The greatest question ever

Now that I have your interest, I trust I will have your undivided attention.


Questions are asked to gather information, some are asked to embarrass, they are asked to prove someone, they are asked to isolate an issue, they are asked by the curious, they are asked by the proud and the arrogant, they are asked by the profane, they are asked by the scholar, the painter, the writer, the janitor, the president, the 3 year old boy, the prophet, the priest, the king, in short, all mankind participates in the questioning of things and life.

A person without questions is a fool. Questions prove a healthy mind, albeit some have nefarious intentions with their questions.

When God asks a question however, my spiritual antennae is on high alert. The very first question recorded in the existence of man came from God Himself: ‘Adam, where are you?’ A fair question, but not one asked because God did not know where Adam was.

Adam was hiding as it were, the fellowship with God was broken, as that great gulf SIN was eternally set. ‘Adam, where are you, in relation to me?’ Indeed an excellent question, as all questions from God are probing to the joints and marrow. His questions go to places where there is no hiding.

So too, a friend once wrote, we all share in Adam’s blight, for ‘we all hid our faces as it were.’ Yes, a true indictment on the history of the human heart, for run we may, but we cannot hide. Where are you?’ God’s question etched in time, but more importantly like a bee sting, that brings an instant recognition of something unusual.

Bee stings are temporary and soon forgotten, but God’s stinging questions linger and linger, and well they should.

There is a wonderful question that has had little attention by way of the depth of the answer, and once more this question was asked by God Himself.

The Lord was always about His fathers’ business, unlike myself. The Lord always did those things which pleased His father, unlike myself. The Lord’s meat was to do the will of his father and finish His work, unlike myself. The Lord’s daily bread was the word of God, unlike myself. The Lord forgave without a cause, unlike myself. The Lord was master of silence, unlike myself.

The Lord knew perfectly how to answer the sinner, the proud, the religious,  and the fool, unlike myself. He was and is the perfect man, unlike myself.

It therefore is in this context that His question is extremely significant, with the question and the answer having monumental and everlasting worth.

When the Lord Jesus offered up Himself as a sacrifice for sin, being the only truly fit man who lived, and who had no blemish within or without, who as the Lamb of God would not only take away sin, but more importantly, get this: He was made sin, it was then and there that He asked THIS question: ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ Pause, reflect, and consider the ramification of this question, this question that is the most incriminating of the human race.

This question has its brother ‘Adam where art thou?’ for these two are impossibly yoked. Yes, the Lord asked this, NOT because he did not know, but even in death, his meat would be the word of God! Does this not bring weeping to your soul?

Why hast thou forsaken me, was a quotation from the Psalms, a reference that any godly Jew would know. And the answer to this puzzling question, as if asked by a man who deserved such a death, was that ‘God is holy, and cannot look upon sin,’ so God, turned away and this fellowship which was ever so sweet between father and son, was BROKEN.

Did we not say that He always did those things that pleased his father? Always? Yes, and in this divine paradox, God the father was pleased, but fellowship was snapped because of Adam’s sin, and God the son would now ask: ‘Father, where art thou?’  ‘You have forsaken me!’

Oh the depth of this question WHY? Oh the reasons why heaven was silent, why the earth quaked, why the veil of the temple was rent in two, why the whole earth was dark. He who knew no sin, was made sin… Ah yes, what depth this love of God toward sinners, toward you, toward me, and yes, He is so unlike myself.

Adam the criminal was lost in the fog of his sin and heard ‘where are you?’ The blameless son of God was stained with the sin of Adam’s posterity, and asked God: ‘where are you?’ WHY hast thou forsaken me? It will take an eternity to fathom this question.

I can think of no finer question to contemplate in its’ fullness, but I would only add: HOW does this magnificent question by the son of God  find you, naked or clothed?

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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7 Responses to The greatest question ever

  1. Ana says:

    Fools always speak but wise ones have more questions than answers. We have all been having moments where we wondering where is God in our lives, but i believe we people ask foolish questions sometimes, so God doesn’t respond to them. When God asked for Adam after him sinning, that’s the moment where i stop in Bible and reflect that God knows everything and we cannot hide from Him.
    Good post.


    • thenakedtruth2 says:

      tkx Ana, you always add value to my page. I agree with you 100 percent.
      I apreciate your faithfulness, fellowship, and support



  2. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Psalm 22. When I read the words I stopped in shock. This post explains.

    Why was reading Psalm 22 a big event, a milestone? When I first read Psalm 22, I realized how poorly I understood the Bible.

    Reading Psalm 22 helped to transform the Bible for me. Instead of just being an ancient book full of foolish, selfcontradictory folklore, I began to realize made no sense because I had not tried to understand it.

    The more I read, the more I began to grasp why the Bible was so important. The I read the more I appreciated Jesus’ sacrifice.

    Please read “The greatest question ever asked.” Then study Psalm 22. Consider how these words written so long ago foreshadowed the death of our Savior. Consider the price He paid for our sins.

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  3. Rob Barkman says:

    AMEN, Tom! I appreciate your comments about Psalms 22: and the need for all of us to understand what Christ has done on the cross for those He loved. Thanks for the posting Tom. It was a blessing.


  4. I have to tell you I am pleasantly surprised.

    I have to say. I am a little hesitant to read bloggers that show up unless on one of my other bloggers friends pages. This is a subject I love dearly. God. I love all your references. Also I have always thought of this after Adam, it is said that Enoch walked with God. Since we know that Adam walked with God and Enoch was born after the fall….this means it is possible to walk with God if Enoch did.

    I am fascinated by this fact and always have been. I’m not saying I’m a saint or anything like that but my goal has always been do walk with God if it is possible. Now if I could just get this flesh to cooperate. I love this.

    I never asked God Ever! A lot of people ask me why I never ask why about my daughter’s sick why her and such. I don’t get caught up in the why of things. This is just me though…Not to question or challenge you at all but I believe it is best to submit to his grace everyday and give our day to him and go from there. I used to strive and try so hard but now I don’t. I accept the grace and walk my goal is to finish my day the way I started it. I think I did just that today don’t you?

    I love my first visit and I will be back. I apologize for going on but I don’t get to talk about God much here on WP and He’s my favorite subject! LOVE this blog! Have a super duper night! 😀


    • thenakedtruth2 says:

      Apologize? For reading my post then commenting? You have paid the finest of compliments, as your time could be spent anywhere. Thank you.

      You made an astute observation re. Enoch, and that he walked with God AFTER that little issue called sin crept in. Yes, I agree God wants us to walk with Him, but once more you showed some insight by mentioning ‘flesh.’ Good observations by you.

      Tkx MM, it’s a small world, we will meet again.


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