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This cracks me up. Really busts my buttons.

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People who do not believe one word of scripture, who pretend to lecture they who believe every word of it, as if the unbelievers are PhD’s in telling believers they are doing Christianity all wrong. Yikes.

They who know nothing of God’s laws, statutes, ordinances, covenants, precepts, edicts, judgments, commands, and most importantly grace………..sit in judgment of believers as if we are some type of monkey who does not know how to turn a leaf on a book. Strange I tell ya.

And I got news for you. The so-called doctors of the law…… whom, and through whom the law was given, were a few doughnuts short in the box of understanding WHY the law was given in the first place.

Imagine a young punk who just learned the alphabet………now lecturing an English professor on the improper use of ending a sentence in a preposition. Ouch kid. You may want to put a few years of learning and context in your life before you strut your foolishness.

Oh then there is this, to shamelessly borrow from my own archives: To cast aspersion on God without even giving him the courtesy of existing………is uh, er, um, hmm, well, not too smart, and a good indicator that godlessness as a world view is some very bad bread. Sinister even.

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  1. Who is more qualified to comment on the church – the person who has grown up in it, or the person with no experience being part of it? An outsider’s perspective can be helpful, but I’d still go with the former every time.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      To be fair Brandon, there are a lot of unbelievers who have ‘grown up’ in the church, but I’m speaking primarily of the militant evangelistic outreach of the unbeliever, even they who have ‘once’ supposedly been Christian, who have made it their life’s work to paint believers as mindless idiots.

      But yes, a believers point of view is certainly to be valued.

      And of course God’s word is just as good as ever,

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  2. Tricia says:

    Good thought for the day! 🙂

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  3. violetwisp says:

    It’s useful to have conversations with everyone. The worst we can do is lock ourselves up in cosy echo chambers.

    Do you think the people who established the foundations of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam were perfectly sane? For instance when Muhammed went to heaven on a winged horse – did that happen or did someone make it up?


    • The Isaiah 53:5 Project says:


      It is useful to have conversations with all kinds of people with all kinds of beliefs but not everyone. There are some, and you know a few, with whom conversation has absolutely no value.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      It is useful to have conversations with people who are willing to preserve the peace by tolerating lesser evils. For one thing, it helps to figure out which evils are tolerable.

      Toleration is not the subject of this post. Before I quit my apostate ways and decided I had made a dumb mistake, I became a Conservative. When I took the time to listen to the Democrat Liberal news media, I often found myself torn between grimacing in disgust and laughter. For some reason the talking heads always felt more qualified than Conservatives to tell Conservatives what to do. If only Conservatives would do such and such they would be much better Conservatives. It’s silly! Any Conservative dumb enough to go to Democrat Liberals for advice is not a Conservative; he or she is a Democrat Liberal (or a RINO).

      Similarly, no Christian in his right mind is going to go to an unbeliever WHO HAS REJECTED Christianity for advice on how to be a Christian. Because that person is not a Christian, he or she will not be filled with the Holy Spirit. That person has rejected Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So what would be the point? Without God’s help, we cannot understand. Until we ask for understanding in Jesus’ name, we cannot understand. We cannot be wise in the way that Bible speaks of wisdom.

      Are there people who have not heard of Jesus or read the Bible who are wise? Yes. Are some Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and so forth wise. Are they capable of giving good advice? Yes and Yes. Will Jesus save some people who are not Christians. I think so. Jesus is God. People can know God without being Christians. Still, if one wants to be a Christian, it is best to go to someone who is a devout Christian with the gift of teaching.

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    You are correct Violet.

    It is useful. Everything has use. But ultimately, some things are revealed for what they truly are. If man (or nonanthropos to be gender sensitive lol) is really a higher animal, then why not invite the hyenas to dinner to teach them manners……….?

    Context. Truth. Your mentioned religions are knockoffs, plain and simple. Gussi is not Gucci. Pravda is not Prada, and Dion is not Dior. There will always be a mimicking of what is good and true.

    The true God has no competitors. Nature, arithmetic, the alphabet, and of course scripture, do not testify to the lords of is-lam, Buddhism, but to the sole Lord of heaven and earth. You know in your heart of hearts this is true.

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  5. excellent rebuttal above CS—ode to those knock offs—they look good at first, can barely tell the difference between real vs fake—but soon the luster begins to wears off, the seams come unraveled and we come to understand that we get what we pay for…or in our case, we get Life eternal….or not….

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  6. You wrote…Oh then there is this, to shamelessly borrow from my own archives: To cast aspersion on God without even giving him the courtesy of existing………is uh, er, um, hmm, well, not too smart, and a good indicator that godlessness as a world view is some very bad bread.

    The easiest way to prove God exists is to ask an atheist. For someone whom they claim does not exist, they sure love to tell all of His so-called failures.

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