Just another rainbow

I’ve mentioned it before that there is hardly a sight that can be compared to the grandeur and genuiusness of the rainbow spanning the earth.

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Try to recall the first time you witnessed such a sight, and the instant ‘wow factor’ that captured your attention. I’m guessing there was an immediate smile and ‘can’t look away,’ while at the same time caring less for the laboratory results as to How the thing stays together in such an unbelieveable and perfect arc.

Didja catch that word unbelievable? Not the overindulged usage of an ‘unbelievable’ basketball shot, or an ‘unbelievable’ manuever by a motocross rider, no, something so spectacular as water running uphill, that the rainbow can correctly be viewed and appreciated as ‘unbelievable’ truly, and one that stands alone.

In speaking of color, some look at a rainbow and say ‘ho- hum,’ as if magnificence can ever be boring or common. And folks say there is no proof of God……what the heck do ya want, a personal letter with your name that says: ‘open your darn eyes for goodness sakes?’

The rainbow. The arc of universal excellence and glory of nature, that completely leaves out man as the designer or the one who could take credit for such awe. To see the orb of a rainbow and have thoughts that are not toward a creator is truly ‘unbelievable.’

A  man snaps a photo and the image resides hidden; latent beauty to be revealed, known to exist of course by faith, but we do not give God the same courtesy. The rainbow is not a freak accident, but a perfectly designed display by He who lends the rain, that men may see and have no excuse; that every mouth may be stopped in reverential consideration of One high above in every deserving way.

‘I do set my bow in the clouds.’ Such marvellous simplicity that quiets the accusations of the sceptics.

It is HIS bow. Can we not allow God to smile without stealing his honor?

Must we prevent Him from attending to His earth? Must we always make Him sit in the ‘back,’ unseen, unwelcome, and one to be considered as homeless or in rags? Mankind has a habit of despising that which is excellent…

The rainbow. Unassuming majesty on display that whispers ‘draw nigh.’ God does not force Himself on the mind and heart.  He is. The rainbow is HIS. Man did not build that! Man takes no credit for something so eternally fantastic. It is not in the heart of man to guarantee the perpetuity of the earth and its seasons by a bow in the sky.

Man cannot dream what only God can promise. God finished his creatorial work, and said it was very good, and I dare say there is not a person alive that would not agree that the sight of a rainbow is  ‘very good.’ Who could find fault with a rainbow? Who can see such a halo and not think of eternity?  That’s right, none. Some may not believe, but one cannot avoid ‘thinking’ about He who is.

Yea yea, there may be a few that see the bow only through black clouds of doubt or science, but so what. God did not present His bow for the purpose of satisfying meteorologists. HIS bow is a reminder of HIS oath, while at the same time speaking of His grace in a world gone sideways.

Of course some would argue, but have ya read the news lately? Men want to be women, women want to change race, a kid can’t sell five cent lemonade to men working in sweltering heat without federal regulations; universal decadence, dictators plotting further usurpations, professional political liars looking for promotions, banks plotting for monopolies; utility, oil, and communication companies planning their next hikes; murderers, thieves and rapists lining the jails, and the plain old heart of man practicing corruption and every vile imagination of the heart.

Need more proof? There are always blogs that tighten the noose of man’s arrogance…. Hence the importance of the rainbow. In a world away from God, there is stability in knowing He is surprised by nothing. The vain schemes and the perpetual daily insolence does not catch Him off guard, and He still ‘sets His bow in the clouds.’

He is faultless, blameless, and perfect in every way. When someone TRIES to put God on trial, as humorous as that is, it is always, it is always from a place of unbelieving pride, which presents man as being wiser than the creator. Sounds familiar, as they worshiped and served the creature………….

But in the midst of this crazy place called earth, among the pitfalls of humanity, in the center of daily affliction, there is that perfect peace to be had, by they who have ‘eyes stayed’ on He who owns the promises. Where one sees darkness, another sees light. where one sees black, another sees white. Where one sees nothing, another sees all things.

And where one sees nothing but vapor, ho- humness, and accidental or purposeless molecules forming color while suspended, another sees round about the throne and the water of life.

The rainbow! All hail to the maestro of life.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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19 Responses to Just another rainbow

  1. I really like this, “And where one sees nothing but vapor, ho- humness…” Some people simply do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. In love and romance for example, some people will see a beautiful bouquet as a token of affection and love, while others will scoff at the price and the fact that someone has delivered them cut flowers about to wither and die. The nature of the flowers has not changed at all, nor has their intent, but those who have hard hearts can only perceive them one way. Those who have soft hearts could receive a bundle of wilting dandelions and see the sweetness behind the gift.

    There is a time of course, to be level headed and sober minded, but look at the rainbow and the moon and the stars and tell me that God is not right there making His presence known and calling us to Him. Unassuming majesty, indeed.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Gotta love those wilted dandelions………..almost as much as the ‘withered crops…………..’ 😉 😉

      Perspective is a mighty thing to have eh insanitybytes22. Tkx for bringing yours to this table . Great food.

      Years ago, my daughter brought me a small gift, then plopped herself on my lap.

      In her little mind, I was the world to her, and she showed it by thinking of me with a wrapped treasure; yet, in another way, she herself was the gift by her mere sitting on the lap of her dad.

      There is a whole lotta empty laps today…………as we do not value presents and presence, and not giving God His due for a simple rainbow is almost insulting.

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  2. archaeopteryx1 says:

    And folks say there is no proof of God……what the heck do ya want, a personal letter with your name that says: ‘open your darn eyes for goodness sakes?’” – Yes, please —


  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    When white sunlight hits a collection of raindrops at a fairly low angle, you can see the component colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – a rainbow. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll only look at red and violet, the colors of light on the ends of the visible light spectrum.

    The diagram below shows what happens when the sunlight hits one individual raindrop.

    When the white light passes from air into the drop of water, the component colors of light slow down to different speeds depending on their frequency. The violet light bends at a relatively sharp angle when it enters the raindrop. At the right-hand side of the drop, some of the light passes back out into the air, and the rest is reflected backward. Some of the reflected light passes out of the left side of the drop, bending as it moves into the air again.

    In this way, each individual raindrop disperses white sunlight into its component colors. So why do we see wide bands of color, as if different rainy areas were dispersing a different single color? Because we only see one color from each raindrop. You can see how this works in the diagram below.

    When raindrop A disperses light, only the red light exits at the correct angle to travel to the observer’s eyes. The other colored beams exit at a lower angle, so the observer doesn’t see them. The sunlight will hit all the surrounding raindrops in the same way, so they will all bounce red light onto the observer.

    Raindrop B is much lower in the sky, so it doesn’t bounce red light to the observer. At its height, the violet light exits at the correct angle to travel to the observer’s eye. All the drops surrounding raindrop B bounce light in the same way. The raindrops in between A and B all bounce different colors of light to the observer, so the observer sees the full color spectrum. If you were up above the rain, you would see the rainbow as a full circle, because the light would bounce back from all around you. On the ground, we see the arc of the rainbow that is visible above the horizon.

    Sometimes you see a double rainbow – a sharp rainbow with a fainter rainbow on top of it. The fainter rainbow is produced in the same way as the sharper rainbow, but instead of the light reflecting once inside the raindrop, it’s reflected twice. As a result of this double reflection, the light exits the raindrop at a different angle, so we see it higher up. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the colors in the second rainbow are in the reverse order of the primary rainbow.

    And that’s really all there is to rainbows. Light and water happen to combine in just the right way to paint a beautiful natural picture.


    • ColorStorm says:

      To defend a rainbow as if it were a mere accident, then add:
      ‘Light and water happen to combine in just the right way to paint a beautiful natural picture.’

      Yep. Uh huh, just so happens. Light. Water. No big deal.

      A man may as well give credit to himself for the design of the rainbow than to give homage to the Creator for the light and water………..

      Some people worship science and nature, meanwhile they deny the Creator of the tree that allows paper for the textbook. Rainbows have a way of quietly bringing out the insolence of man.

      To God alone be the glory. (Hope you are proud of yourself arch in trying to prove a science teacher has the drop on the Creator)

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      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        (Hope you are proud of yourself arch in trying to prove a science teacher has the drop on the Creator)

        I am QUITE proud, not of myself, but of the Human race, that it has broken its chains of superstitious ignorance, set aside the catch-all cause – “goddidit!” – investigated the actual causes of a rainbow, and determined it not to have any supernatural origin (which certainly does not detract from its beauty) – of that, I will gladly admit.

        BTW, the two images in my illustration above, should have been in reverse order – mea culpa.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Yep, man is rather quite industrious, and certainly creative in using things on and in this earth to learn and grow. This is where we part company though. You are content staying at the train station of unbelief, where you dismiss the rest of the journey and say ‘no’ to the offer by the conductor…………….

          If only:
          You could see beyond what is seen to He who created the brain-
          You could see beyond He who designed the eye.
          You could see Him who holds all things together by His word.
          You could see………….

          Perhaps in time, you will taste and see, that the Lord is good 😉


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          You could see beyond what is seen to He who created the brain” – I’m rather inclined to the contrary – the brain created him, and Zeus, and Marduk, and Ra, and Ahura-Mazda, and….


        • ColorStorm says:

          Arch (insert a few sighs here)
          Same old story since time began.

          This statement confirms the arrogance (remember the meebots) of the natural man in wanting to supplant what is true and good, with that which is false and not so good………

          Also, it is pointless to address your gods as if answering gives them relevance, so please send them elsewhere.


      • Tricia says:

        You gotta give him some credit I guess CS for trying! 😉 Explaining how something comes in to existence scientifically, does nothing towards discounting God, who is always the why.

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  4. Oh how I love looking for the rainbows after the storms—those literal curving arches of brilliance swept across the sky from the brush of the Master Creator. . .just as much as I search for the more intrinsic rays of light which burst through the darkness of those more trying stormy moments of life. . .
    And I was going to say that there are many an unbeliever who would indeed appreciate a personalized hand addressed letter of invitation—as we have actually seen here stated rather succinctly from Arch—and I will commiserate somewhat with Arch for a moment if I may. . .as I often times have wanted something similar. . .as I have been known to rile at my Father in Heaven, lost in my current grief or suffering, pleading for His presence to fill my vision as He races toward me, enfolding me in His warm and tight embrace. Does He, the God of Heaven not see the suffering heart of one who so desperately wants to feel, needs to feel, His embrace, His hand brushing the tears from my cheeks?–
    Just as the parent does who races to a child’s bedside to sweep away the bad dream with a tight embrace and the soothing words of “hush, it’s alright now, Daddy is here. . .”
    When suddenly, the calm fills the rage, the stillness quiets the anger. . .the fear subsides, the tears dry. . .
    Abba—which translates best to “Daddy” actually, is so very real for me.
    Not my earthly dad as that has been dysfunctional at best. . .but rather a Heavenly Father. . .
    A loving Father who sees, hears, knows and understands—who whispers in my ear—“I know beloved, there, there, not much longer, it will all be OK. . . .”
    I do not see HIm physically nor do I feel His arms actually wrap around me—but He and they are there…He knows of those moments of frustration when alone and afraid I cry out into the empty darkness—He hears, He knows and He IS there–maybe not as I would like or even at times demand, yet nonetheless, He is there.
    And yes His love letter to the world is to found in His Son, Jesus Christ—
    And yes, I understand that there are those who won’t call that a letter just as there those who will simply wave that all away as emotional mumbo jumbo—
    But I suppose all that matters is that I know the peace that floods into my heart. . .after the storms rage in my life. . .just as the rainbows will continue to fill the sky. . .

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    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      @Julie – It has been only in the past century that women worked outside the home to any great extent. By far the majority stayed home and cared for their children, while their men – the fathers of those children – worked outside the home. Children of such fathers received far less attention from their fathers than from their mothers, and therefore the one kind of love/attention most scarce in the lives of both sexes of children, was that of a father. Those anonymous Bible writers really knew what they were doing when they invented a universal, all-loving one – it fills an empty niche in nearly everyone and makes a great recruiting tool.


  5. gliese2475 says:

    I just appreciate rainbows as a beautiful phenomenon. For me, they don’t prove anything – they happen because of the laws of physics. I am still filled with awe and wonder, mostly because in being aware of it, I am acutely alive and conscious. I am a sentient clump of cosmic dust, and that is enough for me.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Yep, they just happen; according to an intelligent mind that has a bit more knowledge of the way things work than we do.


  6. Tricia says:

    Beautiful picture at the beginning of your post to go along with your beautiful words, a very grand ending to my day. Thank you. 🙂


    • ColorStorm says:

      Yea trish, kinda hard not to like a rainbow eh!

      Never met a person that did not like them. God’s bow is there on full display, yet he doesn’t impose Himself.

      The subtleness is stellar. tkx

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