Israel and the church

Icon of James the Just, whose judgment was ado...

Icon of James the Just, whose judgment was adopted in the Apostolic Decree of Acts 15:19-29, c. 50 AD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There has long been the teaching, that since the Jews for the most part do not believe, God has changed His mind and given the promises that were once theirs, to a new people, ie, the church.

This was prevalent thousands of years ago, whereby a council of the ‘learned,’ with James leading the way, spoke clearly about God’s promises and the ‘tabernacle of David,’ which said he, was simply fallen.

This teaching of replacement has gained traction because man’s opinions have become stronger than God’s word.

Running a close second is not paying attention to the details of scripture. For instance, when the Lord stood before Pilate, he uttered something that is lost upon an ear that is not listening: ‘My kingdom is not of this world….NOW my kingdom is not from hence.’

Yes, this agrees with the words of the prophets that there will be a kingdom,  yet not NOW. Is it any wonder that the apostles, after being instructed for 40 days from the Old Testament after the Lord’s resurrection asked:

‘Lord, is it at THIS TIME you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?’  A perfectly legitimate question based on the promises of God and this recent bible study of 40 days, but the Lord had another charge for them. ‘It is not for you to know the times or seasons,’ and this is an important distinction to note.

They were not abraded for this question, nor they scolded because ‘Israel is now the church.’ The Lord knows what is written in the scriptures, and He leads his own gently along; kind of like a shepherd.

To state that Israel is the church, is to argue with God. ‘Make no offense, to the Jew, to the Gentile, nor to the church of God,’ said Paul. To rightly divide the word of truth, one must know what these divisions are.

God’s promises are not yes and no, but Yeah and Amen. What is ironic, is that the churches position is higher being attached to the Head in heaven, than the earthly position in the ‘regeneration when the son of man sits upon the throne of HIS glory.’

-Christ is not NOW seated upon His throne
-He is seated at the right hand of the Father
-David’s throne is physical and literal
-Christ WILL sit upon the throne of His glory from Jerusalem (Matthew 19.28; Luke 1,32; Acts 1.6; Acts 15; Isaiah 9, Zechariah 14, etc etc)

To wrongly divide the word of truth, one must apply spiritual gymnastics and be sort of a thief; maybe unintentional, but still stealing that which is not rightful.

The very first words of the New Testament identify the Christ of God with Abraham’s physical seed, thus marking clearly that David’s son is also David’s Lord.

The rejection of the Messiah was no surprise; ‘Sit thou, on my right hand, UNTIL thy enemies be made thy footstool.’ This UNTIL was preached by ALL the apostles, and confirms all the promises to Israel, without touching God’s wisdom in calling out another people for his name.

I am in no position to chastise any who disagrees, disbelieves, does not understand, but I am confident if a babe in Christ hears what is true, there is a clear sound in the mind and heart as to knowing what is right. Are these matters for salvation? Of course not, scholarship is not a requirement for life, but it speaks to what kind of people we are.

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