Here’s more than cookiecrumbs. Love the contrast of the withered flower, this thing called ‘life,’ and the idea of not only surviving, but thriving in the face of adversity.

She ends with the thought of that buried remnant piece…….of the divine. Pop over and say hey to Julie.


“‎Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you.
Never excuse yourself.
Never pity yourself.
Be a hard master to yourself-and be lenient to everybody else.”

― Henry Ward Beecher

(a cut sunflower / Julie Cook / 2016)

Some of us are…

And some of us are not…


What is it that makes us resilient to this thing we call life?
That uncanny ability to hold up and even withstand the often excessive plummeting experienced throughout this journey of living?

For some of us it seems to be a hidden innate, hardwired mechanism comprised of moxie, hutzpah, determination and an odd aligning of the universe producing pure stupid luck.

It is the ability to go on and on despite the assault of physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual forces.

For so many of us, it is life’s cruel and unkind events that render us senseless, dropping…

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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12 Responses to Resilience

  1. ColorStorm—you are more than too kind…
    I greatly appreciate your sharing my thoughts—
    we all do have that remnant you know—it’s just a matter of tapping into it

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  2. KIA says:

    Beecher’s extra curricular activities would be shocking.
    “Beecher enjoyed the company of women, and rumors of extramarital affairs circulated as early as his Indiana days, when he was believed to have had an affair with a young member of his congregation.[49] In 1858, theBrooklyn Eagle wrote a story accusing him of an affair with another young church member who had later become a prostitute.[49] The wife of Beecher’s patron and editor, Henry Bowen, confessed on her deathbed to her husband of an affair with Beecher; Bowen concealed the incident during his lifetime.[50]

    Several members of Beecher’s circle reported that Beecher had had an affair with Edna Dean Proctor, an author with whom he was collaborating on a book of his sermons. The couple’s first encounter was the subject of dispute: Beecher reportedly told friends that it had been consensual, while Proctor reportedly told Henry Bowen that Beecher had raped her. Regardless of the initial circumstances, Beecher and Proctor allegedly then carried on their affair for more than a year.[51] According to historian Barry Werth, “it was standard gossip that ‘Beecher preaches to seven or eight of his mistresses every Sunday evening.'”[52]

    I guess the moral law of God only applies to the pews not the pulpit. -kia


    • ColorStorm says:

      If you were the recoveringknowitall, your tag would correctly read rkia; but the idea of kia (knowitall) is not lost on people who pay attention to such things. Now then.

      You must have instantly run to the googlemeister to see what kind of dirt you could dig to sully an otherwise good post by julie. Those of us who are aware of the possible deeds of men, as foretold and proven by scripture and history, (as well as you and I of course,) only strengthen the point of the post: Resilience.

      I suppose you would disregard David’s prayer to ‘create in me a clean heart oh God………..,’ as well as the scriptures which detail his fails, yet he was a man after God’s own heart. Some of us see the bigger picture, and while only a fool would approve of adultery, only a fool would say a man could not RECOVER and find grace. The idea of a flower full of life suggests this.

      Resilience. Sparks of the divine.


      • KIA says:

        Sorry, David wrote no such words. Neither does the ot portray anywhere near an accurate biography of his life. Might want to try other sources… Google perhaps. 😉
        Enjoy the day


        • ColorStorm says:

          Maybe a visit to the house of Julie may help you more; perhaps her blog site may be more agreeable to hosting your nonsense; maybe she will extend more grace.
          Maybe just maybe, the day may dawn. She is a fine person, go say hey.

          (Quite charming though how you can take a good post into the weeds.)


        • KIA says:

          I visited. It is a very nice place.


      • ColorStorm says:

        Rudeness? This is a joke right? You go by kia right? Kia means knowitall right?:

        And I am rude? Give me a break. Grow up as I said before, and stop making your flight from Christianity a badge of honor.

        Stop pretending that you are greater because you ‘see’ the delusions of believers.

        And good luck with a post that was born by julie’s great post


        • KIA says:

          Kia is my moniker, and it refers to three things.
          The car I drive
          Just PART of my blog name… actually, I’m a Recovering Know it All. But kia is a shorter moniker than RKIA and it sounds better.
          And thirdly, kia refers to my former faith. Killed In Action.
          But no, I’m not a Know It All… not anymore.


  3. because I found a quote regarding the enduring human spirit…by a person who apparently did not live a saintly life, does not lessen the intent of the words….
    My post has nothing to do with Beecher nor that of his life—but that I found his words regarding the fortitude of spirit to be worthy of thought, does not lessen its inclusion to the post….
    and my post has nothing to do with living a saintly life—far from it….
    there are many an individual, believer of Christianity or believer of a myriad of other thoughts and ideas, who have remained afloat during hardships when others long withered–that is the observation—that some hang on where others wither…and that I believe, as in just me, that there is something buried deep within each of us, which again is what I believe.. just me, that happens to be that piece of the Creator that is buried deep within each of the created…that’s all…nothing more…an observation…by me, that’s all….don’t make this something other than it is….

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  4. It’s an awesome post! Thanks for linking to it, Colorstorm. I liked the quote by Henry Ward Beecher very much. It’s sad that some miss the entire message of faith as evidenced in the comments. Some of God’s favorite people were once thieves, murderers, prostitutes. Seems to be some kind of human ailment 🙂

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