Do not focus on bloggers (Obama)

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection an...

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 With an air of smugness regarding his no compromise position on negotiating, and the recent Democrat win by raising the debt ceiling, the president reminds his choir that others with views unlike his own should be dismissed as irrelevant. Hmmm.

This would be an attack on Joseph Farah from WND, an assault on the brilliant Joel Pollock from Breitbart, and an order to dismiss the quick-witted Michele Malkin.

Does this resemble sound presidential advice? The United States is under attack not from terrorists across the seas, but from opposition within.

Clinton said recently that ‘conflict’ is good for policy, because it demands clarity, yet his friend in high places said to ignore those who disagree. Well, does he think differing opinions are useless, and have no place in his regime? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, for why paint bloggers in a disparaging manner unless to draw attention to their stone age reasoning?

I’ll offer a reason or two as to ‘why’ bloggers are lesser men and woman: They cannot be controlled and their content cannot be edited. The main stream media (msm) is instructed to use certain words, talking points as it were, to carry the water for an administration that is nothing short of wreckless. Bloggers opinions are considered extreme, but they are usually correct, and show a reverence for God, family, and country.

It is true that there are many who promote same-sex marriage, but while they have freedom to push an idea or agenda, they make absolutely no sense, yet the president and friends show their hypocrisy by treating these kin as godlike. Example? Oh yeah. Bill Maher is a blogger, he just chooses not to use a pen, but his influence is as good as ink.

He thinks Christians are fools, he would call Ms. Malkin a dinosaur of thought, and if you believed there was an ark that housed man and animal, Maher would cite you for being brain-dead. Maher is one of Obama’s spokesmen, while the common blogger is not.

Mr. Obama must hate that which he cannot control, and the unpredictability of the unknown must be a thorn in his side.  The everyday blogger cannot be bought, and nothing can be ordered as the headline.  Obamacare is not supported by the bloggers, and this has a great effect on public opinion. The free press of Blogsville has been a huge reason why there has been only a handful of folks signing up for the alleged ‘great care’ of socialized medicine.

People are afraid that the government would now have access to the most sensitive details of a life, trading freedom for a promised and false security, and the president has a huge block of folks who carry influence via the web. He knows the power of social media, for God’s sake without Twitter and his ‘free phones,’ he would be working someplace else. But in his own words, the media is only valuable if it agrees with him, and this should be the clarion call of alert.

I do not care if people agree with me, as a matter of fact I will stand alone against a thousand if a doctrine of God is challenged, and any good man should feel likewise. This is where a president has opportunity to prove his mettle, to stand apart, not to be tyrant like, but to leave people alone with different opinions. The only threat that bloggers pose is an attack on insecurity.

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