Comedy central baby

Did you ever notice what lengths the atheist will travel to TRY to discredit the scriptures? That is, post after post, day after day, citing people and events IN the scriptures, whose words cannot be supposedly trusted, in an attempt to persuade others that their own intellect is superior to the historical account, and that the biblical narrative allegedly carries no weight of truth. (Ever picked up a bucket of sand? Now weigh ALL the sand in the world. You cannot. THAT is the weight of scripture truth)

There are many blogs on WP alone where the pseudo-scholar-historian-archaeologist-intellectual-atheist-decon, which are devoted more to driving their wrecking ball (made of nerf material sad to say) than Tiger Woods practices his golf craft. Sheesh.

Need an example or two? Sure, tkx for asking.

Luke hallucinated his account of Acts. Peter never stood by a fire and denied the Lord. The cock never crowed three times. Matthew was mistaken when he wrote of the son of David, son of Abraham. Mary drank too much root beer when she said Gabriel paid her a visit. Nathanael never sat under a fig tree, after all, how could the Lord know that?

Apollos was not mighty in the scriptures, as he did not know Genesis from Revolution.  Saul of Tarsus may have been the greatest of scholars in the law, but he was out to lunch as Paul the apostle. All his epistles were fabricated, full of lies and mistakes, and his descriptions of the grace of God were due to his brain damage.

Of course we know that Moses never lived, Abraham was a monster if he lived at all, and the promises made by God Himself regarding the land tween the Euphrates and the Mediterranean were simply the stuff of comic books, you know, the stuff Stephen King writes about.

King Darius can be proven, but Daniel the prophet cannot, because his life and times is only credible in proportion to scripture. (It is credible.)  Esther, aka Hadassah did not have an uncle Mordecai who were both responsible for the saving of many many Jews because of the diabolical plot of Haman, who was hung by his own stupidity.

There was no upper room, no last supper, no foot washing, no betrayal by Judas, no lanterns torches and weapons in that dark night, and no death on Calvary’s central tree. Yep, none of this can be true, it’s all unproven fables, just like the account written where our conscience and mind are taught where animals, fish, birds, trees, oceans, vegetation, and mankind, all had their beginning.  Genesis is an account of beginnings doncha know, but nope, no witnesses to the creation of the moon or the whale, so the account cannot  be trusted. At least that’s the excuse godless scientists use.

But the real comedy is to have unbelieving clowns try to teach from a book they say is not reliable.

Thus is God’s word ever proven true, as it has a built-in mechanism which exposes charlatans, while providing honey to they of good heart. The wisdom of God is FOOLISHNESS to they who would trifle with its sacred contents, and a person CANNOT know the ways of God if first, a person does not give God the courtesy of existing in the world He created, and secondly, if God’s word is thought to be of no more value than People’s Magazine.  It is more valuable than all the books of the world.

As a reminder how we started here, how then, in any rational mind, could a person, any person, devote time and attention, towards a book that they think is absolutely, utterly, and completely unworthy of being taken seriously………….unless of course, they DO know it is completely reliable, but simply need to talk ABOUT it, while steering so very clear of what it actually says.

Reminds me of sports talking heads who yak yak yak for hours, predicting outcomes, while they cannot as much as run a two yard dash, then yak for six hours after being just as clueless. Such are the life and times of the professional scripture skeptic, who is lost as fog according to the scriptures.

If I spent a lifetime trying to dismantle trigonometry, if I couldn’t even count to three, even if given a two number head start……..yeah, that’s the point. Absurd.  Some people end up on couches because they have avoided common sense for entirely too long.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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9 Responses to Comedy central baby

  1. Tricia says:

    It is pretty funny ColorStorm whenever an Atheist brings up scripture when trying to make a point. If they freely site sources they themselves have denounced as false, well it really makes the rest of the conversation kind of, well, pointless. 😉

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  2. LOL! So true, Colorstorm. A far better approach to God’s word is to ask, why did Peter stand by the fire and deny Christ? Why did Nathanael sit under a fig tree? Why did an angel visit Mary? Why, why, why, just like a child does. 🙂

    I believe the bible, I believe there is enough historical evidence to verify many of the events as quite real, but even if we imagine it were simply a collection of myths and legends, shouldn’t we be asking what God is trying to tell us? I don’t need to know the name of the lazy servant or proof that the Good Samaritan actually walked the earth, in order to benefit from the beauty of those parables.

    So, what Goodness worked so hard to preserve that wisdom for us and why? People actually gave their very lives just to get bibles into our hands. It’s the height of all hubris to reject that gift, to put one’s nose in the air and to decide one’s own understanding is far superior.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Indeed, ‘why’ is a worthy question, instead of ‘no way.’

      But the ‘why’ of the moment is why are you moderated? Geezo. I’m helpless as to that. 😉

      sorry msb.

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  3. SLIMJIM says:

    You hit it right on the nail and timely too because the same day you wrote this post I also wrote a post refuting another alleged Bible contradiction in which the skeptic once again show ignorance of the Bible and Biblical geography. God bless you brother!

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  4. Citizen Tom says:

    What is curious is that the energy Atheists devote to disproving scripture PROVES its freelance to them. Otherwise, why spend so much effort on something that does not matter.

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  5. If they only knew Who they mocked and the love they miss out on.

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