Judge Ginsburg and ssm

English: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justic...

English: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well now, the illustrious judge of the high court has gone on record saying the ‘Constitution had foresight to include same-sex marriage,’ and she adds ‘they were wise writers.’ Really now? 

I would ask her for proof , but she would call me a narrow-minded fool. Well Ma’am, no disrespect given, but the Constitution is not a dictionary, and it does not describe what time and common sense proves to be true: that marriage has been, is, and ever will be between a man and a woman.

She may try all the mental gymnastics in her bag of tricks, but good people do not buy the stale bill of goods. Ginsburg ‘oversees a marriage’ and pronounces man and woman,  or is it man and man, woman and woman,  wife and wife, or ‘I now  pronounce you husband and husband?’  Ouch.

She needs this strange interpretation to justify her  logic to approve a union which is impossible when held to the standard of absolutes.

What’s next your honour, a marriage held for a boy and his turtle, or a woman and a fish? Sounds absurd, and it most certainly is, but this is the road she is driving on, and this one way street has many travelers, all driving off the cliff  with her.

Ginsburg is thought to be the female elite of the court, and her opinion sways, but I would point out, only they with agendas are convinced.  The Constitution NOWHERE suggests same-sex marriage as the norm-of-the-day, and her insinuation is rather insulting.

The framers knew the context of male female, man woman, husband and wife, and some things in life hardly need explained. Ginsberg is an engineer seeking to fill the trains with passengers on its way to the island of misfits, but good intentions do not correct what is blatantly wrong.

And yes, she wants to drive this machine to a town near you. In spite of this lack of leadership, and these overt acts of mischievousness, may God bless America.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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4 Responses to Judge Ginsburg and ssm

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    agreed……I do not believe the constitution was written in such a way that what was written down would some day become truly understood if only the right people could became judges. I think it does such disservice to us as a society and shows such disrespect for the framers of the constitution to twist the words of men who were inspired by God. Good post!

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  2. thenakedtruth2 says:

    You said ‘men were inspired by God,’ and while most would disagree, I most certainly concur. Probably not inspired in the same way that the writers of scripture were, but the ideal was presented to their minds, good sense, judgement, linked with a sober mind, and certainly proved these writings were unlike no others.

    Then again, maybe inspiration from above is not that far out of the question!


  3. snowgood says:

    Our dodgy Mr Camerom just introduced same sex marriage to the UK. He didn’t have the moral fibre to put it in his manifesto, and rushed it through without thinking. I thought he was supposed to be “conservative”, but he’s obviously a deluded “liberal”.

    What’s VERY important in this big debate is to hate the sin, not the individuals.
    And lastly, I always like Rob Bell’s take on your last line.

    God Bless America. What if he already has?

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  4. thenakedtruth2 says:

    Yes you are correct, it is easy to forget and make it personal; it is not personal, it is affront toward God; if He has the patience to be benevolent in the midst of depravity, then who am I to seek punitive damages?

    Grace is the word for the day.


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