The godlessness of science so-called

(In a post at Palmyra, the solid thinking CTom offered a comment that is worthy of its own consideration. He says: ‘We can only use science to study his Creation.’  If he also means that through science God can be found, I agree, but if he says science cannot prove God, then I believe we have not seen the hidden gems of scripture.  Will my case be proven in these few words? Nope, but they will offer one more weight that crushes the scales of godlessness. Take your time reading, and Enjoy.

It is true that science proves nothing regarding God, but then again, true science proves  everything as to God. See the difference?  I make a distinction because there is one. While the Creator leaves the HOW to His creatures, He has not left us clueless as to the WHY. But He gave us an admonition to be wary of ‘false science.‘ It behooves us to know why He would say a thing. In 2018, after thousands of years of creatorial ignorance, the song remains the same.

Science would have us believe it is intellectually and biologically superior to recognize two men as married.  This science agrees with godlessness, and hides behind ‘tolerance.’ True science would have us believe that it takes a man and a woman to tango, and to replenish the earth. Mankind would go out of business if everyone married their ‘own kind.’ Thus, false science is a proven failure.

True science fears nothing, and while agreeing with the best of men regarding scripture, I disagree with believers who say science has little or no part in revealing God. It has every part, and here’s why. Science is the provable method in how things are known. When we say we KNOW, we do so because truth is on the table. Knowing and opinions are not equally credible.

God’s primo mode of operation is Truth. He is in the truth business. He is consistently true. He is like the carpenter’s level, the mason’s plumb-line, and the captain’s compass. His lights and perfections they fail not. He reveals Himself by things clearly known, and the apostle admitted as much in the first of Romans. True science.

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

And how has God showed it unto them? What are these things understood? What are these imaginations? What are these professions of wisdom? Easy. False science has crept into the heart, and false knowledge through pride has supplanted the truth of God.

False science has long been the idol in a world apart from God; just listen to the likes of the popes of scientific godlessness such as Degrasse, Nye, Dawkins, Sagan, etc. Their pretended science is no place to pitch your tent with if you are a believer. Tis a fact if (since) God’s word be true. Of course it’s true.

The science of architecture relies on truth. Reading blueprints relies on truth. Erecting scaffolding relies on truth as to what is level, and what is predictable if not constructed properly, and are all part and parcel of science. Furthermore, the science of arithmetic reveals the standard of numbers whereby all tradesmen can ply their craft, expecting results that they foresaw.

Expecting results that they foresaw. The essence of science.

How so? Science. Repeatable. Testable. Provable. Reliable. And it is this precise method whereby all the sciences reveal not only creation, but God, for the same tools are available to all creatures on earth. The builders who made the great Hotel in Singapore relied on the same laws of science in engineering and math as the Empire State Builders in New York.

The truth of the plumb-line, the level, and the compass, were equally called upon, but more importantly relied upon, to reveal the truth of science, without which, their buildings would have leaned to the nines, and not survived the first windstorm. The universal standards of right and wrong were so needed if science was to be successful. True science is always successful. There must be a standard. There is.

But back up for the setting of the table. The science of biology as designed by God reveals His love for mankind, as male and female created He them. This is also proven by the ‘kinds’ of animal life, as well as the ‘kinds’ of plant life, flora and fauna, botany as it were. An oak tree reproduces itself, while the marine biologist knows that a whale does not reproduce a camel. But one need not be a scientist to know either.

Sad be the day when a farmer plants corn and months later he sees 7 pumpkins pop out of the ground. Not a good day nor a happy camper. Science does not fool us, but gives us the ability to predict, that is, with things testable, observable, and repeatable, so unlike false science which operates in the world of illusion, guesswork, and false knowledge. Scripture states that the earth has foundations. Is it therefore wrong because scientists have not as yet found them? Perish the thought.

The science of astronomy once more reveals God’s wisdom in showing us HOW the years are determined, with days, months, and  seasons, so that we would know something of divine consistency.  True science always reveals God. Astronomy reveals not only creation, but the God of creation. The tools used by the best of builders gives honor not to the tools, but to the builder. True science reveals the Builder.

The science of microbiology reveals HOW things interact, react, and I recall silenceofMind writing many things on the coding found in the lab. Pure chance cannot act with intelligence to reveal patterns that show absolute beauty and consistency in design. Science proves the Creator. Chaos is not compatible with beauty and truth. Junkyards with rusted metal lying about having no order is no picture of things pure and lovely.

But in my mind, the twin sciences that reveal God more than all others, are they of arithmetic and the alphabet. Many books have been written regarding numbers, but God owns all copyrights.  We teach children ABC’s, yet overlook the exact science of communication and understanding. Science teaches us that the prairie dog while being a few legs up on us, is not a good student, and that is not because his attention span lacks, but solely because the Creator has withheld certain gifts.

True science reveals these gifts. And if you have not noticed, there is a massive declaration of war against scripture by so-called scientist’s, (get that?) who have decided by artificial fiat that God and science are incompatible.  Well maybe so, but true science and God are always soul-mates, for Truth is always compatible with itself. There are no shadows nor deviation from the truth of scripture, and exact science always, Always, ALWAYS agrees with God’s revelation.

Last time I checked, women were still being pregnant and giving birth in pain, foxes still lived in dens, birds still built nests, acorns were the seeds of massive oaks,  water found its level, oceans stop at the shore, the sun has not bumped into the moon, and there are still 24 hrs in a day. Pure science. God is revealed and is to be revered. The divine consistencies of science aim toward God. Always.

God not found? Only if one is looking for love in all the wrong places, for He is always within 2 feet, and 2 seconds.

And btw, a bonus thought. Life itself is supernatural, so if God wants an iron head to float, he can suspend natural law any time He chooses, so I guess it’s not a big deal if the Creator of water wants to remind us that yes, He is well aware of science, falsely so-called. Without God there is no science, with Him, true science is revealed, in the lab, in the barn, in the office, under the water, in the plane, in the house, in short anywhere.


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10 Responses to The godlessness of science so-called

  1. Wally Fry says:

    Thanks for the pingback my friend, and the further explanation.

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  2. Well said, Colorstorm. There is science, the study of God’s creation, and there is this thing I call “Science, registered trademark,” like a brand or a product being sold. Some people call it Scientism. It is the religion of science and about as far removed from the real thing as you can get.

    Something else to keep in mind, intelligence, knowledge, is not morality. There’s this false idea that the more we know and understand, the more moral we become, the more progressed. Allegedly now that we know better, we don’t behave as barbarically as our ancestors. I wish that were true, but as is kind of evident from the world around us, what we actually do is just build bigger and more elaborate weapons, more dangerous pharmaceuticals, more intricate destruction of our own biological design.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yes ma’am, then there is that so-called Christian Science, which is neither Christian, nor science, as founded by Eddy. Sheer horror in biblical exposition. And an affront to true science. Itching ears in any age I suppose.

      But you are right about the ‘registered Trdmrk’ thing. Just a sales pitch.

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:

    The point of this reblog is to thank ColorStorm for a kind compliment and for his post on a very difficult topic.

    In addition I would like to add a few thoughts that ColorStorm’s post inspired me to write.

    Yesterday I listened to this guy, W. Robert Godfrey, teach a history lesson => This lesson is part of a superb series on the history of the Christian church.

    In this lesson, Godfrey talked about the disciplined teaching of 17th Century Bible Scholars. Godfrey admired those scholars for their disciplined logic, and he made the point that we are usually much less disciplined in our conversations than we need to be. We leap for the answer before we have spelled out the question. So we talk pass each other. Often no one even knows what the debate is about.

    What happens when we talk about proving the existence of God? Some argue that science proves there is no God. Another group says science proves God exist, and yet another group says science has no power either to prove God exists or does not exist. What we neglect to ask first is the most important question. What is proof? Until we have a common understanding of what would constitute proof, we don’t even know what sort of evidence is needed. We just know what evidence we personally find meaningful.

    When I read that passage ColorStorm quoted from Romans (part of Romans 1:18-32), I believe I see what Paul saw. The magnificence. The infinite power. The majesty. The order. The quiet beauty. The unlimited concern of a craftsman who loves His work. But what about proof? What sort of proof did Paul see?

    What Paul argues is that God’s existence is made self-evident through His creation.

    Is there proof that is self-evident? Yes, but here is the conundrum. To believe some proofs are self-evident, we must believe some truths are self-evident, and some say we know that there are no self-evident truths. Those people (atheists in particular) are obviously not mathematicians.

    Consider this definition.

    axiom [ak-see-uh m] (from =>
    1. a self-evident truth that requires no proof.
    2. a universally accepted principle or rule.
    3. Logic, Mathematics. a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it.

    Unless we assume some truths are self-evident, we cannot prove anything. Unless we accept some truths as axiomatic or foundational, we have nothing upon which to build any system of logic. Unless we believe that some truths are self-evident, we have no basis for either mathematics and science.

    Hence, because God’s existence is self-evident, science cannot logically prove the existence of God.

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  5. Tricia says:

    The laws of science are God’s tools for us to discover who He is and how He creates. You could have God without science but you most certainly could not have science without God.

    It’s interesting too that the character of the more popular atheist scientists (Dawkins, Nye, De Grasse, etc…) seems to be of a particular nasty bent. A Richard Dawkins rant against people of faith speaks to such an ugly heart and makes me want to have nothing to with his anti-God religion.


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