Pontius Pilate’s question part 2

A recent post titled ‘Pontius Pilate’s question’ @ this site addressed a concern or two; if the subject would have been Gaga, Cryus, the World Series, hockey, the Olympics, the board would have been lit up. But the question still begs an answer.

It is with remarkable sadness that this meeting occurred; this particular evening pitting a leader with a nobody. The leader? Pilate, and the nobody was Christ of course. ‘He took upon Himself no reputation,’ says the apostle, and the reputation given was one of bias, prejudice, ignorance, unbelief, absurdity, stupidity, arrogance, and every other false picture of the only truly ‘fit’ man who graced the dust of the earth.

I very much respect this question asked by Pontius Pilate: What is truth? for contained in these three words is man’s utter despair, ruin, and self pontificating foolishness, and proof of this is the Lord’s very silence. Yet the silence is not without volume, for the word ‘guilty’ is broadcasted with a clear trumpet, for man does not want to hear the correct answer to Pilates excellent question.

Yes, a good question, a very good question, and an excellent question for the ages. One cannot read scripture and gain the Spirit’s guidance, unless an appeal is made to truth. Sure, folks read the Word like it’s a playground or battlefield, and truth need not be friend for a venue like this, but to buy the truth and sell it not, well now, that’s a horse of a different color.

In the last post, the many facets of Pilates question were met with deafness, yet the lack of words does not mean an answer was not given. Pilate’s hands were tied as it were, he found no fault in ‘this man,’ yet, he could not allow mob rule. Pilate was pivotal in the death of Christ to say the least, yet, no more guilty than you or I.  What is truth?

It was heaven’s will that ‘without shedding of blood would be no remission,’ and the Son of God and son of Mary would not bring an offering, but be the offering Himself. He who is the Truth, would satisfy God’s righteous and holy wrath against a world stained in sin, and the Lord knew Pilate’s ears and heart were a bit cold as to this revelation. What is truth?

Do you recall Pilates wife saying she suffered many things in a dream because of ‘this man?’ Oh how God’s work reaches the most unusual of places, and the renowned phrase ‘Ecce de homo!’ is a covert opinion by Pontius Pilate that the world has never seen a man like this; yes, ‘Behold the man!’

So why not wash your hands of the matter? Again, a seemingly innocuous moment etched forever in the pages of scripture. Yet literature, law, science, morality, spirituality, theology, all have their part in witnessing the washing of the hands.

The next time you wash your hands, literally, think upon Pilate, and this question: what is truth? and perhaps ye who are like-minded will taste and see that the Lord is good, and others, well, you may wait for a more convenient season.

But the question remains: what is truth?

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2 Responses to Pontius Pilate’s question part 2

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Next time I wash my hand I’m going to ask the question what is Truth. Of course, we know who is the Way, the Truth and the Life: Jesus Christ our Savior.


    • thenakedtruth2 says:

      The longer the water runs, the greater the blessing or the greater the ‘savor of death.’

      In Pilate’s case, I’m picturing a man washing ‘clean’ hands; but you are big time spot on as far as Who is the truth; wouldn’t it be great to have a word and life so good that people say ‘he is a truthful person…’


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