The dancing buddhapest

In the ever amusing merry-go-round of useless arguments, we see what I call the ‘fly dance’ rear its nasty head. The fly lands on your arm, and with lightning reflexes he says ‘ha ha, you missed me’ when you try to smack him, only to annoy and surface again and again.

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The little guy pretends to have an interest in spiritual things which is good, but is blind to truth when clearly presented, and does all kinds of gyrations to escape, and this is bad.

The little pest says that the Lord Jesus Christ did nothing useful or even new, as if it is a charge worth considering; as books and lives are a testament to the egregious shortsightedness of such nonsense, but of the thousands of things that disprove this devilish suggestion, many biblical accounts jump out that instantly swat this little fella, and place him into the land of lost causes.

It is said and I shamefully repeat: ‘Christ did nothing new or useful……….’ (May these words be smitten from this page!)

Really now? And what pray tell book are you reading, and who told you as much? This convincement cannot be gleaned from scripture if one is honest, and uninfluenced by the dark ideas of others. However, I can say that there is nothing original in the depravity of a sinful mind.

Now then. The Lord personally ushered in a NEW covenant, according to the scriptures, according to His own words, and according to His very acts. This covenant was personally sealed, and the future of Israel is secure because of this agreement, and the safety of all believers has the guarantee of heaven. God’s word is that good.

No man ever has secured earth’s future by virtue of His own blood. Nothing new here eh? Nothing original here eh? Nothing useful here eh? Yeah, and the sun is not useful either.

I am further reminded of the Lord’s spoken word to the raging sea: ‘Peace be still.’ And of course the sea became tranquil, a great calm as it were, so much so that the men who saw it said: ‘Who is this that even the winds and the seas obey him?’

Once more. New? Useful? Original? Yeah, happens all the time. Buddha quieted a tsunami.  Gandhi saved a group of men from drowning. And Mrs. Clinton can summon a rainbow at will. Are you paying attention? He SAID to the seas: Peace be still………..

Who commanded nature to obey? Instantly. Perfectly. Magnificently. Wonderfully. Yeah, happens all the time. I’ll ask again in case there are the deaf reading: What man calmed a storm with a word?

It’s easy of course if we believe the scriptural narrative, because no man spake like this man. His words had authority………..not as the scribes. But scripture is enough to the truly hungry, and knows without a shadow that the word can be trusted.

Then there is this, most important of all. Christ was MADE sin. Are you listening? He who knew no sin was MADE sin……..Yeah, like this happens everyday. There was no man qualified as such, being blemish free, to take the sting as the lamb of God. Totally unique. Totally new. Certainly useful. Amazingly original.

So, do tell of another man who was capable of putting away sin. And no dancing around this. Didn’t think so. And do not pretend to suggest than ‘sin’ is a fabrication because you will be revealed as a liar quicker than you can say ‘there is no God.’

There is nothing worse than a religious fly which leaps from person to person, hoping to be swatted with endless arguments which are designed to simply give legitimacy to a battle long been lost.  (Did you notice that the fly here is religious? The ones who gripe about scripture and God are the most religious, and cannot even admit to their own misdirected zeal)

The Lord did nothing new, original, or useful eh? Maybe you also believe that water is not wet. Take a clue from the capital of Hungary, and say adios to the little dancing pest. And by the way, stop swatting God, as your arms will fall off, and be thankful He is quite the Lord of Hosts. He is rather patient that way and no doubt long-suffering.

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(Scripture stands on its own as presenting man as he is, both the capstone of God’s creation, as well as the occasional miscreant. It also presents Christ as the answer to mans deepest need; this is evident and has been proved by time, and will be/is confirmed by the future. Scripture unfolds the glory of God and His word as forever settled. Only the stout of heart disagrees.)

For more of this most unusual discussion, (in that it is clear to the believer) see CT posts following the link below.


And if your stomach can tolerate scriptural acid, do have a look at the post/ and especially the comment thread at the link below, for that most wonderful illumination courtesy of the godless mind; and thankfully, peppered within are a few comments of truth and daylight. Then consider the word for the day: honesty, as in the blistering answer provided by the conscience..

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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12 Responses to The dancing buddhapest

  1. KIA says:

    You’re pretty adept at dancing when you should be answering too, Mr Pot


    • ColorStorm says:

      No mike, I know the difference between genuine interest and veiled traps. I’ve seen the circus before. Yet here you are, avoiding the very post which clearly demonstrates the utter absurdity of the gripes which claim Christ was no body special.

      Sleight of hand is not very appealing to people who actually engage the God given brain. And no, I do not need to explain to you what is obvious, so don’t ask for proof of God………

      It’s in the book ya know………(now go make a post about how you are mistreated, and how believers are ignorant and blind) 😉

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  2. Jesus did something totally unique, yet spread that unique action far and wide through time and space:

    Jesus revealed God to all of mankind, and then gave Himself to each and every human being who was willing to listen, learn and then do.

    The atheist will never understand that.

    Possibly because he can’t. But most definitely because he doesn’t want to.

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    • sage_brush says:

      Indeed – willingly ignorant.

      2 Peter 3:4-5

      4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

      5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Have to agree with ya SoM.

    Unfortunately, atheists are not sole owners of all that is ungodly. We have tree and cow worshipers, the beheading monsters of that false god, the entertainment and Wall Street gods, heck, they are a dime a dozen.

    But your last line. Yep, he ‘will not,’ it’s not that he can’t, but that he will not.


    • Storm,

      In my mind, “ungodly” includes everything that is not Christian.

      The Jihadist is as Godless as the witch or the Hindu or the worshipper of coin (referred to as “tax collector” in the Good Book) or those beguiled by physical beauty (referred to as “harlot” in the Good Book.

      After living the past decades in a multicultural, non-Christian America, the difference between the Godly and the atheist has become clear to me.

      If Christians continue to be blind and not see America as a heathen land in critical need of missionary zeal, than Western Civilization could be lost forever.

      Personally, I find evangelizing the Way, the Truth and the Life during every moment among the people of this heathen land, to be extremely satisfying.

      The other day a crippled old man told me:

      “You must be Christian. You are happy and you really cheer me up.”

      Being accused of being Christian is indeed a high complement.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        It’s been said that people who want to ‘spread the word’ to Timbuktu, who want to give up life and home, YET, who have never spoken a word to friend or foe about the Lord of all, would make the very poorest of evangelists.

        I like your accusation of Christian.

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        • Amazingly, I am not given to speech, except in front of the assembly when the Word is given to me by the Good Book.

          I minister in silence, serving the needs of the heathen as they go about their self-centered existence thinking only of themselves.

          We are but lamps of bone, muscle and sinew who contain the light of God which shines forth naturally according to our gifts and talents.

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    A terse comment worthy of a reblog, nice all the way around. Tkx for planting it in the Den where it will have a happy home.


  5. Wally Fry says:

    Well, I personally consider the wiping away of my sin and the future i now face pretty darn useful…and He certainly made me something new.

    Shoo fly…shoo

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  6. Citizen Tom says:

    Thank you for your post.

    I never bothered going to John Zande’s website to see what he had posted about me. However, since it was relevant to this post, I figured I may as well. Kind of sad and pointless.

    As Christians we tend to consider Jesus from a personal personal perspective, and that is what He asks us to do. However, there is a historical perspective, one left out in the public schools. John Ortberg wrote about that in Who Is This Man? Without missing the point of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, our redemption, Ortberg’s book answers John Zande’s question far better than I did.

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