Just perfect pitch

This song was first memorable by the awesome duet of John Denver and Mr. Domingo. Here, we see beauty added by this father and son team. Some things captured my attention.

The passing of the mantle so to speak from the elder to the younger. Tomorrow we may read of a man’s death, but today………today we enjoy  the kinship that marks the passage of time. The placing of the hands by the father to his son, enjoying a rare moment of announced pride and love in the smaller things of life, which are quite large.

The distinctive masculine voice of the older Spaniard, and the obvious delight in not only singing, but in each other. Abraham blessing Isaac, Isaac blessing Jacob, Jacob blessing his sons as it were.

The marking of time in song, taking note of the glue of life: perhaps love.

About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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9 Responses to Just perfect pitch

  1. BEAUTIFUL… and beautiful thoughts about the performance as well. Thank you!

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  2. Tricia says:

    Just wonderful ColorStorm. 🙂

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