Say hi to Phil Keaggy

May I introduce you to Phil Keaggy.

To those who may not know, Phil comes from a colorful past; success with the band Glass Harp, contracts with Decca, and as an opening act for many great names,  he rose to fame for his electric guitar prowess.

Lo and behold, he became a believer, and while keeping the home fires burning,  he has been playing with a greater passion and never ending zeal, as he has since been a major blessing across the world.

Former Amboy Dukes Ted Nugent, upon hearing of Keaggy’s new direction, said, ‘I don’t know what happened to Phil; he could have saved the world with his guitar.’ Well what happened? Phil gave his gifts to the Lord to be used for His glory.

He jammed with Paul McCartney after playing at a wedding for Paul’s sister-in-law,  (his version of the Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’ is not too shabby) and it has been said  Jimi Hendrix was asked how it feels to be the greatest guitar player in the world, to which he replied: ‘I don’t know, you will have to ask Phil Keaggy.’ (Again, I do not know if this is true)

Some have said Phil is one of the greatest acoustic players ever; that’s a tall order, but for a man who is missing a finger, well, his music speaks for itself. Whether you choose to watch his vid, or listen via tab, either way will ‘find’ you, and you will appreciate a David like man, with a heart full of God’s goodness and willing to communicate the love of God through music.

(Also, there are countless vids of him,  other tremendous songs, and watching his progression of age, style, talent and grace is way cool)



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6 Responses to Say hi to Phil Keaggy

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Good ole Ted Nugent lol. Not suprised he said that. Pretty fair guitar player himself. ..used to love some Stranglehold…back in the day. But good new direction here. Think Ted was mistaken about who could save the world too.

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  2. zgypsy says:

    The early “Jesus Freak” movement turned out some great musicians and prolific writers…Second Chapter of Acts, Parable, Petra, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, Michael Omartian, Honeytree, and of course Phil Keaggy. As with most music of the 60’s-70’s, music was quality and lyrics were important and meaningful…they had a purpose.

    In my youth…I saw Phil live, several times, and his God given abilities are quite mesmerizing. He played a couple of the “Jesus Fests”, I think Jesus 73 and Jesus 77 if memory serves me correctly. But…alas…I date myself.

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  3. ColorStorm says:


    Concur wholeheartedly


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