Earthquake coming soon

English: San Francisco Mission District burnin...

English: San Francisco Mission District burning in the aftermath of the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Français : Le quartier de Mission de San Francisco brûle après le Tremblement de terre du 18 avril 1906. Tiếng Việt: Một đám cháy do trận động đất năm 1906 tại San Francisco, California. 中文: 1906年旧金山地震后街景。 Myanmasa: 1906 San Francisco (ဆန်ဖရန် စစ္စကို) ငလျင် (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(In honor of the big game, this is reposted because we tend to be mentally and spiritually comfortable, and forget……….that while God is thankfully full of grace, His patience will wear thin sooner or later)

This is not a ‘prophetic’ warning so to speak, meant to inspire fear, but the birth pangs of society are felt in the strangest of places. God did say there will be quakes in ‘divers’ places,’ that is, places where there have never been.

Should there be earthquakes at all? Appears to me that the evolutionary minded person would find extreme fault here, as well as having a hard time explaining away this anomaly of nature.

Quakes are inherently destructive, as there is no ‘good’ earthquake, yet how  many times have we seen these uprisings from the ground come and go without a death?

But yes, there should be quakes; God must clear His throat, for man is so hard of hearing as well as blind to His purposes. An upheaval of the ground we walk on is such an unnatural event that mankind should pay attention, but the so-called men of science have carefully crafted ‘reasons’ that leave out God who created the very dirt and stones that cry out.

The law of first mention is helpful when we consider the splitting ground, as Moses offered an advance of knowledge, ‘if these men die a natural death, then God has not sent me, but if God do a new thing, and cause the ground to open up….’

So then, the first earthquake was God’s doing, and it involved rebellion. Yet, everything that belonged to the families also were thrown underground, and the ground ‘closed up.’ So then, do you think that this same God is aloof or unknowing as to WHO or WHAT else could be causing these quakes, or is he simply displaying his patience, that man may finally pay attention?

I offer a word as to the grace and eternal love of God, who in the face of blatant disrespect, still extends a hand of favor, love,  and redemption to all who draw breath.

There WILL be another earthquake, and because of the lack of mans consideration of a Creator (hint: current political climate, killing in the name of God, unbelief, atheism, revolt), it appears these pangs will be stronger still, and the USA will be the home of a devastating calamity. Does it take a prophet to know this? Assuredly not, but a sober mind and discerning heart is helpful to see the travails that will suddenly come upon man.

Is this consistent with ‘God bless America?’ Yes, for judgement is God’s strange work, and joy cometh in the morning, but we cannot escape the fact that we live in a world away from God. God still blesses America, as good people stretch across the coasts, but cities like Detroit, Chicago, and their daily news reports, are proof that the heart of man is desperately wicked above all things. Rebellion is too weak a word for the deeds of man.

Quakes. When? Don’t know. Where? Don’t know. Why? See above. How? By a loving God who has seen His earth trampled afoot. Who should be concerned? Me, you.

In the midst of this knowledge, may God be praised, for he is perfect.

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6 Responses to Earthquake coming soon

  1. ProclaimingGodsTruth says:

    A time of unbelievable sorrow is coming to this nation (America) wrapped up in increasing wickedness and unrepentant sin. His remedial wrath has even manifested in recent extreme weather events. Few have paid much attention and even fewer are attending to His call. Complacency, compromise and tolerance plagues this nation, its people and so-called Christian churches.


  2. Tim Shey says:

    Excellent post; you are a very good writer. I am very grateful to the Lord that I discovered your blog.

    “Las Vegas Earthquake”

    “This is Sodom! This is Sodom!”


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