A simple question



       the heavens above,


         the fulness of the earth below,

          are not proof of a Creator,

          then WHAT could the atheist possibly demand

         to satiate  his curiosity,

         and to finally admit:

         There is a God?

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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14 Responses to A simple question

  1. If a god exists, especially a described like the god of Abraham is described, then that god already knows what I want to satisfy my curiosity. That you were so easily swayed or convinced is not a failing on my part but a weakness on your part. That the god is either unable to or refuses to show me that which would convince me is not a failing on my part but on the part of the god. The believers in the god of Abraham are fond of saying that their god has a master plan – demanding that I believe the dogma is the same thing as saying that you do not have faith in your god’s plan, just as prayer does this. Your simple question is one that should never need be asked if you live your life as you claim and to the full understanding of your beliefs and how they play out. Oh, that’s right, your god demands that you do his work for him and on penalty of death and eternal torture. What a lovely guy he is.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx my life-

      Yes, I agree with you, ‘He knows what you want to satisfy your curiosity.’

      And He has given the proof already. But you are saying here that He has NOT GIVEN enough; He has NOT SAID enough, and He has NOT DONE enough. Hmmm.

      Before a world wide audience, you are saying that God has come up short in revealing Himself to you……….A double hmmm. I must have it backwards then; you see I thought that MAN comes up short.

      You must be pretty special then, yes?

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      • Actually, I think you missed it. He hasn’t give the proof already. He hasn’t given any proof that I can see and the fact that you are convinced already says nothing about your god.

        I’m not saying that your god has come up short, I’m actually that there is no evidence for which to believe in your god. You can think all you want. The evidence is against you on this.

        I’m absolutely special, one of a kind. On the other hand, your god is not special. There were hundreds like him before and during his active period. His story looks very much like the stories of other gods that were worshipped long before he was. The only thing special about your god is that people still believe in him. Other than that he’s no better than Mithra or Osiris etc.

        You telling me that he has given proof already means that you have no clue what I need to satisfy my curiosity. Acting like that curiosity is nothing or simply similar to your own is an insult to me. Remember, I’m special.

        Don’t go there. If Thomas was given extra proof then I too am deserving of it. The god of Christianity did not tell Thomas to look around and nature, he did not tell his disciples to look around at nature… no, the story says he gave them living proof. I am no less deserving than they are. Neither are you, but you settled for so much less – a conman’s tale.


        • ColorStorm says:


          Please tell us what Proof you require,

          cause u got me puzzled.

          It sounds like you are saying the ‘god’ of Thomas is no different than the gods of Tire and rubber, but you may want a visit from this god….

          Because the Lord and God of John, James, Martha, Paul, Thomas, well, now, this is a different discussion.

          By the way, Thomas and friends did not need to be told to ‘look around,’ as they saw a man calm a raging sea with a word…. ‘be still…’ as the threatening waves instantly became a sea of glass.

          Nature takes heed to its Creator.


        • ColorStorm, as I started out saying, if a god exists it knows what I require. It’s not for you to know. You CANNOT do the work of your god for him. Thomas and others required their proof, I am no less special than they were.

          When you tell me to look around at nature I’m insulted. If there is proof for your god then I’m entitled to the same proof as anyone in your stories.

          I accept none of your arguments about your god’s creation or what life is due to your god unless and until your god has the courtesy to show me what I need to satisfy my curiosity. Don’t even try to tell me that I don’t deserve it for if he looks after even the sparrows of the field then he has time to do what I need to believe. It’s not your job to convince me and nothing you can do will.

          If you want me to be convinced, then spend your days on your knees asking your god to change his plans to suit your desires because he certainly has not shown desire to convince me yet. Go on, say your prayers, show me what your belief is true, force your god to do what I need to be convinced. I dare you.


        • ColorStorm says:


          Don’t you think it may be a good idea to first convince your self ‘there is a God,’ before you start asking this God to just show up for you?

          In other words, the wrong one may appear, after all, you said your self, there ‘are many.’ just sayin

          And oh, at the top of this post are some indicators who the true God is-

          unless of course you know another god or another way who:

          -creates light-
          -makes boundaries for the oceans
          -keeps the moon, stars, and sun in perpetuity
          -sends rain
          -suspends a rainbow

          Not even to mention the new creations in the hearts of men.


    • ==Don’t you think it may be a good idea to first convince your self ‘there is a God,’ before you start asking this God to just show up for you?==

      Let’s talk about how wrong this is. What you’re saying is that I have to believe in your god before I can doubt your god. This is the kind of logic you would not accept for anything else in your life but you choose to use it here because it somehow makes sense when your god is involved. My statements were always prefaced with ‘if there is a god…’ My experiences which lead me to conclude there is no god are the kind where that god was unable to meet the minor requirements that I think necessary before believing in something. He also failed to meet the requirements necessary for my devotion and loyalty.

      To your other point, no gods have appeared. Not one. Not even a bad one. They are all false as far as I can tell. Every last one of them. Remember that Hindus don’t believe in your satan nor do they fear him. He is just as much a myth as your god called God.

      Because you believe there is a god does not mean that there has to be a god. You could be absolutely wrong. More than half the world’s population think you are wrong, many of them convinced that you’re not only wrong but going to hell. If you wanted to convince someone that there is a god I’d think you would start with the people that want to believe in a god. If your evidence was truly compelling and true there would be only one religion. Clearly that is not true. Even the people that want to believe think that you are wrong. They demonstrate this by not participating in your religion.

      The natural wonders are not evidence of a god. I don’t expect you to accept this because you are most probably not familiar with the science behind understanding these wonders. That leaves you open and ripe for superstitions that are older than modern humans. I can only say that this is the 21st century and someday you may join up with the rest of us in this forward thinking time. Your words tell me that you’re living in the bronze age or further back. We gave up on those superstitions long ago. We don’t use the blood of a bird to cure leprosy, nor animal sacrifice to appease gods. Scape goats and blood sacrifice never actually worked and it’s time to stop believing that they did. The sacrifice of a man-god cannot absolve you of what your god cannot forgive you of. Think about that for a minute.


      • ColorStorm says:

        Sorry @mylife

        You got me puzzled.

        You say there is no evidence?

        You say there is no proof?

        You say the proof given to Thomas was fraudulent, yet you seek that proof for yourself.

        You say there is no evidence of a God in the heavens and the earth.

        There is a post here that concerns ‘the moon of promise.’ It may shed further proof for you.

        If you are seeking what is True, He is not far from you.

        Here is a question for you: How do you dispose of your sins properly?

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Good Question Colorstorm and I’ll be watching to see how this conversation goes

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  3. When all the things of heaven and Earth aren’t enough, all the things of God, there’s nothing left …. except the things not of God.

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