It sure ain’t roses

It’s amusing to hear people say they find the scriptures nothing but tales from the crypt. Hmm. A few minutes of the nightly news should make this short-sighted observation disappear.

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Not too long a few people rallied around the cry that the scriptures ONLY present God as a stern judge who punishes insurrection and all willful disobedience. Uh no, for the earth would be vacant of all tenants. God is much more tolerant of our ignorance of Him, and hardly desires to snuff out ant hills as quickly as a 3-year-old.

Additionally, a person who says ‘the scriptures only present God as one who offers heaven’ would be equally short-sighted.

The main reason people see only darkness in scripture: the heart is not clean. This is a fact that come hell or high water cannot be denied. It is always man setting the terms of God’s existence, character, or actions. Not too smart to sit in judgment of He who is the Highest.

A man visited a friend who lived next to a sewage plant for 25 years. He asked him: ‘How can you tolerate this smell?’ To which he received this astute reply: ‘what smell?’

In the context of darkness and the human heart, there is an obvious and overt ignorance that can only be seen when brought to the light of day. Owls are not comfortable in daylight, and the bluebird finds darkness unwelcoming, as they are completely ignorant of a life foreign to them.

It wasn’t so much that the neighbor to the sewage plant denied the odor, no; he was simply oblivious to it because of his conditioning through the years. His context for something purer was gone; he became immune to the noxious fumes which were daily to him, but deadly to his visiting friend. He became accustomed to the darkness. In his mind he buried the reality of sin. Of course, as sin isn’t pretty, and it smells..

And this is pretty much why unbelievers find offense with scripture and truth. The darkness and unbelief of the heart of man rebels against the light of day, and finds fault when the visitor mentions the odor.  ‘There is no foul smell,’ says the neighbor when he is within a few feet of the sewage plant.

The fool says in his heart, ‘there is no God,’ but this statement does not make the stench non-existent. It puts a cloak on it; it hides it; it covers it up.

What is the scent of a lie? What is the odor of pride? What is the smell of theft?  What is the sinking aroma of unbelief?   Well, it’s not sandalwood that’s for sure.

Broaden the housing acreage around the sewage plant. Install playgrounds, erect buildings and restaurants, schools, hospitals, banks, and all fine things mind you, but as good as the intentions, the obvious still cannot be masked. It can be avoided or ignored, and even forgotten about by moments of pleasure, but in the still of the night, the sewage is churning, and the waft of that decrepid film finds its way to the home and heart of all neighbors.

Yes, ALL neighbors, and the only way out of Smellsville is by taking a detour through the heart. The heart needs purified, not the sewage plant.

So the man of God says: ‘Create in me a clean heart,’ for he knew the odor of his very deeds and thoughts were not what one would call a sweet savour.

The child of two holding the candy bar behind his back, with lips dripping of chocolate was asked: ‘did you take the candy bar?’ And without nary a soul teaching him the skill of lying, he immediately says: ‘Who me? nope.’

Junior really thought his hands were clean, and that his answer would not find him out. This is how adults are with God. We hide things in our unclean hands and make excuses for our defects, as if they are harmless or meaningless.  Uh, God sees that we hold the truth in unrighteousness behind our backs, while our lips drip with excuses. There is no place to hide from His piercing scrutiny of holiness,  justice, and truth.

But we err when we ask for God’s justice. No, I do not want justice, for if (since) God be true, the scales will tip against all men. Give us, give me something far better, as the ear of God is quick to hear the cry of ‘God be merciful to me a sinner.’  Grace is far more appealing than justice.

With this honest plea, we ask and receive the great tabula rosa, yes the clean slate, to the glory of God and the welfare of ourselves. Daylight is wonderful by the way, for that great truth detector the nose, knows. Ah yes, the smell after a rain, or that tiny lily of the valley, an apple pie in the oven, all speak to the unseen goodness of God.

Remember the woman with the very costly perfume? The true fragrance was wafting from a sanctified heart, and of course, rather pleasing to God.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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15 Responses to It sure ain’t roses

  1. a grand analogy CS—as it does indeed boil down to man bringing God down from his place of omnipotence and of being GOD to our nice neat box for Him—the one where we place those things we just can’t readily explain away or answer easily—we compartmentalize God and use the thoughts and reasoning of the created while trying to “dumb down” God as it were—as our own egos of rationale and understanding work to dismantle the Creator–can’t be done but try we do….
    Man has no words for the Divine and we have long forgotten that the Divine is just that—Divine and beyond us—we don’t want to ever admit that anything is “beyond us” or greater than—but that’s just what He is and we will never get Him that nice neat box in order to put up on the shelf, out of the way, until that is, a catastrophe hits, leaving us dumbfounded and lost and then we scramble to the shelf in order to look for the box…..
    May we all yearn to have a relationship with our Creator…

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    That needs remembering, jewels, that the Divine is just that, Divine and beyond us. Yet, we remember too………..the Word was made flesh………….such is the majesty of the Highest.

    Happy holidays friend.

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  3. Well said. 😉
    “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place.”

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Gotta love those words of weight from God to Paul to us, that holds the truths that belong to us:

      knowledge…………any of which when developed would fill libraries 😉

      And against the idea of our sewage plant…………nice;

      For what it’s worth, I believe we all have our share of visitors from such places, but thank God there is that triumph thing.

      Timely scripture, ms bytes, tkx for that.

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    Yet you have no problem telling your children that Sinclair Lewis wrote Arrowsmith, using the same rules of facts and logic.

    I cannot fathom a mind that selectively picks and chooses what reality to believe, based on what the post here addresses: the state of the union as found in the heart.:

    You refuse to admit, to your shame, the simple veracity of scripture; but hey, its your choice.

    (And send your endless links of ‘proofs’ that the scriptures are ‘inadequate’ to your friends places, or, at your own site. Now there’s a thought.)

    (And while I’m here, happy holidays to you also)

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Well then find your own source that describes perfectly mans origin, purpose, and destiny.

      All in one place, imagine that.It’s a heart condition I tell ya, and also the nose doesn’t lie..


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Well then find your own source that describes perfectly mans origin, purpose, and destiny.

        I have – humankind evolved from other, more primative primates, it has only the purpose in life that each of us brings to it, and our destiny will be the result of our collective actions, but at no point in time will it involve life after death or a supernatural being.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Sorry fella, you have not gone to the source, just as the ‘source’ of the eggs is not on the supermarket shelves.

          You are merely borrowing. You are that shopper. You have not recognized man’s origin, purpose, and destiny.

          Apart from the Creator, you can never win an argument.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          Apart from the Creator, you can never win an argument.” – As there IS no ‘creator,’ clearly I win by default.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Apparently you never read the post. (or the last comment.)

          The girl’s face says it all to your comment, as you will run out of words and wear out your tongue trying to refute the obvious.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          The girl’s face says it all to your comment” – I just assumed that was the typical response to your writing style —


        • ColorStorm says:

          It took you this long to finally come up with something half way decent?


  5. Peter says:

    My friend I have true story from some years past you might like:

    The Red Sweater
    In the 1960’s at a Keswick convention, Alan Redpath told the story of a wonderful Christian man he had come to know. This man and his wife were both illiterate. The man was converted at a Salvation Army outdoor meeting. He came home elated and told his wife of his changed life.
    The next day he went to the Salvation Army Holiness meeting. He came despondent and his wife asked him why. He told her, everyone else at the meeting had a red sweater, I did not and felt out of place. She said, that is OK dear I can knit you one, which she did.

    He went to the next meeting proudly wearing his new red sweater, but when he came home was again despondent. His wife asked why, ‘everyone else has white letters on their sweaters, mine is plain’. Neither he nor his wife could read, this challenge seemed too much. Then she spotted a workman painting a sign on the shop across the road. She thought to herself, I will copy out what that workman paints.

    The man went to the next meeting very happy with the white lettering now added to his red sweater, but neither him nor his wife knew what the lettering said.
    When he came back from the meeting, he was beaming, his wife asked why. ‘Everyone said my sweater had the best wording ever.’

    So what had his wife knitted onto the sweater. The words ‘Under New Management.’ Which reflects our Christian life under our Lord and Saviour.


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