Isn’t Mary worthy of worship?

(First post in a series of five)

Worship is generally an act of devotion  directed towards a deity. Worship is specifically prostration before God. In the context of our question: Is Mary queen of heaven, and worthy of worship, you need only to decide if scripture is sufficient for your guide.

You may wonder, and please do, why pray tell is there a dove at the outset of this topic. Do consider who the dove alit on. We need never fear truth, and we certainly do not want to diminish Mary’s favor, while at the same time, we should not want to be guilty of lavish or misdirected praise.

There are two schools which have done damage to her character: One which has ignored her rightful place in the plan of God, and the other which has elevated her to Godhood. I wish to do neither, but simply present her as God desires.)

Some dance around this seemingly fine-print, but if we are to get to the truth of the matter, here and now I ask you: Does she receive homage, is this homage justifiable, and if she were aware of this worship, what would she do with it?

Lest I be accused of blasphemy, let’s consider what has traditionally been laid at Mary’s feet.

  1. Mary takes petitions to God.

  2. Mary instructed the apostles.

  3. Mary was sinless.

  4. Mary was assumed into heaven.

  5. Mary wears the twelve stars.

  6. Mary is/was the mother of God.

If we are to gain insight and ‘instruction in righteousness’ as the good book suggests, then our appeal must be to this very book, and this source alone, for we are exhorted that in it, contains ALL that pertains to life and godliness. What else is there that is more noble?

Mary was no doubt the right woman for the time; her Jewish heritage and sound upbringing in the faith were certainly known to God, yet, she had her lot in life with all mankind as a child of Adam, in which the Lord as well as Paul said: ‘there are none good, no not any.’

This ‘goodness’ was not a moral good, for many are that, even an atheist can be good in this respect, but the word ‘good’ as used in doctrine, is whether or not a man or woman is sinless, and of course the answer is  no, only God is good.

Jael in the book of Judges was a woman who drove a spike through the temple of a man killing him, and listen to the recording of her worth: ‘Blessed be Jael ABOVE ALL WOMEN.’ Fast forward to the prayer granted toward Mary: ‘Blessed art thou AMONG WOMEN, and blessed be the fruit of thy womb Jesus.’

Please address the honesty of your heart if you have never heard this, and consider the ramifications. A woman killed a man, and was given the highest of accolades by God; another woman utters the Magnificat, and we are simply told she is blessed among women, and this was an opinion confirmed by the high church.

I would not disagree that Mary was blessed among women, and I would also not disagree that ‘all generations would call her blessed.’ Yet, being a blessed person, and a person worthy of homage are two separate things.

Mary sang praise and said: ‘thy handmaiden awaits thy instructions,’ (I use liberty here) and she also said, and note carefully: ‘My soul doth rejoice in God my Saviour.’ The angel told Mary that her son would be great, and that the Lord God would give unto him the throne of his father David.’

Great? Indeed. Still today this greatness is hidden. David’s throne? Currently unoccupied, but it will be, and Mary’s promise will be fulfilled. She awaits the culmination of God’s will as do all believers. She cannot add nor take away God’s timetable.

Did you notice what many do not, that she admitted her need for a Saviour. Sounds like a wise and spiritual woman.


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10 Responses to Isn’t Mary worthy of worship?

  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Looking forward to the continuation of this series. I think she must be respected but to worship her is another matter.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I suppose a book could be written, but at the very least it is a point, contentious or not, that we need to look at.

      I do not want to ‘hurt’ anybody, yet above all God and His word must be honored. Tkx for your support, and stay tuned…


  2. Yet again you take on that which most avoid. Cudos. Here is some grist for the proverbial mill.

    Mary. Humankind is not called to worship her or any other creature of God. For it is only God that one ‘must’ worship. Yet…consider being pregnant for a moment and knowing the whole time that it is JESUS in your very body. You put your hand on your lower belly and you realize there is Jesus. Literally. Our Lord. Savior of the World. King of the Most High. How could one be chosen by God to be the physical vessel for God and not be of some unique stature? Then there is the role of parenting God once the birth pangs have ended. How does one properly parent the child Jesus? Hmm…methinks Mary was a very special, remarkable soul created by God to serve Him and humanity in an amazing, singular manner. This would suggest her having a significant role in the whole design of salvation history. If this sounds too spectacular, we need only reflect on the influence, good or bad, that our own mothers have had on our expressed natures. The role of mother is frankly huge. Why would Jesus be any different if in fact he was the One God-Man?

    If Jesus lived today and you hung out with him…how would you choose to address and treat His mom should you have the opportunity to meet her? Would you worship her? Would you impulsively hug her and thank her for all she did for Jesus and ultimately for us as well? Would you be curious and thrilled to sit next to her and ask her all sorts of questions about Jesus and what He was like as a little boy? Or as others might suggest, would you simply shake her hand and move on down the cocktail line?

    My apologies for such ramblings. May your future exploration on this topic be fruitful. My respect always for your courage and candor.


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    • ColorStorm says:

      Hi Cindy-
      Indeed an explosive ‘doctrine,’ but God’s word is sufficient to carry the day. You bring to the table needed ‘color,’ and the perspective that is important that hopefully will be developed in successive posts.

      ‘Move on down the cocktail line,’ they who may do this in spirit would never admit in principle, yet could be guilty of casting aspersion on a very good woman. The subject is far reaching, and hopefully a little justice may be served.

      ‘The ‘fruit’ of her womb as you imply, and as we explore, will bring responses from far and wide. Trustfully, God will be honored, and Mary seen in the correct light.

      Please ‘ramble’ any time. All the best


  3. Citizen Tom says:

    I was raised as a Catholic. Catholics tend to be criticized for worshiping Mary and using the saints for intercession. We were not taught to worship Mary. We were taught to use the saints, Mary included, for intercession.

    Is what Catholics do mistaken? Well, I think the practice of canonizing saints is dubious. We are not suppose to judge each other. I also think it unnecessary to use the saints for intercession. However, even if a devout believer thinks they are going through a saint, I think Jesus listens to their prayers.

    In practice, Mary and the other canonized saints serve Catholics as role models. Other Christian churches also hold up role models (When we appoint someone as a role model, don’t we in effect “canonized” them?); Catholics have just formalized the process to an extreme degree.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx for the attention, and I am glad you mentioned the word extreme. Knowing that we have a world-wide audience, perhaps my words can find better soil in other parts of the world where the ‘extreme’ has replaced Christ.

      Like you, being raised catholic was a blessing because of the emphasis on discipline. I doubt many would argue that kids of 50 years ago had better handwriting, comprehension, and all around better skills, etc.

      I spoke Latin for 8 years, and still refer to it; your words could have been written by my mother, and she was Christian as they come. This is a delicate topic, and important, for some know not the way of salvation; they only know the ‘creed.’

      As to judging, yep, that is God’s business; you and I are called to preach the word. I do think though Paul addressed some of this when he spoke of Diana and the Ephesians, for the whole city ‘went after her.’ Not much changes even today. He presented the more excellent way, and we share in that call.


  4. Planting Potatoes says:

    I agree with you Jack. I was taught that no one, whether they are a saint or not, could intercede for us accept Jesus, and that is what I believe now. Although, we may, and should, pray with and for each other while on earth, as God commanded, but I just have not seen that we can ask for intercession from anyone but Jesus in the bible. If I have missed something in God’s word otherwise, could you show me? Good read.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Maybe the better angle should be ‘why’ would a person want to take their petitions to anybody other than the Lord. who else could possibly have this care?

      But no, it appears you haven’t missed anything. Tkx.


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