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Torah (Photo credit: Lawrie Cate)

Hello. I am happy to address your concern as to the kingdom of God promised to the nation of Israel. If our eye is single, the scriptures plainly tell us of God’s unconditional covenant to an earthly people.

You will remember that a promise was made to young Mary that her son would be great, and the Lord God would give unto him the throne of his father David. The time of fullness had come, for the Lord Jesus came to confirm the promises made to the fathers.

The Lord offered himself to the nation of Israel as the promised King of the Jews, that is, he came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and they answered with words of utter darkness,  ‘we will not have this man to reign over us.’ To this day, God’s earthly people suffer because of their unbelief.

Yet, Paul tells us that their unbelief is God’s wisdom and sovereignty to call another people out for his name today, and he also tells us that this blindness to Israel is only in part.

The Lord promised the apostles that they would sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. We see the Lord before Pilate when asked if he were a king,  he answers  ‘yes’, but he carefully added that NOW his kingdom was not from hence.

We see the perfect harmony of the word of God, for the kingdom would be realized in its entire splendor, but the time was not yet for the king was rejected. Thus the King of the Jews was mockingly put to death, all with God’s foreknowledge, and the followers of the Lord thought that Israel’s hope was gone forever.

Yes, they believed that the Messiah would rule from David’s throne according to the scriptures in all his glory, but they did not believe that the Messiah had to first suffer, but more importantly, suffer for sins. This is why the Lord spoke to the two on the road to Emmaus after his resurrection as fools and slow of heart to believe the scriptures, that Christ had to suffer, AND to enter into his glory.

Caravaggio, ''Supper at Emmaus, 1606.

Caravaggio, ”Supper at Emmaus, 1606. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word of God says plainly that only at the return of the Lord Jesus will he sit upon the throne of HIS glory.

He sits at the right hand of God today, for the throne of his glory is in Jerusalem Israel.

It is Jerusalem and Zion that is the city of the great king. This is proved once more in the opening book of the New Testament, the Acts of the Apostles.

The Lord Jesus taught the disciples for 40 days after he rose from the dead the things regarding the kingdom of God. These truths were most certainly written in the Old Testament, such as the lion lying down with the lamb, a child playing by the hole of a once poisonous snake, the teaching of the tribes being once more restored to prominence, and perhaps another reminder that the apostles would sit on thrones themselves.

The Lord could have mentioned thousands of scriptures that spoke to the promises of God that Israel would once again be the head and not the tail, perhaps he mentioned the New covenant with both Israel and Judah; remember this was a forty day teaching, an unfolding of the old testament scriptures that by the way, had nothing to do with the church.

The church of the living God is a mystery, not revealed in the Old Testament, and is certainly not the subject of prophecy. So after having their minds flooded with truth as to the kingship of Messiah and the kingdom promised, the disciples asked the Lord a question: Lord, is it at THIS time that you are going to restore again the kingdom to Israel???

Ah yes, they knew positively that the kingdom would be restored again to Israel, but note the words of the Lord Jesus, ‘it is not for you to know the times and seasons that the Father placed in his own power.’ If the apostles were wrong as to the nature of the kingdom promised to Israel, the Lord would have corrected them.

But God has another purpose, the church, which in no wise nullifies God’s promises to Israel. Only that which existed can be restored. The church never existed, and most certainly cannot be restored. To confuse the church with Israel and the throne of David is to doubt God’s unconditional oath to an earthly people.

Sha alu shalom Yerushalayim.

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