The comet Ison

Hubble snaps icy Comet ISON

Hubble snaps icy Comet ISON (Photo credit: Hubble Space Telescope / ESA)

(This is a reprint from a post made re. the video of this comet on WND)

As was stated in the vid, there are indeed heavenly signs. I would not agree however that folks need ‘look’ for them as help with faith. ‘There will be’ signs above, true enough, but the life of faith needs no confirmation from the spectacular.

I would kindly submit, the greatest prophet born of women, ‘did no miracle.’ Do we understand this? The baptist was not a man who wore soft clothing, he desired no recognition, and he lived a solitary life, but his appreciation of the son of God, and his own estimation of himself, awarded him the highest of accolades.

The word of God is confirmation enough; true, there were wonders in the days of the apostles, UNTIL the scriptures were completed. We see the hand of God in gathering Israel, and there will be tremendous signs involved there, but God’s word is settled in heaven, and needs no help to make it credible.

Remember, an evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign. On the other hand, if looking to the sky helps point a person to the word of God, I’m glad for that.

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