The atheist monument

Turris Babel from Athanasius Kircher

Turris Babel from Athanasius Kircher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a victory in FL regarding a granite edifice to be erected to honor atheism. A simple bench as a memory so it is said. Some say this is huge for it will be installed on government property in Bradford County.

It is lauded as a structure  just as worthy as the ten commandments, and many members of  American Atheists are elated. The argument of church and state, ten commandments versus atheism, is never ending, but still inflames passion all around.

There may be a landmark to honor atheism, but it really is no different than the Tower of Babel, an edifice constructed to commemorate the deification of man. The atheist may disagree, and he has every right.

I would change the name though in FL to the ‘seat of misinformation,’ for there is no such thing as a true atheist. The atheist is the master manipulator of denial; denial of facts and truth, for God aptly says: ‘the fool says in his heart………….there is no God……….’ Do you see that? He SAYS in his heart, his mind suppresses what his heart knows, and he spends his days defending the impossible and illogical.

So the structure in FL is a monument to the godhood of man, it’s that simple. They can have it, and let it be a visual reminder of how great God is, and how puny man is. The ‘stone of shame’ as opposed to the ‘Rock of offence’ which is Christ.

This stone  junk pile offends me not.

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1 Response to The atheist monument

  1. Shofar says:

    “there is no such thing as a true atheist. The atheist is the master manipulator of denial;”
    I believe this is so true. He is really an agnostic, though he would of course, deny this also.


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