The tsunami and you


tsunami (Photo credit: arkhangellohim)

A short time ago there was a devastating tidal wave on the outskirts of Southern Asia.

As with all catastrophes, the Creator is called upon to defend his actions, and man looks for weaknesses in the arguments of God, to try to quiet a troubled soul.

How can a loving God allow such damage to property and lives is the common question, and this question is proof of an unbelieving, careless, or  sinful heart.

There was a worldwide flood in the days of Noah according to the scriptures, and why? Because the entire earth had corrupted itself, and the thoughts of the heart of man were only evil continually. Yes a global deluge, contrary to what the sceptic  may pour forth; a judgement upon the world of the ungodly.

To deny a global flood is to admit there were a group of people who somehow escaped God’s notice, as if they were not deserving of the wrath of God.  The scriptures will have none of it, for we learn that only 8 people were brought safely to dry land. God’s age old enemy denies the world wide flood, but the wisdom of God ever silences the silly  and the profane.

The bow in the clouds of Alaska is a reminder that yes, the waters covered that land. The bow in the clouds of South America is proof that judgement fell there. The bow in the clouds of Germany is proof the flood took all men away, and the rainbow in Israel is proof the waters buried all men beneath the waves.

The integrity of God is seen, for he promised not to destroy the earth again by water, but note, he did not say he would not allow flooding.  Men may shake their fist at God for allowing a present day tsunami, but man forgets that there are ten thousand days of his goodness. Oh how the heart of man is wicked above all things!

God is not on trial my friend, man is on trial, and he has been found in contempt of court, for he has insulted the Creator of heaven and earth. Man rightfully deserves the wrath of God, but we see that even with loss of life, God is gracious. You may ask how then is God gracious?

Because the entire earth has once more corrupted itself before a holy God. Once more do we see the heart of man  full of spots within and without. Even in this, God is long suffering to man, for the same word tells us that he will shake the heavens and the earth. A tsunami is nothing my friend, mere birth pains of God’s fury. He is oh so patient.

None can escape God’s displeasure, and the very worst of sinners include they who carry bibles, they who mock the grace of God, they who have said that God’s word is a fable, it is these unto whom is reserved the blackness of darkness.

Oh by the way, it is also taught that the white race escaped the wrath of God in the flood of Noah, and to this we agree with the spirit of God and say but one word: ‘begone.’ We heartily believe the simple statement by God that there are NONE who doeth good, no not one, but happily the word of God does tell us what IS pleasing.

All God’s pleasure is found in the Lord Jesus. It was he who was always about the Fathers business, it was he who unfolded grace and truth. Most importantly, he, the Lord Jesus, took upon himself the floods of the righteous wrath of God against sin, for he was made sin, he was made sin, he who knew no sin, he who was ever holy and spotless, he died for the sins of the world.

The death of the Lord Jesus is proof of a global flood, yet where is the outrage when a troubled sea tried to drown him, and where was the outrage at the death of the Lamb of God? Should man not be embarrassed at such indifference? Do not hold God in contempt, because he does all things well. One more day of your life is proof of his grace to the ungodly.

By the way, do you think the people in Indonesia were greater sinners than you? Except you repent, you shall all likewise perish. The offer of grace is still on the table.

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2 Responses to The tsunami and you

  1. Ana says:

    There are remains of Noah’s ark found somewhere in Lebanon i think,so how can people say there was never flood? Also all pagan and pre-christian /jewish texts talk about great flood.People are rejecting God’s knowledge all the time,i actually read some people’s comments talking about all preachers should be beaten and christians have imaginary friend.I’m getting sick of it,but i bet the moment they die that they will become believers.But i’m afraid it will be too late then.God bless


    • thenakedtruth2 says:

      Here we are again speaking of the flood of Noah. God’s patience is being tested once more, and regardless of all the scoffing and unbelief toward Him, He will have the last word.


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