A few questions/thoughts for the godless

Soooo, which came first the brain or the skull?

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How did human flesh get the will or know how to attach itself to bones? Did it take a day, a year, ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, a million years, or 13.6533 billion years?

Which came first, the human eye or the third finger left hand, and what form of intelligence decided an eyeless creature even needed to ‘see?’

Which came first, the respiratory system or the digestive system? What plan of nature having intelligence decided?

Which came first, the male or the female human? Hmmm?

Who cut the FIRST umbilical cord?

When did eagles start reproducing other birds which were not eagles?

Why can’t humans fly like sparrows? Evolution be dmaned!!

Why can’t monkeys tie their shoes?  Hmmm.

When did chimps lose the ability to spell ‘kat?’

Did babies grow like turnips or pumpkins until they evolved to the point of not needing care? Who first watered the seeds of little Junior until he decided he didn’t need parents, or until little Jane that wandering star find her place in the womb of a woman?

What’s a woman?

Get the point? Stupid context? Ridiculous intellect? Mind-numbing godless reasoning? Uh hello? That’s exactly correct.

Apart from the living God, man is but the basest of creatures, having no context for truth or understanding, and being purely naked in the mind, opened to every foul and unclean idea as to his own existence.

Godlessness has zero answers, provides zero nourishment, is full of empty calories, and provides nothing but comical guesses as to the existence of life. Need proof? How about just listen to Degrasse, Nye, or Dawkins for ten seconds.  They all have something in common:

A mind like a lake void of water, while they pretend they themselves are the masters of the universe. Yeah, good luck with that.

What godless act of serendipity decided that the moon phases coincides with the woman’s monthly cycle……

Why hasn’t the common robin evolved to build a three-story birdhouse complete with air conditioning, a bathroom, and a library………

Why can’t a prince or pauper rid his mind of the existence of God……….

Amazing eh, how a man from Japan or an American Indian knows perfectly that one dog plus two dogs equals three dogs………

How cna yuo in yuor reight mnid understand this? How can you possibly think there was not a global flood after seeing the utter devastation after only a few days of rain in Texas? Is there room in your mind for the possibility of 40 days and 40 nights of water falling from above and rising from below………

Hey Mr/Mrs godless: taste and see that the Lord, He is God, and He is actually good. After all, you are borrowing His breath doncha know.

Questions that demand answers. Godlessness provides zero answers. Just sayin.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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26 Responses to A few questions/thoughts for the godless

  1. lnhereford says:

    Amen to that! Excellent post!

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  2. Tricia says:

    To be fair ColorStorm, there seem to be quite a few humans whose fully intact skulls still have not been filled with a brain. This all may be too difficult for them to comprehend. 😉

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  3. God’s delightful serendipity—that’s Who!!!

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  4. ColorStorm says:

    You and trish have engaged the proper placement of that brain inside that thick skull J! 😉

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  5. Wally Fry says:

    I wait with baited breath to see if any answers will come. Actually, I wait to see if these rock heads even understand what got asked.

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  6. Just as hieroglyphs express the intellects of their authors, so too, the genetic code which is the blue print for all living creatures, expresses the intellect of its author.

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  7. Well said! Whose eyes are you even using to observe there is no God?

    Speaking of being mindless, I wasted a few hours yesterday discussing how the Neanderthals and the alleged missing link went extinct. Well, obviously the lady cavemen suddenly thought they were so ugly, they just stopped sleeping with them. So they all died out.


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    • ColorStorm says:

      True, whose eyes?

      Reminds me. Thinking about a new category here at the Den:

      ‘Crushing atheism one post at a time.’ Takes no effort and causes no sweat. If I could only keep the darn bones outta my teeth msb. lol

      And notice how the customers have fled of late. Too funny. Some things simply cannot be defended, like godlessness.

      God and His word always have the last say. As it should be.

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  8. Citizen Tom says:

    There is a reason I sit on the fence on this issue. It is more comfortable than getting off. When I don’t have any idea how He did it, I would have to claim I know how God made us. I just say the Bible is true, but it was not written for scientists. One purpose of Genesis is to tell us God made us, but the book does not elaborate upon the details.

    In one respect your questions wholly appropriate. We get tons of questions from atheists, and they use their questions as “proof” that God does not exist. We can provide answers, but the answers don’t satisfy them. Your questions tend to force them to acknowledge that their theories have a flimsier foundation. We just somehow came to be does not explain anything.

    In one respect your questions go to far. You assume the supporters of the Theory of Evolution, not necessarily atheists, have no response. They do. The issue you bring up has been discussed with respect to the evolution of flagellum on single-celled creatures. Google flagellar motor evolution.

    Of course, no one has ever seen single-celled creatures evolve flagellum. So all people can offer up are theories. The Theory of Evolution is a head scratcher, but it is not a stupid idea.

    So why am I going to this trouble? The Bible is not a science text. When that Book says God made man from the dust of the ground, it does not say how. When that Book says God made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs, is that literally what God did or does it just illustrate how much a man is supposed to love his wife? Who knows? Since no one does know, why can’t Christians dispute the details matter without crossing over into serious matters of doctrine? So long as we accept His divinity, is Jesus going to keep us out of heaven just because we think man may have evolved from monkeys?

    Have you ever played chess? Winning requires checkmating the other guy’s king and keeping the other guy from checkmating your king. If you don’t keep your mind focused on those two things, you are going to lose. The weather? That book you read last week? The latest news? Interesting, but not relevant to winning the game.

    Winning souls for Christ requires us to do as the apostles did. They never heard of the Theory of Evolution. They focused on the John 3:16. What we have to prove to people is that Jesus died for our sins, and He rose from the dead. It is much easier to prove Jesus rose from the dead than it is to settle whether or not we evolved from monkeys.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx CT, if I may.

      Just two additions to a fair comment. The bible was not written for scientists? Sure it was.

      Without the foundation of WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, their HOW is suspect. The origin of the ‘kinds’ is case in point.

      While there certainly is room for mutations and changes within species, there is NO room for a lion to change, or evolve into an elephant. God created the ‘kinds,’ and true science bows to God’s genius in male and female, man and woman also. His idea of marriage as blessing the world is not only biologically correct, it is spiritually wonderful.

      Did God take the man’s rib to create the woman? Of course He did, as there is no room nor reason to delegate the text to poetry.

      He closed up the flesh while Adam slept, bone of my bone, and this understanding goes to HOW we interpret all of scripture.

      I think we limit God’s wisdom by not seeing sometimes what is plain, and then argue bout things that are obscure.

      Tkx for the chess analogy. Love the game. Wrote a post about it. As to the apostles not hearing of evolution? Hmm, not too sure about that, as there is nothing new under the sun.

      I’d bet a dollar that Solomon had many discussions in his courts regarding monkeys and how they differ from humans.

      Agreed that some things are irrelevant to one believer, but relevant to another; we are not all at the same mile markers in life I like to say.

      In all this, we still can enjoy each others company, and while I wonder sometimes that believers may not see what I do, I’m sure the same goes the other way too.

      So we forbear right, and focus on that which we delight in common. It’s all good.

      And once more, many smart people find a ton of science in the scriptures, just sayin. God owns all blueprints.


      • Citizen Tom says:

        GM ColorStorm,

        I suppose I could have better explained the my remark about Bible not being written for scientists better. Consider that Genesis was written to a bunch of recently freed slaves thousands of years ago. Moses was well educated by the standards of his day, but his audience was not. So I don’t think he wanted to write a science textbook. It looks to me like He wrote down a history, and he provided some rules and behavioral standards.

        Mose wrote the first five books of the Bible TO the Hebrews. God arranged it so the entire Bible was written FOR our benefit. Therefore, to understand the Bible we have to put ourselves in the sandals of those Hebrews.

        Can the Theory of Evolution be true and Genesis still make sense? I can understand why the Theory of Evolution strikes people as threatening, but we don’t know what we don’t know. The Bible only tells us what we need to know, not what we want to know. Consider that after three short chapters on creation Genesis 4 leaps into the story of the murder of Abel by Cain. When God explains his punishment to him, Cain wails that whoever finds him will kill him. Supposedly, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, and Cain was Adam’s and Eve’s firstborn son. Who was Cain worried about killing him? Then in Chapter 6 we learn about the Nephilim, and nobody really seems to know who those people were.

        Since Genesis leaves us much to speculate upon, and it is a bad idea to assume we know more than we do, I suggest we should do our best to separate what we know for certain from speculation.

        Is the Theory of Evolution feasible? Based upon what we know, I guess so. That is what we are doing, guessing.

        What evolution requires to be true is that starting with complex molecules life is able to progress step wise into the form we call man. One way to invalidate the theory would be to show that it is impossible make such a transition. How could life get from a complex molecule to a multi-celled creature? The theory answers that objection with the process of “evolution”; there are intermediate steps. The taxonomical charts used by biologists, because they are arranged based upon the Theory of Evolution, illustrate this idea. The sheer variety of life on earth illustrates how many of those intermediate steps are possible. Look, for example, at all the different ways God’s creatures can perceive light.

        That said, do I personally believe in the Theory of Evolution? No. When I read Genesis I think the book makes more sense if it is taken at face value. I also think the Hebrews would have believed that Eve was literally created from one of Adam’s ribs, but who were all those people Cain was worried about? Did Adam and Eve already have hordes of descendants running about the Earth? How? Seth was born to Eve when Adam was 130. That’s about six generations, at best. Had Eve already given birth to daughters that the Bible does not mention? Probably. And before that murder, Cain and Abel could have had many children. Still, I wonder why Cain did not think he could avoid running into someone who would take his life.

        So what do I think most probable? I think that when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden mankind started to degenerate. One strike against the Theory of Evolution is that mutations more often not especially desirable, but undesirable mutations don’t necessarily make us any less fit for survival. A relatively less brilliant man often has just as much chance of surviving as a brilliant man. Defects which limit our life expectancy don’t prevent us from having four or five children. So what if we only live to 80 instead of 800, we can still overpopulate the planet.

        Side note. As I expect you know, the phrase “under the sun” in Ecclesiastes refers to life without God. When we study the earth and the rest of His Creation, even the atheists are studying what is of God. So on occasion, even a scientist who is an atheist will encounter a new thought.

        Anyway, I enjoyed your reply.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          Tkx for this Tom.

          Surely we agree on the foundational principles of scripture; our track record of accord is enough proof. 😉 There are many things that believers disagree upon, but still having the sweetest fellowship. As it should be.

          I do think we limit the intellect of those gone before us, by maybe assuming slaves or the commoner were not well read or knowledgable on the sciences or disciplines of life. Personally, I’m of the opinion that there were no men on earth who were intellectually superior to the Adam family in general, and Mr. Adam in particular.

          Over 900 years of daily experience in walking with God before, then after living and learning the ways of the world. Heck, where do we think the first metallurgists came from, and HOW they learned of alloys, long before Andrew Carnegie was in diapers. 😉

          The exact science of arithmetic was of course God’s doing, who infused this information into man. No accident here, and the standard of the level, compass, and plumb line, all attest to the law of absolutes. Men used these tools long before the WWW made many of us mentally lazy.

          They told time by way of the dial, and appreciated the learning that went into that, they well understood the degrees of the sun, while we with casualness look at our wristwatches without a single thought of God and time.

          As a sidenote too, the temple of Solomon was unmatched in architectural marvel, Bob Vila would have been overwhelmed by the construction and material. We cannot build that today with greater tools.

          As always, appreciate your thoughts and considerate dialog.

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        • Citizen Tom says:

          Noah’s Flood and Tower of Babel rank unmatched as catastrophes. Between the two of them there is no telling how much knowledge mankind lost. Yet when it comes to the study of these events, people don’t even know where to start.

          I would imagine Noah’s Flood destroy the archeological record of the civilization that preceded it. What happened to the Tower of Babel? Who knows? Like as not the bricks used to build the tower were slowly recovered and used in other projects by the people who remained in the area.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          I’m never at a loss for amusement when I hear people say there is no proof of a flood.

          Uh hello? The earth that then was being overflowed with water….perished……….as the good book reads some thousands of years after the fact, WHAT evidence would be suitable?

          Water is brutal, and water pressure even greater. (See Florida as we speak) The oceans of the world were not meant to hover over the earth. And islands? Disconnected land masses, gee, I wonder what happened….

          Look at the clouds. Broken pieces of water above us, a beautiful canopy but broken. Surely the casual observer takes note of the ‘impossibility’ of rain. Science be alerted. 😉

          The ‘record of scripture’ is enough for me. Proof is available to any body who is honest.

          And your Babel? Seems the speaking in other languages @ Pentecost was an answer by way of the grace of God.

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      • Citizen Tom says:

        Comment in moderation.


  9. Hmm, interesting discussion about the bible not being written for scientists. Perhaps a better term is analytical brains? I sometimes say it is not a book of ikea directions. I imagine Mr Spock or an android reading it. They would get all confused,it would sail right over their heads. The bible is meant to be felt and experienced by people. In the modern world we say things like “it’s a myth” and we mean untrue, a work of fiction. For most of human history however, myths and legends shaped culture,they were known to contain truth. It isn’t until you arrive at our modern skeptical, paranoid,everything is fake news and deception,world, that you begin to see brains unable to let the bible just speak to them. There is math in it and science, farming, agriculture,but our inability to see that goes back to our modern minds in which we demand separation between our math and music, our literature and our science. Also we disrespect our ancestors, we falsely assume they were ignorant goat herders and that people have now “progressed” or advanced into the special snowflakes we are today.

    There is nothing wrong with being analytical or skeptical,some people just lean that way more,and I am one, but we have to learn how to close our eyes and feel the music, stop and smell the roses. I suggest the crazy idea that a good chunk of our modern scientists aren’t scientists at all,in the sense that often conform to ideology and lack curiousity. Not all of course,just a nameless chunk.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I do agree. A good discussion, important too.
      In any age, in every circumstance, the scriptures are relevant, and speak perfectly to the intellect of mankind; (you are wise enough to know I need not apologize for using that word) We spoke a bit ago about scientists recent findings that there are springs, fountains as it were at the bottom of the oceans, something known by way of scripture as ‘the fountains of the great deep.’

      How else could man know this apart from revelation in an age when even scuba gear was unheard of? Scientists should immediately bow in humble reverence for such knowledge. The whales roam the same oceans, not as smaller fish which ate too many seals…….but as the great guests of the seas they were meant to be. ‘After their kind,’ as written. The ‘kinds’ are damning to godless evolution; not the changes within the same kinds which is natural.

      But you make a strong point msb in regard to the sterile reading of scripture which is damaging to faith. The agreement, the accord, the symphony, all courtesy of knowing the Truth, that is, in Him is hidden all the wisdom and knowledge of God is a tune enjoyed by many of all ages and times.

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  11. Tim Shey says:

    I was hitchhiking in Nevada a number of years ago and this guy picked me up. He said, if evolution is true, then why don’t sharks and apes drive Cadillacs?

    I guess they forgot to evolve.

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