sense, moral no, legal perhaps, but in the beginning it was not so. It was so darn obvious in the Lord’s day, that folks probably dared not ask him about the appropriateness of same sex marriage, for they heard of Sodom and the cities of the plain.

Light and darkness tend to keep distance. When the animals of Noah marched into the ark, were there two male elephants? Some things just don’t need explained.

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