Praise comes in many flavors

Future Doctors of medicine. Doctors of law. Clerks. Carpenters. Shop owners. Sheep herders. Tailors. Fathers. Rabbis. Teachers. Scientists. Bellhops. Painters. Photographers. You name it. But here in song, we see a young man and his brethren, no girls mind you. (no complaints please, ever heard of the girl scouts?)

Remember the Lord as a youth in the temple, among the elders, both hearing them and asking questions? Ah yes, questions for the ages, steeped in the truth of scripture. Let’s talk about the passover, law, and grace, mercy and judgment.

But here, students of the Torah, and such heated arguments were met daily with the Lord. ‘How can David’s son be David’s Lord?’ ‘How can a man heal on the sabbath?’  And no doubt the back and forth was well-known. ‘Never a man spake like this………..’

Ah yes, there came a point when from that time forward……….no man dared ask Him a question.

But I really like this young man Motty, and the tradition he inspires for learning, dating thousands of years.


Do tell of a reason or two if you find it hopeful or inspiring.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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15 Responses to Praise comes in many flavors

  1. KIA says:

    Ah, but cs… They are lost without jesus and unable to know or do the truth without the holy spirit. They still believe jesus is a curse word and that he was, if he lived at all, the bastard son of a Roman soldier who raped a Jewish girl. How could you encourage people to Christianity by pointing them to a people who reject and blaspheme the jesus you promote?


    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx for the visit K, but I’m pretty sure other readers will appreciate my take on this vid.

      I’ll pass on further dialog tho, someone else can address your nonsense if they are inclined.

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      • KIA says:

        Have a wonderful day

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Mike…who is “they”

          You said it, now back it up. Who is “they”

          You reject it all, yet are an expert on what you reject.

          You are a flailing fool who can offer nothing other than hurling a drive by insult, than “Have a nice day.”

          Oh…and who is “they”

          Say it, big man. If you want to sow divisions, be enough of a man to name names. Assert and prove some nebulous blanket statement about some unidentified group of people without providing any proof.

          Bet you won’t.

          Because you are a coward and a weakling who hides behind vague facts and have a nice days.

          Colorstorm. As soon as I get some decent internet speed up, I;ll be watching the video.

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        • KIA says:

          Wow wally. Such aggression on a Sunday morning.

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You poor abused little fellow. Big, bad Christian picking on him again?

          I suggest you go write a post about it.

          Seriously, it will make you feel all better.

          Oh, and have a nice day.


        • KIA says:

          ‘They’ being the Jewish people in the video and the Faith they hold onto in opposition to receiving jesus as their Messiah and King. If you had watched the video, Wally, before spouting off you would have had no difficulty understanding my reference.
          But, as you do so often when you feel someone is personally offending you by a comment made to someone else on their blog in repose to a post that has nothing to do with you… you chose to go off half cocked and loaded for bear with a very personal and defensive/aggressive attack.
          So much for understanding what it means to be Christ like and spirit controlled. Wally, you haven’t a clue. Enjoy the Day. I will.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Actually, mike, wally does have a clue.

          He, like myself, is able to find goodness in things in which we differ.

          At least for God’s sake, the Jews here in study and in song realize there is a Creator.

          I respect a person’s zeal, even if it ultimately is not according to knowledge.

          It’s hard to argue against thousands of years of tradition, and no, there are no lessons given on how to blow up their enemies.

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        • KIA says:

          Thx cs for completely missing the point of my comment to you originally and the response I gave to Wally regarding his personal attack on me. Enjoy the Day


        • ColorStorm says:


          Your clock will be cleaned every single time you try to paint believers as morons.

          ‘…….raped a Jewish girl????????????’
          Like Wally said, you pretend to speak for a group of people who would also say: ‘I know Rabin, I know Meir….but who the heck are you kia????????????????’

          It’s good music on this vid. I am POINTING to the tradition of this people and their studies. Period.

          I find goodness in this. You do not. I find blessing in this. You find cursing. Wally is correct how you must at any cost, sow seeds of ill repute. Period.

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Hi Mike

          Let’s look at a few things. You said:

          ” in repose to a post that has nothing to do with you…”

          If CS has a problem with me being here, he will tell me. Meanwhile if me being here is bothersome…oh, well. Can’t help ya.

          Now, let’s look at what you said if you don’t mind, so that we can clearly establish the full extent of your lies.

          “They still believe jesus is a curse word and that he was, if he lived at all, the bastard son of a Roman soldier who raped a Jewish girl.”

          Gosh, I did watch that video, and sadly for you your statement there was not actually addressed. For you to comment as if it was?


          Next. You appear to be asserting that what you said is somehow the “official” Jewish position. Wellllllllllllllll…hate to tell you, it’s not. I will be generous in this case. Perhaps you actually don’t read atheist talking points before you cut and past them. Or, maybe you do, and your desperate need to undermine Faith is so desperate that you understand it, yet intentionally misrepresent it. Or, you lie.

          I suspect a combination actually. Of all three. You are probably a desperate liar with limited comprehension skills.

          At any rate, the gist of your comment has nothing to do with the actual content of what was in this post, but was nothing but a falsehood designed to sow dissension.

          Now, you have a nice day too!

          I will

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  2. Well…despite the entertainment of the above hoo-haa, I thought the video very interesting.

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