It’s a tradition of mastery

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  1. I really like this. It speaks well to the idea of civilization, of our higher selves. The Masters came into existence because people believed in something they couldn’t really see, it was just a vision once. The world really is a bit messy and people not always so attractive… let’s play a good game of golf. God really is the perfect gentleman, so steadfast and kind, and always calling us to our higher selves.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yes, there is an intangible in this Event that is hard to ignore. Spring! Life! Excellence in sport.

      Seems I have heard that idea about God being a gentleman; some things are worth saying over and over, there and here. 😉

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  2. As a Georgia girl, this post is right up my alley—as my daughter-n-law made and brought over last evening our share of her Master’s Pimento cheese—Kentucky has its juleps and the Derby, we in Georgia (not to mention the world of golf) have our pimento cheese and the Masters—
    and your observations and analogy of the game resembling the beautiful seasonal, constant and every steady flow of the Creator—lovely and spot on–

    Rarely in other sports do we witness the sense of decorum and civility as seen in golf. The rules of attire and dress, the rules of respect within the crowds (albeit it stretching a bit with the now rather loud and raucous shouts of “in the hole” once the swing is taken) and as you so note, the players checking themselves—the score keeping, the stroke counting…yes there has been fudging and actual cheating.

    There has been those less than stellar moments of anger and frustrations as clubs have been broken or slung…there has been poor behavior away from the links, the proverbial field of play…but it is always hoped and expected that the old and ancient game can coax back the civility found deep within each player… such is indeed a part of the game itself.

    There are those CS who will cry a bit foul of Augusta’s Master as being chauvinistic and even racist. As it is a man’s club, and a traditionally white men’s club at that. Yet that is changing. And the question of change being good or bad can certainly be debated.
    It is exclusive, it always has been and people have been known to offer up their first born in order to procure a coveted ticket to simply watch a day of play….

    But I have no qualms or problems with such because as you so eloquently offer that an analogy of life—that our Sovereign God and Creator who is steadfast and consistent… He is the ultimate gentleman’s gentleman…
    It is in Him that the betterment of mankind may be found—much like the betterment of spectators and players being found in a game of golf…

    For someone like Phil or Sergio to win would be nice—but my money is one the younger ones of the lot—Day or Fowler..or who knows, like a boy named Bubba, who shot up out of obscurity, as well as a Speith, someone new my take home the green this year as a new generation of fans will have a new star to follow….

    As the Master Creator’s Hand will be lavished upon the viewing world with the colorful sea of blooms and blossoms…
    Play on….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Hey j, can I encourage you to make this comment a post? Strike while the iron is hot.

      Some good stuff here. But that guy who shouts ‘in the hole’ after a tee shot on a 600 yd par 5………..grrrrrr. I swear it’s the same guy!!!

      Btw, many of your observations here crossed paths w- ms bytes too, great stuff by the ladies here.

      Can’t forget bout Georgia peaches either eh. Tkx much.

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    I am going to try, to try, to try real hard, to NOT answer you further on this thread. Reading your point of view causes mental anguish, and I actually fell sorry for a person who thinks LIFE is a grand accident having no purpose.

    You take an otherwise half way decent post, (based on the opinion of others who have read the same thing as you) and take it off the cliff.

    5 sighs.

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    Rooting for ole Tom Watson!

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  5. Salvageable says:

    Yes, and bread is caused by a mixture of flour, milk, egg, and yeast, left to sit for a while so the yeast eats some sugar and belches out bubbles, then put in a hot oven until the heat has changed the texture. How silly that anyone would give credit to the baker when obviously science shows how all these things happen on their own. J.

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