Tis a sad sack

You know what really busts my buttons, what really cracks me up? Talking to people who put their eggs in the broken basket of ‘former Christians,’ taking their every word as gospel, defending them as absolute truth tellers, putting more stock in their experiences and opinions than Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. A laff a minute I tell ya.

A ‘former’ believer tells of his absolute disdain in God and scripture because he can not satisfactorily explain how or why God would take the father of children for no reason, leaving them with only a mother. Why? Why would God allow this, IF there is a God? There cannot possibly be a God who allows such meaningless deaths; therefore Genesis cannot be trusted. The God who created whales, camels, foxes, trees, water, and birds, surely is one of defects. And so it goes.

When a man professes Christianity at any level, be it common believer or college professor, he is deemed an unthinking moron, until………he wakes up and deconverts, telling everyone that ‘I was an unthinking fool to believe there was a God,’ all of a sudden, presto change, he is granted immediate Genius status. He now becomes useful in the hall and mirrors of atheism.

I am continually asked: ‘What do you think of the Mr. so and sos who were  linguists, archaeologists, scholars, scientists, who once professed Christianity, but who now reject every word of scripture?’

And I say, do you think God or His word is threatened by the careless studies, loose interpretations, misinformed opinions, or just plain lies of men and women? He has heard it all, and dealt with it all. After all, are we not but the children and offspring of such infidels and fools who have been crying me a river for thousands of years? Of course.

Goliath boasted of his big head. David boasted of a bigger God, and the big goon died headless. Noah spoke of the true God. People laffed in his face. Then it rained, and the humor disappeared. Evil Haman was clueless that there was a God in heaven who sees everything, and Mordecai with Esther kept their razor focus, while the hangman prepped the gallows for Haman. Not funny now was it Mr. Haman.

So the Haman’s have children, and they survive and thrive today, with yet bigger mouths. ‘No God, no proof, if there is a God, He is dead, blah, blah, blah, aaaand, blah.

So it’s God’s fault that a man swerves to miss a cow, and kills a deer, or avoids a raccoon and kills a kid on a bicycle. Unfortunate to be sure, but why blame God? Devastating even to the survivors, but are you sure you really want to put the Creator on trial for negligence regarding the human race?

Uh hello, knock knock? Anybody home in that brain? Does the idea of God’s original creation being very good mean any thing at all? Do not words mean things? What then meaneth this very good? Not only good, or better than most, but very good. Chew on that ye disgruntled whippersnapper.

And then to make matters worse, not only is God’s creation abraded by mouths that move apart from the brain, you have people who say Christ Himself was not only not good, but that He was common, and certainly not even close to very good.  Pour me up a triple hmmm bartender.

So the decon, he or she who once professed faith in the living God, has ruled by artificial fiat that God’s word is useless, unreliable, full of lies, and has no more real value than Huckleberry Finn.  Gimme another hmmm bartender so I can forget about true stupidity.

Sad sacks and laff nuggets:  A man boasts that he spent 50 years in Christian ministry, and now loathes his ‘past life,’ yet cannot go one single day without referencing God, scripture, or people of faith. Right, like someone is holding a knife to his throat saying: ‘you will quote scripture, or write daily posts about the God you despise.’  Oooookay. Uh huh, sure.

A woman writes of her daily disappointments in her past Christian life, and somehow, faith, hope, and charity have become passe, unnecessary, revolting even, since the source of these graces is supposedly suspect. Hate to break it to ya, but you may want to hold up a mirror, since God is blameless and His word unimpeachable.

The regrets, disappointments,  and illusions of men and women regarding their ‘new life’ apart from God is a sight to be pitied, for they have traded the raw bones of truth for the temporary artificial sweetener of false history, pretended intellect, and a life without standards or absolutes. This is a fact.

And oh by the way, regardless of the daily predictable gripes of men, the man Christ Jesus currently sits at the right hand of God, a place solely reserved for God Himself. The book of Hebrews explains such majesty and Excellence, doncha know, and if decons would only value God’s word more than the opinions of fools…

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture, while adding some gracious ferocity.
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19 Responses to Tis a sad sack

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  2. LOL! Really good point, Colorstorm. Decons somehow manage to magically go from deluded moron to brilliant genius.

    I know a woman who was married and then decided she was gay. Ran off with another woman for a few years, went back and remarried her husband for a few years, divorced him a second time, and is now with another woman. Needless to say she is “so brave, so self aware”, and gets these kudos and community awards all the time. C’mon, the woman is all confused, broken, and the complete opposite of self aware.

    It is a tragic but somewhat comical fact of life, you can run away from everything, but you are still going to be taking yourself with you. Yourself is the problem, not God.

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  3. Because we live in a broken and imperfect world…
    the bed was made— we made it…
    but Jesus came to fix that…to remake the bed so to speak…
    time, as hard as it is to comprehend, is not our own…
    much more is at work then what our eyes can behold or our mind can discern…
    God fills the void…

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    Awards for stoopid. Amazing

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