CO cake maker is iced

English: Wedding cake

English: Wedding cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have heard the arguments. The baker is being sued and faces possible jail time for refusing to sell a cake to a same sex couple for a ‘wedding.’

Seems kind of easy: just sell the d_mn cake. But wait, what if the baker does not want to sell? and herein lies the dilemma.

The baker is a professing christian and states he does not recognize this arrangement, therefore he refuses to bake and decorate a cake under these circumstances. They who argue for the ‘gays’ say he has no rights, and should treat ALL customers as equals.

Some have missed the point that the baker COULD sell the cake, but chooses not to. He in fact does have  a right, the same way a consumer has rights.

What is equitable to both parties? The buyer should seek another bakery who will cater for their special whims; after all it is a special day…why would they want the memory of this ‘blessed’ event to be so stained in controversy?

I’ll tell you why: it is not about the cake, it is forcing acceptance on a culture who does not want it; it is generating media attention so the agenda may be advanced. The cake is an ancillary issue and a detour for gay rights. It is another way to force ‘normal’ behaviour upon a people who instinctively know otherwise.

If the bakery has a stellar reputation for making outstanding cakes, they as artists can, may, and should have their right to ‘paint’ a cake as they see fit, and in this instance, they choose to leave the canvas blank. As a business entering into a contract, they have every right NOT to sign the contract, they have every right to deny the business.

When a roofing contractor submits a bid to a homeowner, the owner of the house is not obligated to sign the contract just because the roofer wants the business. A contract is binding when both parties agree to the terms, and put name and ink to paper to consummate the deal.

It appears the bakery has a strong hand here. Others have proved this idea of a business turning away business. I saw a man wanting to play golf on a course that had clearly defined signs: ‘Must wear  collared shirt-no jeans.’  Discriminatory? You betcha. And the paying patron was turned away, as he refused the offer to play according to the rules.

Private property as well as the general rights of a business owner according to common sense, suggest some things do not appear fair, but ‘equal rights’ mean nothing unless ALL have access to these rights. Could the golfer sue? Sure he could, and the case would be thrown out in half a minute.

There is a precedence sought by the CO  cake buyers to make ‘their’ rights higher than all others; they could care less for equal rights; if they did they would respect the opinion of the bakery and move along. The bakery would have made a cake for their birthday, or any other event, they only drew a line in the sand regarding  marriage which they believe to hold a special kind of sacredness not recognized by the patron.

The bakers  should not be vilified for this, and the patrons should quietly go away. This is not about the cake… ‘No shirt, no service’ says the sign in the restaurant window, again discriminatory? Of course, and the passerby also has the right to ignore this establishment being already fully attired. Discrimination happens every day, get over it, it’s called simple decision-making, and folks will always find fault with the opinions of others.

Surely the ‘cake buyers’ could find a bakery who would be more than glad to assist them in a cake for their day. Leave the CO baker alone

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3 Responses to CO cake maker is iced

  1. Ana says:

    Society in general has stooped to the lowest,gays have more rights nowadays than christians.We can be called mentally ill and that’s not discrimination,but when you say being gay is not natural,you’re a hater.Everybody gets the right to be sensitive except christians,in my opinion ,gays should have no rights whatsoever because they are not doing anything productive in society.God bless

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    • Anonymous says:

      Amen God Created Man and Woman re: Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve…


    • ColorStorm says:

      Ana, I understand your frustration, but the same liberties that they have to live their perverse lifestyle, are in fact the same ones that give christian people their liberties, and these are ‘strange’ to some as you know.

      I wouldn’t want somebody to crash my bible study because they think it is ‘perverse.’ You are right though when you suggest ‘believers’ are harassed to the nines. So while I may despise a certain lifestyle, and I have been quite vocal about it here, freedom allows them to practice whatever they want.

      The problem is that the salt has lost its savor, and christians have not been about their Father’s business for way too long, and the enemy has crept in unawares. So yes, I agree with you that there is a presumed elevation of gay rights over all others, but I would not say they have ‘no rights.’

      I sense your frustration.
      God bless


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