Power tools and guns

A single-speed 'MultiPro' Dremel

A single-speed ‘MultiPro’ Dremel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stihl chain saws, Ryobi drills, Milwaukee sawzalls, Belden grinders and a list of other power tools should be handled with extreme caution. Ear and eye protection should be  utilized lest there be harm done to the user. Tools can be very dangerous in the hands  of unskilled workers. 

The same can be said for the handling of guns. Great care and sobriety should always be addressed when handling these power tools as well. Some have suggested that these tools (guns) should be taken  from the hands of not only novice users, but seasoned veterans as well.

Frank Lloyd Wright  said that ‘typewriters are one of the most  dangerous weapons,’  for the pen is mightier than the sword, but nobody believes nor cares. While the pen can be a great ally to circumvent danger on many fronts, it is the homeowners gun that has protected life and property immediately.

There is no time to call for help when danger looms; just last week an 85-year-old woman put a burglar in his place by threatening to shoot him if he moved an inch; the prospect of facing eternity so suddenly has a way of sobering up a miscreant much quicker than 5 years of jail.

But the homeowner is made to be the criminal by the weak of mind, for dare you protect your own life with a deadly weapon.  How often do you hear on the nightly news how a property owner thwarted an invasion, and saved a life in the meantime; their own, as well as the perp, yet you hear not a word.

Why not? Because self-protection does not fit the template of Americans needing guns. The politicians have their body guards, the Hollywood crowd have their guards, the media heads have hired hands, and all have sidearms to protect life. Yet, the average joe is looked at with such disdain for having his arms that it makes a good man to shudder.

Guns are tools plain and simple. If you are not comfortable with a Dremel, do not use it, you may hurt yourself or others. You may as well do away with your steak knives as well, for they too pose a life threatening risk,

But if you are inclined to keep your knives, your drills, your saws, please allow others to keep their tools also, some of which are guns. It is their choice, it is their right, and it is equally none of your business.

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