King Obama

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some have dared to name our current president: King Obama. Sadly, some also think this is a deserved title  for the outstanding job he has done in the realm of politics, commerce, foreign wars, domestic violence, helping the lowly, blaming the rich, raising his children, supporting the arts, fighting the NRA, and just about everything else a god-man could do. 

Mr. Obama has once more given reason why the laurels and accolades are due. He surrounds himself with children to put a ‘kind face’ on the deconstruction of the people’s right to bear arms. He knows he cannot ask for too much at one time, but the nature of taking apart the building is slow and steady, brick by brick.

He will call for ‘common sense’ reasons why the American citizenry need not such high powered rifles, and certainly folks need not ‘so much’ munitions. The crowd will clap, cameras will pan to the children, and you will see a tear in the eye here and there.

Then the media will further perpetuate the worship. ‘This was Obama’s moment,’ ‘He has a mandate,’ ‘Here is President Obama’s finest hour,’ and the honey will flow seemingly forever.

However, there is another point of view which the media will not report, they will ignore, and they will mock. Some think that the term ‘King Obama’ is grounds for his dismissal from office, and that this new ‘gun grab’ is mild compared to what Obama has done with his tenure.

He now has gone on record stating he is above the Constitution. He and his ilk have said he can do an end around Congress. His word as king supersedes all opposition.

Obama is like an umpire on a baseball field who gives one team 4 outs. He is similar to a football referee who awards a kicker 3 points for missing a field goal wide left. He is like a hockey official who allows a goal 3 minutes after time expired.

He is simply one who operates outside the boundaries of what is legal, right, and good. But how does one question the official when EVERYBODY saw the fullback come up a yard short, and the ref awarded a first down anyway? This is King Obama.

Coming up short

Coming up short (Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall)

He uses the children to further his ‘no gun’ agenda, and the Constitution has become the victim of an official’s bad call. The rules of the game and correct officiating give a neutral opinion on the winner, but King Obama rules by fiat, and supposes he can declare the Constitution null and void.

Whoa, offside’s.  It is not matter of ambiguity that the ‘peoples right to bear arms’ be even questioned, and that Obama uses a false front of kids to give an image of emotional appeal

He as King referee, is changing the rules of the game while the game is being played. This is the height of treason, and the most usurpation of long abuses.

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5 Responses to King Obama

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  2. IB says:

    Obama from Hawaii is the worst president of all time. All he does is lie and tell us that everything’s okay. People are finally coming to their senses since Trump won. Thank god, we won. If things were the other way around, we would’ve been doomed.



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