What color was Adam and Eve?

This was a recent question asked by a christian man, and the answers were quite revealing. Natural bias was called upon to defend a position, all wanting an edge in both knowing, as well as trying to prove a superior race.

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He was white of course. He was red of course. He was brown of course. He was orange of course.  He was black of course.

Yes, all opinions from they who have bibles in hand, yet coming up with opposing and contradictory views. He was ruddy complected,  see he obviously was white.

As the frauds of Identity say, ‘He was German and white, blond hair blue eyes,’ others ‘He was African and black,’  and the spiritual myopia is endless. But what does scripture say, and is there proof to combat the nonsense? My take is rather simple: God made man from the dust of the earth, and while yes, we read that adamah (earth) was reddish-brown, we learn no more as to the actual color, as God is infinitely wiser than man.

Keep in mind that Adam the first man had a very distinct and pure lifeline to God, not tainted by sin, so I would suggest it is possible that the first Adam was a color we have not seen. The white man as we see today, that European identity which is father to so many races, is NOT as God created, but is the result of years and years of breeding, cross breeding, all coming from FALLEN man.  Who could argue?

Ha, many would argue what color Adam was while doubting he ever lived. Of course the children of these unbelievers also question the color of Cain and Abel while dismissing them as fables as well. Truly mind-boggling.

Yes, the natural man wants a piece of the heritage of man, and tries to make an idol of color, but scripture is silent, and it would behoove all of us to take note of this silence. Yes, it was a Kodak moment, this first man created and to be sure, Adam was made in ‘living color,’ but I am content to wait until heaven before I see the negatives….. lest I open my mouth and show forth my foolishness.

Have you ever considered that perhaps Adam and his wife were of a color, one of a kind as it were, and somewhat foreign to humanity? Would this not be consistent with the wisdom of God?

We do know however that the last Adam was olive-skinned, as the man Christ Jesus was Jewish, of the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so in this known truth, there is a little room for interpretation without being dogmatic, and no good man would put asunder a friend based on such an intangible.

The silence of God here should be carefully weighed, for the devil only needs a morsel ere he makes a feast of prejudice.  Many opinions have been given regarding the color of Adam, some noted here, but usually the spirit in which the information is displayed, goes a long way in disproving the case.

As for me, I am certain of Adam’s color: I do not know.

But what I do know: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.  And they were both naked, the man and his wife (Eve the mother of all living,) and were not ashamed.

(Then there is the Euphrates river  😉

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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25 Responses to What color was Adam and Eve?

  1. Butch Dean says:

    If we needed to know, God would have told us. Like you, I do not know.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I’m glad you found the post agreeable.
      Not something that is talked about much, but still important.
      all the best.


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  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    I would suggest he was colorless, as most non-existent objects are often found to be.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      It is hard to imagine how you can go through life seeing darkness under every single rock. This single statement reveals a whole lot of self made cob webs. Your friends can’t help you arch, but there is One who can, and has.

      There was a hint at the importance between the first and the last Adam; you may want to look into that.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        It is hard to imagine how you can go through life seeing darkness under every single rock.” – The day I go through life seeing fairies under every rock, as some seem to do, just shoot me —

        There was a hint at the importance between the first and the last Adam; you may want to look into that.” – The non-existence of the first Adam would considerably lessen that importance I would imagine, so looking “into that” would be much like looking into an empty bucket for water.


    • Citizen Tom says:

      What is it with you guys? Can’t you even get your own story straight?

      If man evolved, then the first Adam and the first Eve were covered with fur. So no one saw the color of their skin.

      Adam and Eve were not colorless. It is eyes that refuse to see and ears that refuse to hear.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        With this insight regarding fur, one could almost say the question ‘what color was Adam and Eve?’ was far better then I imagined 😉

        Nice Tom and tkx for the reminder.

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  4. You know, I never really thought about what color Adam and Eve were and if I did, you have now put that quandary to rest with a very good answer—as I always like to say, I am but the created, not the Creator—and therefore there is much that I do not know, nor will I know as I was not nor will I be privy to such in this life—–But what I do know, is that Jesus was indeed a middle eastern jew whose complexion was typical of middle eastern individuals we see today with most likely dark coarse hair and olive skin tones–not like the images we’ve grown so accustomed to here in the west of a Europeanesque blue eyed fair skinned light brown haired image depicted in much of Western art since the time of the Renaissance–
    A marvelous observation Colorstorm nick—hugs on this decisively grey Sunday 🙂
    jewels of the cookies

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  5. Tim Shey says:

    From what I have heard about genetics and what I have read, I believe Adam and Eve had brown skin.

    Here is a good article you might like to read:


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    • ColorStorm says:

      We do know that brown is a combination of the three primary colors: red, yellow, blue; I would only suggest further that Adam and Eve were ‘different’ being the first, and their offspring came with all kinds of changes (sin ya know), but hey, that’s just an opinion.

      On a color palette, there are all all kinds of possibilities, none of which without seeing the original, would be safe to asssume with the utmost dogmatism.


  6. sage_brush says:

    The best, scholarly work I have read on this subject – “The Puzzle of Ancient Man,” by Dr. Donald Chittick. Simply fascinating. It is available as a pdf download, I believe. You will not need to wonder after reading it.


    • ColorStorm says:

      What ever it is sage, I’m sure many would differ, for equally good reasons.

      After all, God’s ways can’t be confined to a petrie dish. 😉


  7. Oh, good question ColorStorm. Adam was obviously the color of dust. That does present a problem however, because dust comes in many colors.

    I prefer the tropical kind called Maul Red Dirt because if you mix it with oil it makes your skin smooth and glowing and than you can lay out in the tropical trade winds and watch the palm trees sway……wait, what was the question again? 😉

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  8. ColorStorm says:

    Well done!

    Doncha love saying ‘I don’t know’ in full confidence, and losing nothing of faith?

    But you may have a marketing gem there, ‘oil of pomegranates,’ aka ‘Eden delight.’
    Just remember us little people when Avon comes knocking 😉


  9. Planting Potatoes says:

    arguing or debating what color Adam and Eve were – is like debating what kind of tree was used to crucify Jesus – right? 🙂


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