I will follow you…..wherever you may go……

Serious question for the day. Why do we unfollow someone when we have ‘followed’ them for years? Are bloggers that thin skinned at the possibility of dare I say, disagreement,  that it is cause for being booted off the island? Really?

There are precious few that I agree with entirely, heck, I don’t even need three fingers to count them, but to write someone off because of certain views, when for years, there has been fine fellowship, accolades tossed around, swapping the joy of things worth considering, and just all around good graces displayed, is well, kind of shallow, even petty.

I know why these things happen. I am well aware of the subject matter, and the uncomfortableness of having to address this or that. But ask yourself: did the thought ever cross your mind WHY I have suggested this or that, or HOW I have arrived at a particular point of view?

Did the thought ever cross your mind that just possibly YOU have not examined all the ramifications of what you hold dear, and the apparent weaknesses or flaws, and that maybe, just maybe, I may be correct? No, we write people off because they challenge our idolized traditions which we mistake for knowledge.

Newsflash: Reams of information, theories, suppositions, and prepositions may have some merit, but without the context of logic, scripture, and facts, are poor excuses for knowledge, and will never stand up to the scrutiny of ultimate truth.  Take atheism for example. Falls apart before it puts its pants on.

Still, if I was entirely wrong, what does this say about you when you have heaped praise upon my head for years regarding other things? All of a sudden, you must question your right hand of fellowship because you (or I) have been exposed as uncomfortable? Hmmm. We are such fickle creatures, to turn people on and off like a switch. Says more about you than me.

He likes Obama. Follow. She likes Trump. Unfollow. She likes Billy Graham. Follow. He likes Bill O’Reilly. Unfollow. She can’t explain election. Unfollow. He explains predestination to my liking. Follow. He is an archer. Follow. She hates guns. Unfollow. She eats hamburgers. Follow. He would not hurt a mushroom. Unfollow. He believes in God. Follow. She believes in God. Unfollow. She believes the earth is still. Follow. He believes the world shucks and jives. Unfollow. She believes the moon gets her light from the sun. Follow. He believes the moon is its own light. Unfollow. He believes the antichrist is alive. Follow. She believes the antichrist is a fable. Unfollow.  She like dogs. Follow. He hates cats. Unfollow.

See the pattern? Truly we are petty when we reduce our opinions of others to how perfectly they fit in OUR mold. That said, there are legitimate reason why we follow or unfollow. Maybe things get old, stale, or we think we were duped. Sometimes, following leads to uncharted waters. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to as the good book says: ‘examine yourself,’ and this is a very good idea.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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23 Responses to I will follow you…..wherever you may go……

  1. Accepting and respecting each other’s views. It should be what it is all about.

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  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    I’ve unfollowed some for their views on the last election. I feel like we need to get over it, but I love other things they write. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of liking or not liking. I read all the posts in my reader and it takes a lot of time. If I were to read 500 posts a day, I’d never get anything else done so I often delete ones that don’t pertain to me or my belief system. We have to be discerning too.

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Discerning. Good word there.

    Agree with your basis, but there is a possible sinister element too, of disassociating, as in betrayal, (I know not the man!) but you make a fair point.

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  4. Not only did I get unfriended or unfollowed but I actually had a close friend stop speaking to me because we disagreed over the election. And I’m not a political person nor have I ever expressed my views on it to her. So petty and silly to lose a friendship from all that. I tried to reason and talk to them but they were set on not being my friend anymore. So it can be hurtful. This person was my friend for over 4 years. I’m still in shock over it I think! I love this post! Wishing you well my friend! ~ღ~

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    • ColorStorm says:

      ‘Petty and silly.’

      Well then, the friendship was finally tested eh mm? 😉

      You have agreed with the essence of the picture at the heading of the post.


  5. I unfollow people for a few reasons.

    After I leave a comment on my first visit or second visit, they delete it.
    That usually happens with atheists who prefer to argue with themselves and lose, rather than have a conversation about how their religious hatred toward Christians is quite similar to race hatred.
    After having many conversations over a long period of time the blogger finds that he not only argues with himself and loses, but he argues with me and loses too. The blogger then sends out a call to blogger friends and begins engaging in merciless trolling.

    I call that the Village Idiot Syndrome. Atheists are very prone to that syndrome.

    Sometimes a blogger simply goes off the rails and looses the ability to have a rational conversation.
    Some bloggers post 3 or 4 times a day so they are the only ones who appear on my reader.

    I figure by unfollowing I can clear my reader so I can view the posts of others and I also just drop by the bloggers site periodically to find out what’s going on.

    There is no unfriendliness in any of these reasons for unfriending.

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  6. Ah yes! Well, I figure the Lord has never unfriended me, so I am not supposed to be spitefully unfriending others. (Not to be confused with simply walking away for a while and surrounding yourself with more pleasant people. There is something to be said for being cautious about the kind of company you spend all your time around.)

    Me however, oh my goodness, do I have a collection of “I hate you’s forever.” Ha! Apparently this is a real thing in the world.

    Just one more thing about WP and facebook, either the software is unstable or they take it upon themselves to create unfollows, because quite a few times people have been unintentionally dropped and we’ve had to go looking for one another.

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    I don’t follow or unfollow people. I started to use that feature, but then decided I did not want to bother with it. Most of the blogs I “follow” I list (link to) at the bottom of my own. If I have time to visit someone’s blog, I can quickly see who has posted anything new.
    The other thing I do is checked who has comment or see has liked one of my posts. When I can I try to reward visits to my blog with visits to my readers blogs. I just think of it making new friends and having a conversation.

    The only time I have removed one of the blogs I have listed on my web page is when they have stopped posting for several months or more. Hate to do it since people sometimes have troubles and eventually start posting again.

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  8. The Isaiah 53:5 Project says:

    I follow blogs if I find them interesting or if I interact with the blogger. As soon as I no longer find the content interesting or useful I unfollow just so my reader doesn’t get clogged up

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  9. Tricia says:

    This is an interesting and timely post and we are thinking along similar lines, as I just put up something about how difficult it is to communicate with someone that thinks the worst about you based on nonsense stereotypes.

    That being said, I do unfollow those that post over and over and over again things that I vehemently disagree with and think are just too far out thee. I have no problem reading opposing views, but there does have to be a line drawn between valid but perhaps confrontational posts and just plain dumb views. My Reader can only hold so many posts and I don’t want to miss out on the ones I truly value.

    Excellent post as always CS.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I do agree with you that there is only so much time to digest things, and certainly one could make the case for saying adios to pure poison, or just plain ‘dumb views,’ but it’s worth considering why Peter, James and John, or Martha and Mary, would give the boot to Andrew…………

      What, they didn’t like his tackle box? 😉

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  10. Nate says:

    While I disagree, of course, with your paragraph on atheism, I really like the gist of your post here. Many times our preferences are rather fickle, and we should all do a better job of self-analysis.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Thank you for popping by nate.

      Understandable that you would disagree, as you see, I didn’t go into detail.


  11. Remnantrefuge says:

    Follow or unfollow?

    I simply tire at times of the cacophony of opinion and sheer human noise whether written or spoken. Thus I stop reading and listening. Sometimes for months at a time. This includes my own voice, my own circular thoughts, and ego-driven verbiage.

    Who gives a hoot what kind of Christian you are, where you’ve traveled, what college you attended, the square footage of your house, or if you are a Trumpster or a Hillarian? Have you ever stopped to ponder the benefit of silence upon mind and tongue in the pursuit of character formation? No apologies that the socio.politico.religious.et.al. avalanche rubs me wrong. Hence, why I often avoid social media, cocktail parties and ice cream socials…ah wait…retraction…gotta have my chocolate-peanut butter swirl ice cream.

    No reason for existence without the occasional cone of indulgence.

    ***note: the term “you” is used in the general sense and is not directed towards any specific individual.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Human noise? Hillarian? Nice. But hi, and trust all things are good. Sounds like you are feisty as ever, and that’s a good thing. 😉


  12. Wally Fry says:

    Well..liked the agreeing totally with 2 or 3 people thing. That might be generous even. I don’t think I actually 100 percent agree with anybody. I’m still around friend. Sometimes if the thing I don’t agree about is big, I can just shut up. Not always, and I have been there also, a big one that one can’t shut up about.

    I got asked to unfollow somebody once LOL. I guess they didn’t want people visiting to accidentally run into me or something. WordPress has done it to me a lot. IB is the big one. I have to refollow her all of the time for some reason..

    Sorry this happened. To lose a friend, even on here, hurts.

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