A tribute

(Ok, forget for a minute about the idiotic riots in this great country by people who need to feed on the carcase of their own ignorance, and are just plain examples of lawlessness. And of course speaking of tributes, it goes without saying thank God for our heroes, the veterans.)

The genius of the music by the unequaled Leonard Cohen is honored here as his life came to a halt. He died yesterday at the age of 82. It can be said that the measure of a man’s worth is found by what others do with his words. Full screen.

(now back to our regular scheduled program)

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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8 Responses to A tribute

  1. markthinks says:

    might I add that it was sad to see so many mexican flags waving on a day when we thank God for the veterans of this great land who have given their lives for our freedom. mostly what I saw of american flags were burning……seems to me that if they are so proud of their own flag, why aren’t they in their own country waving it? and if Americans are burning their own flag and declaring that president trump is not their president – why are they still living here? Just saying…. good post!


  2. ColorStorm says:

    You covered a lot of ground. Tkx.


  3. I’m sorry Colorstorm, what a sad day. We have the man’s music, but he himself is now gone. I took note of that, too.

    I also read else where that you liked Scalia and I just wanted to say,me too. I used to read his opinions, his dissents, surprising things really, totally outside of the context of politics and assumptions. He’s caustic, funny, and has a wicked sense of humor. He’s also really dedicated to the law and will set aside politics, biases, to uphold it.

    In my state he wrote a dissenting opinion about people’s right to remain anonymous when signing petitions, in this case petitions against gay marriage. His opinion was no, this is the land of the brave and the home of the free. People actually gave their lives defending that right, and now people are afraid to stand up and fight for their beliefs because they might face social disapproval? It was pretty caustic, he basically said, you’re all cowards, now get out of my face. He made me laugh because there was such truth in his words. We all want to stand up for what we believe in…….just so long as it’s not going to cost us anything.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Thank you for this. Cohen was of a dark sort, aloof, but brilliant.

      A writer from Slate said this: ‘Scalia doesn’t come into oral argument all secretive and sphinxlike, feigning indecision on the nuances of the case before him. He comes in like a medieval knight, girded for battle. He knows what the law is. He knows what the opinion should say. And he uses the hour allocated for argument to bludgeon his brethren into agreement.’

      This is perfect. And your example about petitions says as much. Mr Scalia was a rare jewel, and this alone gave Mr Trump, now president elect, a needed edge by recognizing his stature..

      And I should say to you personally msbytes, that it’s not that I find Trump better, because he is flawed like me, and his appeal was not because he was ‘morally better’ than Ms Clinton, but that his message was appealing, and rightly so.
      He put his finger on the heartbeat of America, a pulse in which the left has but a flicker.

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      • Trump was better, for that one reason. He woke up the heart and soul of this country and gave voice to what so many of us were thinking.

        So, a flawed an imperfect man yes, but one who actually listened and heard what people were saying.

        It’s a bit funny, that’s been my mantra for a healthy marriage, too “listen to your wife.” You don’t have to agree, but listening alone indicates love, respect.

        That’s just as true in politics as it is in marriage.


  4. ColorStorm says:

    I have been told I have ‘selective memory ib22…………….’ lol But yes, ‘listening’ is so rare.
    Case in point. Just look at talking heads as they interview: While they are receiving an answer, they interrupt mid-sentence with their ‘pre-packaged’ response, because they are NOT listening.
    Lots of lessons there.

    Anyway, our friend Mr Cohen reminds us in that wonderful rendition re. David,’ and a ‘broken hallelujah.’ and if this is all we have, it is enough if pointed in the right direction. Love that phrase. Ps. 51 kinda thing. If Mr Trump were to lead by being broken, that would be a great thing.

    Politics and marriage, strange bedfellows, but good point. 😉


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