Queen Elizabeth loose

English: The Queen Mother

English: The Queen Mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, you have heard by now that the illustrious queen has gone on record supporting same-sex marriage. Hmmm.

Has the fog of London reached her chambers and clouded her judgment? My oh my has the world fallen, that even the domain of the once revered King James has been gripped by  the bear claws of depravity.

The world is not as it was, and it is spiraling downward at warp speed. She will be adored by many, hailed as Queen Mother and worthy of praise, but he with a single eye knows where this influence came from, and rest assured, it is not the throne of God.

You then say I am ‘behind the times,’ or narrow-minded, and I must admit to a hearty ‘yeah and amen.’ It does not take  laser vision to take note of the iniquity of man.  ‘Men with men working that which is unseemly,’ what did I say, unseemly? And I am being reserved.  God calls it far worse.

If the Queen says ssm is fine, then it must be fine. What a lame excuse, for of a truth, ‘male and female she created not.’ I do not give a whit what she approves, she is entitled to her opinion, but she can stay 100% wrong.

But the greater danger is the idea ‘where the word of the king is, there is power,’ thus she is acting in a kingly way by stating with such blatant dishonesty that somehow this arrangement can have the blessing of God. God cannot bless that which He despises.

She is stating that any who disagrees with her lives in the Stone Age, for progress we must! This kind of edict may seem harmless, but there will come a time, soon, when greater decadence will be met with swifter punishment for NOT getting on board.

Other kings will take note, and ‘evil men and seducers SHALL wax worse and worse.’ This one woman, has just gone on record defying the Almighty. No small feat here mind you, but God will not be mocked. She cannot wear out the patience of God, and thankfully He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He Knows. He sees. He cares.

This should be a sad day in England, a country that has borne goodness, respect, the Word of God, solid evangelists, bible teachers of the highest regard, all of which have taken a back seat to the princess of pornography.

A sign of the times? Not really, for such willful opposition to the word of God has been on the rise for ages, but her alleged majesty just committed a divine travesty, and many will follow her pernicious ways.

I will not follow, and I will say without a doubt, God is not amused. It is very difficult to pray for souls like this, then again, we ONCE were children of disobedience. However, a Queen, speaking like this! Is she drunk perhaps! Maybe she  ‘knoweth not what she does…’

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2 Responses to Queen Elizabeth loose

  1. Ana says:

    Maybe she’s getting old and her brain is not serving her anymore.I have to admit that i’ve met few gays from UK that are so mean,hate God and bible,who mocked me and belittled me.I wouldn’t want to live in UK now.How sad,the queen should step down from her position.I never liked her much anyways.

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    • thenakedtruth2 says:

      One step better would be to have her de-frocked or de-tiaraed by people who say she has no authority higher than God’s. This should be the issue on the table: what is marriage? and who are the candidates for such an institution?

      Just another ‘sign of the Times,’ and a rusty old one at that


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