About 2 months ago, someone asked: ‘what does ColorStorm mean ?’

(Paul Rubner – a whirlwind of color)

Blue, green, brown, red, the emptiness of black and the fullness of white; these are the obvious, yet there are colors unnoticed and rarely appreciated. And there are equally majestic storms. Then there is jasper, beryl and topaz…

Colors are the notes in music, colors are the sound of a babbling brook, colors are the appreciation of a perfect rainbow; color is seen from the heavens above to the earth beneath our feet; colors elate the heart of man and comfort the sorrowful.

Colors suit us in a way that nothing else can. I have met people who said they hate the color green, and I wonder how is this possible. However, we would be fools to judge a person based on their color preferences.

So ‘colors’ are a way of life and an outlook.  There is also safety in colors. I am fond of brown, I suppose the dirt under my feet smiles when I say this, for so few have a yen for brown. Yellow ocher is my favorite, for it is the color of the wheat-field and the armor of the lion. It is a strong and secure hue which speaks to beauty, endurance, pride without arrogance, harvest, and tradition. It is in my mind, the quintessential color of life.

The next time you visit with a friend, picture a color that they bring to your mind. Black would probably be an unusual choice, but again, I have known interesting people who appreciate the darker tones. I knew a deaf man who ‘heard’ wonderful things, for his hearing was of the soul, and he heard sounds that the well eared man could not. He enjoyed a colorful ear.

Understanding comes in many colors. I know beautiful music when I hear it, for it stirs emotions I never knew I had. The cadence and cascade of the brook is also a wondrous color of sound.

‘Dances without words’ was a concept enjoyed by Isadora Duncan, for she said, ‘if I could explain it, I wouldn’t be able to dance it.’   She knew her colors.

Try explaining the color blue to a blind person, yet, some of these ‘seeing wonders’ have vision that a man with 20-20 could never imagine. Colors go deep into the soul of a man.
All of us are passionate about something, mankind is colorful in general, others unique in particular; some carry that passion like a whirlwind, and others combine color with storms.

God is ultimately the master painter, and His sense of harmony drips through His world. The orb and the majestic bow in the clouds show colors far beyond the obvious, for His promises speak to colors that cannot be put into words.

When the man born blind ‘saw’ for the first time, his mind had to be readjusted to this thing called color. When the woman was forgiven of her adultery, she too saw colors of a different nature.

When the woman with an issue desired to ‘just touch His hem,’ she wanted to absorb the ‘blue,’ for that garment was in her mind nothing but royal.

When Peter, James and John saw the dazzling display of light above the sun, they saw a white that was so full it clouded their judgement. ‘Who is this man that speaks to the waves and they obey?’ Who is He who arrests the attention of nature?

Ironically, one of the finest colors, yet not seen as such, was the color of darkness. It was the grand colorstorm that suffocated all others, and it was on Golgotha’s hill where the light of the world was finally snuffed out.

Thank God, darkness is temporary, and once more a new day brings the return of color. Enjoy a new color, and share a thought with a friend. The conversation should be priceless. But the actual word ColorStorm itself, came from a painting I did for my sister, rendered in swirls of blue and related tones, named ‘ColorStorm at midnight.’


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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12 Responses to ColorStorm

  1. I like this, it’s lovely. In spite of all the different colors in the world, there are many that are not even visible to the human eye. That kind of boggles my brain, there are colors we have not yet seen.


    • ColorStorm says:

      I’m with you. Black and white is sooo passe. lol, just like our opinions too, not clear-cut.

      So our lives are palettes, and our brushes are all different. I’ll read a post or a comment, and consider what color comes to mind; kind of cool to stretch the brain.

      Can’t claim originality though, because ‘though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow,’ and ‘if these things be done in a green tree, what shall be done in a dry?’ But I dig colours, and I know u do too.


  2. GodGirl says:

    Awesome, fascinating post! I love the idea of matching colours to friends. I have never considered colour so much before reading this, but it’s good to remember that God is the master painter behind all that we see. His world is amazing…

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx very much for taking the time to read, consider, appreciate, and comment on the post.

      It was a little lengthly, but I agree with you, colors have a way about them, and God surely can paint.

      All the best, GG,


  3. Wonderful how you bring it back to the Master Artist. But of course you would.
    Green rejuvenates and cleanses. Greens (as food) cleanse the liver and blood. Black in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the color of water. There is a rhyme and reason for every color He created.

    Actually, you bring to mind an old post:

    If it interests. =)

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Interesting about black and water, did not know that, thanks. Appreciate your consideration of this post.

      Always struck me as strange how most Amish ‘shun’ colors from the fabric of their lives, calling it vain. Hmmm.

      Yes, I looked at your link, (tkx) and will ponder it further before I shoot a comment- lol
      All the best to you Diana.


      • Comment there’s not necessary or obligatory, J. =) As for the Amish, well…many religious sects have, over the milennia, shunned what is beautiful and celebratory, regarding them worldly. Sad. Christians of all people can and should enjoy our Father’s world.


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