Those are some bad wages

There is an old saying that at the end of the game the king and the pawn go back in the same box. I like this a lot. Apparently a chess idea, that while things appear different, they are so very much alike. Death cares not for status, wealth, opinion, fame, nor feelings. Death is brutal. Death is the ultimate act of honesty.

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Death, that great equalizer! for which unbelief has no answer. Earth receives her king, and pawn, not caring what goes deep into the real estate known as dirt.  Dirt is so impartial to he whose time has come. Unto dust shalt thou return, and oh how we cling to this dirt while we swear God is not. Not too smart.

But none can escape the payment due from those wages we earned, simply by our membership in the human race. That is the fact of life. Ah but there was One who paid those wages, as my account reads ‘insufficient funds.’ But why? What is wrong with the wages we earned?

Nothing. Everything. If God is out of the argument, then ‘nothing’ is wrong. Ah, but if the Creator is allowed into His own world, then ‘everything’ is wrong, but all can be made right. And this is the ultimate law of return that speaks to the grace of God: the Judge of all the earth will do right. He can do nothing less, as He knows perfectly the thoughts and intents of our hearts.

An account was told regarding a Russian guard on night duty who had fallen into disrepair, and was contemplating ending his life with a bullet. Making notes on a scrap paper of all his ‘burdens and bad deeds,’ which cost him family, health, peace of mind, and insurmountable financial problems, he fell asleep with the bottle and handgun while at his desk, but not before he scribbled a question: ‘who can forgive such a great debt?’  A fine question.

Every so so often Czar Nicholas would make his rounds, inspecting this and that, when he ran across a helpless commoner asleep, and picked up the paper. He knew what could have easily transpired next, and felt pity for the workman. He reached in his pocket and answered the mans plea with one word: ‘Nicholas!’

Upon waking, the despondent soldier saw the writing, and put two and two together. He knew he could have been fired for negligence while on duty, but wondered if it could possibly be true. Who could forgive so great debt? Yes, Nicholas could, but is this true?

He sought out the czar, and asked if in fact, this was his handwriting; of course it was, and of course the czar kept his word, and had delivered payment in full for all the mans needs. Need I say here was now a new man as it were.

So it is, you and I have earned wages of a different sort. We are not aware of the egregious nature of character defects; we wink at sin and excuse our deceit as if it were a couple of playful otters in the water. We have joked about the origin, nature, and destiny of sin. We have not contemplated entirely this strange thing aka death.

But there is One greater than Nicholas; yea rather, there is One by whom holds all things together because  His word is good. Contrast the goodness of God against the wages of sin. Gifts are wonderful things; they come unexpected, they bring delight, and the heart of the giver is revealed, for WHY should we be on the receiving end of that which is completely undeserved?

Ah yes, and therein is the essence of the gospel narrative: for while we were enemies………Christ died for the ungodly. Thanks be to God for this unspeakable gift. And oh, btw, if you have any doubt that man is ungodly, just think about the men who said the boy should have been shot dead instead of the gorilla in the zoo……..just think about the bastard killers who bomb people on their way to work on a bus…….just think of the ease in which people lie, steal, and defame good people; just observe the beastiality by men and women…… just consider the character assassination of believers by people who cite them as brain dead………but no, no sin here eh……….open your eyes to see the sad state of affairs in the hearts of men.

And consider Nicholas who could forgive great debt, but better still, consider He who has also justified the wages of Nickolas. He is able and quite worthy.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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18 Responses to Those are some bad wages

  1. we are on the same page this week I see 🙂
    I do love that expression… that both King and pawn go into the same box…
    no one being is any better or greater than anyone else on this planet…yet we always tend to think otherwise—and truly, there is one far Greater than the Czar—or the president, or the queen….we understand don’t we my friend….
    just lovely CS

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  2. Oh, amen! Ransomed, redeemed, bought and paid for, I love that. That’s enough to put an extra skip in your step no matter how gloomy things look.

    Great story about the Russian guard, I hadn’t heard that before.

    Death is the great equalizer and it spares no one, unless of course a chariot shows up, which has been known to happen, but I think it’s a far better plan to grab a hold of that Hand that reaches out for us. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      And the value of your ransom ms bytes is in proportion to WHO did the buying…………and at WHAT price…..

      So yeah, quite valuable….precious even………;)

      Tkx for the reminder of the pearl of great price. And I have long enjoyed the telling of the czar’s compassion on a lost soul…….

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  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    That Russian story sounds fabricated – a guard, asleep on duty, especially in Russia, would have been tried, found guilty of dereliction of duty, and shot. Sorry, but it sounds a bit like the old Reverend Mason Locke Weems, who fabricated the story, in 1800, of Little George Washington and his hatchet, that stayed in American history books as a true story until the mid 1950’s – it was a complete lie, contrived by a minister, intended to teach little children to always tell the truth.

    Death is the ultimate act of honesty.” – That makes no sense.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Seriously arch, you can’t find redeeming qualities in this account. Because you never heard it, it is therefore not true. Hmmm.

      Sounds like your gripe with God also; because you do not believe He exists, He therefore does not………..geez man, wake up.

      (ps. tkx for highlighting the most important sentence in this small essay regarding death and honesty. Oh yeah, it makes perfect sense.)


  4. theancients says:

    Wonderful post CS, I especially loved the Russian story, because it reminded me of another true story I heard on BBC radio some months ago.
    A young reporter was driving someone else’s car, had an accident and killed a father. She was quite remorseful and sought ways to atone for her negligence, but was offered no forgiveness, no redemption from the surviving family. They absolutely refused to speak with her. She became suicidal and for a long time her life spiraled downward until she sought help and has been in recovery for some time now.

    My bigger point and what’s on my mind is this. I watched a video posted by Peter yesterday, by a former pastor and seminary graduate who mockingly asked “Why does God require atonement for sin.”
    It was a sad and disappointing to see that someone, an adult could go through school and life and have no idea why atonement is necessary for forgiveness.

    That soldier was remorseful and repentant of his past deeds, sought redemption and was granted it.
    That young lady was remorseful and repentant of her past deeds, sought redemption and was denied it.
    Imagine a world where people are remorseful and repentant and there was no way for them to be redeemed 😦
    Thank God for Christ Jesus’ obedience and great love and sacrifice – that even those of us who don’t know why and do not believe that they need redemption still have access to it.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      You are correct I believe. Humans are wired to avail themselves of righting wrongs.

      Even the mother of all living………..and her husband availed themselves of skins to ‘cover up,’ thus began the idea of atonement, to ‘cover.’

      Not only does God cover, but He then shrouds us in His favour, and remembers iniquity no more.

      Yeah, like any human being could dream up this truth.

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      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Even the mother of all living………..and her husband availed themselves of skins to ‘cover up,’ thus began the idea of atonement, to ‘cover.’

        Obviously you haven’t spent a great deal of time studying the <a hrf=”’>Human Genome Project


        • ColorStorm says:

          Maybe you should spend more time considering the Maker of humans………

          Gee I wonder what you and your kin will do when the genome is found to be missing a key ingredient………..and calculations………..thus proving once more the reliability of scripture and the fidelity of the text.

          Perhaps you have not heard that the Creator never loses an argument with vessels aka dirt.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          Maybe you should spend more time considering the Maker of humans………” – You could only mean Darwinian evolution —


        • ColorStorm says:

          Darwin and Maker in the same sentence……………

          Now there’s a mental embarrassment for you.

          Even the hummingbird and bumblebee indicts evolution. Don’t be thou the perpetual fool. Here’s a message from Darwin today: God is….


  5. Tricia says:

    I have never heard that saying about the pawn and the king ending up int he same spot, but it’s so very true, no? And yes, death is the ultimate act of honesty as you say, and to deny this means you have not come to terms with the true nature as to who you are and who can redeem you.

    Really enjoyed this post CS. 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The older we get…….the more funerals we engage………we come to know even further that:

      The wages……..of sin……….is death……..

      True. Honest. Undeniable.

      Yet God knows all about it and us, and offers comfort that only He can give which puts wings on our hope because His word is good.

      Tkx for the visit trish and hope all is good with you since your move.

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      • Tricia says:

        Thanks CS. Still settling in but all is good. I have Internet access now so how could it not be? ;0

        Hope all is well in your neck of the woods as well.


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