Deal with it

Atheism is the end result of intellectual bankruptcy. It is the result of substituting theories for facts. It is dishonest at every level of logic, reason, history, common sense, science, and proof.

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It is in fact, the religion of self, totally absorbed and lost in the fog of maelstroms which knows not up or down, east from west, left from right, and right from wrong.  The standard of atheism is itself, which has NO set of standards or absolutes. It is the very worst of religions which excels in its own depraved opinions.

It is the epitome of darkness while pretending to walk in the light of day. Guess what? Without God in the mix, ALL is but pure darkness, and atheism is just one more falling house of cards which can never withstand the test of truth.

In a strange way, even the hyenas must snicker at such rebellion against the God of creation. At least they have the sense to act according to their nature. On the other hand, the atheistic mind is the untamed beast which does not act according to its intended nature, that is of course, to live and move to the glory of God.

And to borrow Tevvye, ‘on the other hand…..’ there is hope for all creatures great and small.

(no apologies for such strong depictions of what is anti-truth)

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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16 Responses to Deal with it

  1. limey says:

    “never withstand the test of truth.”

    how do you test the claims of Christianity?

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    • ColorStorm says:


      ‘the claims of Christianity?’

      For starters, what year is it?

      BC? AD? Your calendar is plenty of proof that the scriptures are reliable, verifiable, and truthful.

      The days, weeks, and months of history do not lie. Every time you write the year on a check, you are admitting to the truth of scripture.


      • limey says:

        Well I guess they could be used to argue for the influence of Augustus on the culture of the day and for the sake of convenience we’ve maintained the naming.

        Then there is that time that the seasons started getting out of whack so they scientists and mathematicians had to come in and correct the number of calendar days, so a win for the religion of the scientismists I guess.

        Can’t see how it is related to the myth of a man god who committed suicide by roman authority.


        • ColorStorm says:

          As I said, atheism is ignorant to history, common sense, and facts, and in return, erects its own house of cards.

          It appears you have confused the death of the son of God with Judas Iscariot………..

          Such confusion is standard operating procedure for the godless, so tkx for pointing that out.


        • limey says:

          Well, if you said it that must make it true then.


  2. “Atheism is the end result of intellectual bankruptcy.”

    Indeed! Something that never ceases to amaze me, atheists cannot even seem to rebuke me without using God’s standards and scripture. So they will come along and declare IB a hypocrite, a liar,and mean, too! Yes, and so?? Can you show me “thou shall not lie” some where in the atheist handbook?Is there some instruction manual for the random bits of biological goo that just sprung forth from nothingness? Because outside the context of God and the bible, I think I am free to lie, cheat, and be just as mean as I want.

    It is intellectually bankrupt to try to hold people accountable to a standard set forth by a God you don’t even believe in, and to then to accuse them of hypocrisy, all without even a moment of self awareness, without even a single random misfiring of a lost neuron somewhere.

    Just one little brain cell, that’s all I ask for, just one that causes them to pause and think, “Wait…. just Who set the standards we now try to judge her with?” 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I still say there is no such thing as an ‘atheist’ msb, I just do not know of another way to describe the nonsense. When God says: ‘the fool in his heart SAYS………there is no God,’ seems to me there is an inner conversation declaring the rebellion, which then overrules the heart and conscience, then explodes through the lips as a mere detour or sideshow to delay the inevitable………

      ………….the truth and reality of the Creator first, and the truth of the Redeemer second. So on the one hand, the outer shell clings to the funds being insufficient, but the conscience knows full well Who owns the safety deposit box……where comes forth ALL riches.


      • You’re quite right, Colorstorm. There really is no such thing as an atheist. In Him we have our breath and being. It is not possible to even speak of one’s non belief without breath. Every bit of hot air that comes forth is carried on His breath.

        So the wolf has to go borrow some breath from God Himself just to try to blow the house down! Tragic lack of self awareness, I tell ya.


  3. even the hyenas snicker….indeed they do!!!

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    What I find most curious is when an atheist redefines the word “atheist” to mean “agnostic”. It is logically impossible to prove God does not exist, and the atheist knows that. Yet the definition of the word “atheist” is someone who denies the existence of God. Still, they want to call themselves atheist instead of calling themselves agnostics. That’s weird!

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