I need an answer!

As I am happy to cite the untenable position of life apart from a Creator, and I am ever ready to prove (alongside many other good people)  the consistent mental myopia, the foreseeable mental midgetry and predicted cut and paste of godlessness, here’s one more reminder that is pulled from the archives, and is just as true today, as it was a thousand years ago, and will still be true in 2 thousand years when speaking with simpletons who cite scripture demanding answers while griping about its contents:

While believing none of it……they want answers from all of it.

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Chew on this sad fact. An infidel will quote scripture to say believers are blind to scripture,  lecturing believers in a discipline in which they themselves are clueless, and try to use the truth of the text to make a point, yet deny the truth of the text itself. Seriously?

I know many people who do not even give God the courtesy of existing, but will find fault with God for sin and death. The truly foolish will search hell and high water for their so-called trap questions…….and point to chapter and verse, yet remain completely oblivious to the warp and woof of scripture which reveals them as spiritual miscreants by avoiding clear answers to their Houdini like questions.

Oh how magicians must be embarrassed by the sleight of hand and trickery of ‘question posers.’

While believing none of it…….. they want answers from all of it.

Dear believer friend, have you run across people like this? Am I exaggerating in my calling out the spots on the leopard or the spots on your blog?  It goes something like this:

What about this verse? What about that verse? What about what that guy did? What about what she said? What about what God said? What about what that man of God did? What about what those people took?  What about the lie he told? What about the wine he drank?

Questions of serious interest? A thousand times no, but questions apart from reason or truth-seeking. Questions aimed to stir up strife, because a mind and heart stayed on God and scripture understands that such questions have already been answered.

I see a pattern,  and the pattern is more clear and more visible the further one strays from believing ‘in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’ Apart from believing the most obvious, sorry to say, the word of God is a sealed book to all infidels and fools.  Takes a bit of humility to admit God may actually know more than the people who walk on His dirt.

While believing none of it…..they want answers from all of it.

Therefore with all the proof on the table, in a courtroom where a jury is able to articulate a position based on evidence, it would be easy to see how they would find such ‘answer seekers’ in contempt of common sense, logic, and are an embarrassment to any courtroom.

And these people want ‘answers’ regarding redemption when they do not even believe the scriptural account of time tested creation?  They ‘question’ the perfection of God yet are blind to the wicked acts of men?  They ‘question’ the reliability and accuracy of scripture being only a few thousand years old, yet ‘prove’ to you things that happened 14.9466 billion years ago?  I rest my case.

There is no greater poison on earth than godlessness.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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8 Responses to I need an answer!

  1. Well said, Colorstorm. The other day I got the usual, “you’re so delusional, you should be ashamed of yourself,” and thought, by Whose standard? Who brings order to our world? How are we weighing and measuring “delusional?” Who did we borrow the idea of sound mind from? And shame,what is that but missing the mark? Shame is sin, so Whose mark are we missing?

    A quote I really like says, “God says trust me and I’ll show you, but we say, show me and I’ll trust you.” It just doesn’t work that way which is why scripture is often foolishness to them. It’s kind of like how you have to shut up to hear the story. You don’t get to hear the story first and than decide if it’s worth being quiet and listening to. My son used to do that, ask all kinds of questions, “but what’s it about? What’s going to happen? What if I don’t like this story?”

    Skepticism is actually really easy, lazy, defensive. Shutting up and taking a leap of faith is actually kind of hard.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Shut up to hear the story. Ha, good one ib.

      We are too busy airing and enjoying our own static, and focusing on the irrelevant commercials……….

      ………….we then miss the rrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story. Then people ask us for a recap, and of course it’s nothing but fabrication, because we do not pay attention, but scripture demands we listen, wait, watch, think……..

      And of course God’s requirements for us being aligned to His ways are not like He’s asking too much.


  2. Wow. Strong argument written powerfully! Excellent!

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  3. I’m still just trying to recover from the word tussle yesterday—again, thank you for being the gentleman to the lady’s rescue 🙂

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Well J, truth be told, I can show occasional teeth……….and the gentleman fella is on break, but I don’t bite. 😉

      You held your own, but happy to be an advocate for what is good and true.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    I don’t think most people, especially atheists, understand the meaning of faith. Faith is not a matter of believing something without proof. Faith is the willingness to act upon a belief we already know to be true. When an atheist constantly questions scripture, is it because he doesn’t believe, or is it because he fears how he will have to change his life when he admits he does believe? I think so.

    Consider how atheists visit and argue on Christian blogs. Why? Are they not trying to justify themselves? Because they fear to believe, they ridicule those who do believe. It is actually sort of sad.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      I do think you are onto ,something CT with the idea that ‘I will have to amend my ways,’ when one believes, which scares people.

      But if the focus is not on ‘what is wrong,’ but ‘what is right,’ the entire field changes. God is actually for us, for goodness sake He created the mind giving us endless opportunity for pleasure or pain.

      Most of the pain we bring upon ourselves I suppose. And I don’t just mean ills.

      As to visiting other blogs, I surely do; the candle under the bushel kind of thing. Some go where others can’t, but there is such a void for reason that it’s good to think someone will pay attention; if not today, tomorrow or in ten years.

      There is such a tremendous network of believers as I’m sure you know, each playing a part, but all defending the faith, which as you say, is loaded with evidence.

      And the music is good too!

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