Itching ears are here again (Jesus was married)

From the Blaze- 

(with ColorStorm’s opinion below)

A document uncovered inside of the British Library in London, England, is said to hold monumental secrets about Jesus’ life, including the claim that he was married to Mary Magdalene and that they had two children together.

The manuscript, which was translated by York University professor Barrie Wilson and writer Simcha Jacobovic, is said to be 1,500 years old and to have been written in Aramaic, according to the Independent.

Wilson and Jacobovic have penned a new book outlining these purported secrets called “The Lost Gospel,” which promises to take readers “on an unparalleled historical adventure through a paradigm shifting manuscript.”

The authors claim that this so-called “lost gospel” gives credence to past theories that Jesus was married and that he had a family during his earthly ministry — tidbits of information that are found nowhere in historical or New Testament scripture.

“There is now written evidence that Jesus was married to Mary the Magdalene and that they had children together. … Gathering dust in the British Library is a document that takes us into the missing years of Jesus’s life,” the book reads in part. “According to the document that we uncovered, sometime during this period he became engaged, got married, had sexual relations, and produced children.”

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ColorStorm’s rebuttal

Here it comes, the next New York Times best seller. Gag.

All of a sudden, people will jump on board to support a view that is contrary to scripture, while never looking into the original book itself to see where this idea could possibly come from. The bible will be popular once more as used to promote its demise!

Some say of course he was married, after all, He was the groom at the wedding of Cana of Galilee. Hmmm.  Same say no big deal, married or not, He still is Saviour. Again I say Hmmmm. Does it matter, and is it a big deal?

Marriage is good and honorable who can deny, but the Lord being married would pretty much make himself a liar and therefore an unfit Saviour. Ah, yes, how clever. Isn’t this the plan all along, to make the word of God of no effect?

Thank God we have the scriptures to combat one more attack on the word of God and the person, work, and worth of Christ. 

Remember that eventful day when the devil took the Lord to a high mountain and challenged His Lordship by quoting scripture? Took some courage to mouth half-truths as he tried to isolate scripture against scripture.

He is an adversary, and he has become quite crafty at manipulating scripture to suit his end.  Here once more, we see his tentacles reaching back in the library of time, and utilizing manuscripts to cast aspersion on the written word and the living word. 

The funny papers are proof of the truthfulness of scripture, they are proof that Christ lived, they are proof that in any age the word of God is attacked, denied, and mocked, and they are proof that there is a devil.

‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.’

‘These are enemies of the cross of Christ.’

‘Speaking lies in hypocrisy’

‘Speaking perverse things.’

‘Having their conscience seared with a hot iron.’

‘Who is able to bring Christ down from above?’

‘Foaming out their own shame.’

‘From such, turn away.’

He was the word made flesh, for  TIME. To suggest that the Lord while sinless, had children with a daughter of Eve, would be according to His own definition of marriage: ‘The two shall become one,’ and ‘one flesh.’ and as such, would fall under the umbrella of Adam’s sin, and therefore make Him a sinner. Perish the thought.

Did not the Lord say of himself ‘I and my Father are one?’

 Would their children be then, ahem, children of God in the literal sense? This idea gets worse and worse the more you consider it. A seemingly innocuous suggestion becomes the headline news of the day.

Scripture is silent as to this idea of the Lord being married to the Magdalene, and men do not have the liberty to suggest such a thing. There is this thing called ‘adding to the word of God,’ with obvious warnings and dire consequences.

I apologize for this flippancy here, but you have the matter of the paperwork and the courthouse…and all the disastrous ramifications.

‘Name and address.’ ‘Sign here.’  ‘Who is your father?’  ‘Mother?’ ‘blood type?’  ‘Make a will.’ ‘Till death do you part…’

Certainly the Lord had a fondness for women unlike any man, but geez, He was/is the Lord of glory, He whose name is Wonderful.

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6 Responses to Itching ears are here again (Jesus was married)

  1. Good post.

    Christ showed a great love for women. It just jumps out at you in all those stories, the woman at the well, the adulteress about the be stoned, His own mother, Mary Magdalene, the women with the issue of blood, the woman with the perfume…Over and over again we see evidence of Christ’s great love for women, but it’s the kind of love that you only see in men when the ahem, sexual component is absent. You catch a glimpse of it in fathers, brothers, firemen, soldiers, that sacrificial love that comes through when there is no potential partnership at play. What can I say, the dynamic of romantic love is simply different then any other. Christ never relates to any of those women as “women,” but rather as people, as daughters. I find it to be extremely doubtful He was ever married or ever even perceived women in that way, because it’s not reflected in His behavior towards them.

    LOL, I feel a bit bad for Mary Magdalene. She’s been knocked around a bit over the years, labeled a prostitute, perceived as a great church leader who got edited out of the story by diabolical forces, and now an attempt is being made to pass her off as the secret wife of Christ. I wish we’d just leave the poor woman alone, she was awesome just the way she was 😉

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Tkx for this.

      Good observation about the perception of romantic love. That same element I suppose was seen when the leper was touched. He certainly perceived this love.

      This will become a big story in the next few weeks I think; you will see TV interviews, radio commentary, and there will be many new converts to the age of enlightenment!

      But to your hope that they will leave the poor woman alone: probably not.

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  2. Hi! Lately I just try to leave all of this kind of thing in the Lord’s hands, because without this wisdom you would be crying or angry a lot. You wrote: “Isn’t this the plan all along, to make the word of God of no effect?” This is true!

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    • Colorstorm says:

      I’m with ya M-

      Guess I just like to think that putting a cork in the dam could serve a purpose.

      You never know, a stranger may come along and see the uselessness of the cork 😉

      That’s why the picture of the body is perfect; we all serve different uses, yea?

      I can’t do what you do, and u probably would not want my meager job….. all the best to you,

      tkx for your valued support

      (have u heard about this before?)

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      • Hi! – keep doing what you’re doing. Some people need a Biblical resource to counter what’s been “discovered”.
        Recently another site I subscribe to provided a link to an article about a discovery made about an ancient dinky fragment that the author says may show the Lord was married because of the use in it of the term “my wife.” This article was written by a pro-active Muslim (I checked). At the end of the article (and given brief notice), the opinion of another scholar was given. He said that this fragment seems to be part of the so-called Gospel of Thomas – Gnostic.
        People need to know the whole story and you are giving them what they need, exposing lies through reasoning from the Word of God.
        Lord bless you!

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        • Colorstorm says:

          ‘Exposing lies through reasoning from the Word of God.’

          THAT is strong, thank u M-
          I suppose we all do that to a degree, even if we do not think so.

          Interesting though huh, how the attacks are always on the scriptures. You never hear of the ‘defects’ of the false gods.

          And did u ever notice whose name is called upon when a man smashes his finger with a hammer? It’s not ‘Oh dammit Allah….’ Even the wrath of man praises God 😉

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